Nyan Koi! – Not All Talking Cats Can Be As Cool As Shamisen

By anime standards I was expecting the cats to turn into voluptuous women or something like that. Surprisingly, not seeing that anime cliché disappointed me a bit. In Nyan Koi all cats are real cats. Talking cats to be precise. Not exactly Shamisen cool. Just simple cats.

I was just talking about Jun last time too.. and he is here too again as a cat. Sigh, he does a great job as main character such as Lawrence, Lelouch (L.L?) but his supporting characters are really mediocre. It’s more like his voice doesn’t sound so great when he isn’t doing that intellectual, evil mastermind voice of his. I think his talent is wasted on all these shows.

The animation left much to be desired, the music was average, and the comedy was ok.  Nyan Koi wasn’t that funny. Some parts were funny (like when that cat tried to escape from the cat obsessed girl and radar thing) but I found the cats more annoying than funny which I’m guessing is supposed to be a great comedic factor in this show. After being bossed around by pets doesn’t strike me as funny. I was fairly bored to be brutally honest.

I”m assuming that the comedy is going to revolved talking cats, his allergy toward cats and his high school love life with a girl who is interested in him… or cats. Oh, they’re also going to introduce more female characters who I suppose will get in his way to get rid of the curse or aid him. I’m more interested in the girl that they didn’t show. She seems a character that might stir things up a bit in Nyan Koi because everything was just meh.

So a 100th episodes show? Since that isn’t possible they’ll probably skip many of them.  They are working with only 12 episodes anyway. It’s fair to assume that the TV version would never reach a real ending and we’ll have to read the manga if we want to see a real ending. Good luck with that.

This was the first episode but based on it I’m discouraged to keep watching it.  Not much to write or comment about.  I’m ranking Sacred Blacksmith a lot higher and maybe (Kampfer) than Nyan Koi!

Six Nyan out of Ten.

3 thoughts on “Nyan Koi! – Not All Talking Cats Can Be As Cool As Shamisen

  1. Wow first bad review. I liked Nyan Koi a lot for its comedy, but you probably expected too much. I went in knowing it would be somewhat like this and I was pleasantly surprised. Got to love Nyamsas’ pwnage of Junpei.

  2. Surprising! This is like Panther said, the first bad review I’ve seen.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, probably my favorite this fall thus far.

  3. Yea, the first bad review i’ve seen for this show! Not everybodies style i guess.

    But in my opinion the best show this fall! kinda enjoyed it, even though i’m more a fan of the serious mature animes.

    just my 2 cents

    p.s. Kana-chan is damn hot, rawrr… silly Junpei should choose her, she way better then the cute Kaede. ;)

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