Kobato – CLAMP Is Back In The Fall 09 (Impressions on Kobato)



Kobato has a mission, which is to fill a mysterious bottle of hers with the suffering from people’s hearts so her wish to go a certain place that she desires to go can be granted. I may be the only one that got the wrong impressions reading that part, oh well. On we go, so she is a very cheerful girl who wants to fulfill her wish to go someplace special –possibly the Golden Land– thus she must get mend the hearts of the people she meets and stuff them in a magical jar. It doesn’t sound like something I’d be usually be interested in watching. Not that amusing to be frank, yet my first impressions are still positive.

First off, you all saw this one coming and even I cannot deny it. Kobato is ridiculously cute. Here insert your argument on why shows that revolve around cute girls suck. No, really. Kobato’s cuteness and naiveness is probably the highest highlight of the show. If you don’t find it refreshing you probably already hate this show and you’re on your way to drop it. If you haven’t done it then you can keep reading. Btw, In case you recognized her voice, Kobato is voiced by  Kana Hanazawa (Zange, Nadeko)

I have to say that Kobato was fun to watch. She was cheerful, funny, and fairly amusing. The little stuffed animal (there are plenty of those nowadays) was great too. Its easily angered character balances rather well with Kobato’s cheerful and naïve personality. I also enjoyed seeing him randomly fire-balling people who got him mad (I don’t see those that often), Kobato included. Hey, her air-headed behavior deserves to a bit of a punishment every now and then. The music and background music were nice too. I especially liked the one that started when she was hesitant of what to do with the bag of garbage and everytime something happened.

As I understand it Kobato is a crossover between Wish (never watched it) and Kobato. I like crossovers, they’re fun to watch but I won’t be able to enjoy the references in Kobato unless they’re somewhat related to other Clamp’s works which I’m more familiar with. I’m saying this because I spotted Yuko in the character manga list. Maybe there is a possibility that she’ll appear in the anime? If that’s the case than my expectations of the show will rise higher.

I’m interested in seeing how deep or simple this work of Clamp is going to be. So I’d be more worried about how that “healing hearts” of the story will work out. How exactly is she supposed to do that? My (and your) interest in Kobato will heavily depend on exciting each of these cases will be. We might have a likeable character and all but that will accomplish nothing if the show is as boring as massive fillers. You might like the show but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to watch it.

We still don’t know what Kobato is (she is clearly not from this world) and why she wants want to go to that place and what exactly is waiting for her there. By now you may have already noticed that I’m being awfully nice to this show. But if you’re that anxious to hear something negative about the show here goes:


The negative parts were the very common copy-pasta CLAMP designs. As we can clearly see we got the Sakura and Syaorian/Suzaku designs in Kobato again. The baby even looked like Rolo from CG. I’m not surprised that they’re doing in again in Kobato. Not entirely complaining since they look good, just I though it was worth mentioning to anyone unfamiliar with that issue. Clamp needs to create more original designs.

Also my prediction on how Kobato might turn out – I never heard of Kobato before much less read the manga but I can conclude a few things based on the summary. Yes, I’m inclined to do that. Here goes guess: she will fall in love at the end with the guy from the first episode and yes; probably she’ll have a hard time because of it. She’ll have to pick between the two of them. We’ll have an open ending. That’s how typically a story might turn out. Will such thing necessarily be a bad thing? Not exactly, if you aren’t expecting it. Naturally, I don’t want Kobato to take that obvious route but it might do it anyway. Here I am hoping for  something different.  We’ll know in 23 weeks from now how close or far off  of the mark I was.

Thoughts : Kobato. I’m not so into anime that uses the name of the main character for the series title. It gets overly confusing very easily, much more when you’re talking about it, doesn’t it?

I noticed that GG didn’t explain the puns with names so I wasn’t able to get any of the jokes related to Kobato’s name I’m jus assuming they’re funny. So here I’m hoping that GG or whoever picks it up later will explain it properly and it doesn’t end up being a Google-it kind of thing since it looks like we’re going to see a lot of that.

I’ve watched a few Clamp shows but I’m not a fan but I liked the first episode of Kobato. It was fun and funny. Still it may end up being too sugary for some, so if it doesn’t seem like your type of show or you suffer from diabetes it might not be for you. Kobato is one of the few shows that has more than 12 episodes this season and also one that caught  my attention for now. Also Madhouse is animating this so if you’re either interested in Clamp, Madhouse or both you might check out Kobato and decide for yourself. I can’t say that I will finish it but the chances of me dropping Kobato are slimmer than I initially thought. I’ll keep watching for now as long as it keeps grabbing my attention.

Judgment : Positive


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  2. Just a quick note. Kobato’s name means “Little Dove.” when she is called somthing else in the manga or the show it can be translated to “stupid pigon.”

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