Letter Bee – So Many Tears… (impressions)

Letter Bee

Kinda wish I didn't

A seven year old kid in the story and as supposedly main premise make things worse actually. I don’t remember a show where an annoying seven year old kid was involved to be good. I’d hope that he’ll go away but he’s in the OP and doesn’t seem like he’s going anywhere. He’ll keep crying about her mama who was taken away by bad people with his only eye and get in the way of the others. We don’t know why they took his mother away and frankly I hope this isn’t the main premise because that would suck. 

I see this kid is Uuuing. Where's Rosa Ushiromiya when you need her? Fireworks

Ugh, so many tears in Letter Bee. There are even people crying in the ED. What’s with this about feelings? Letter bees use Heart and feelings to fire their guns. I’m not kidding you. They do. It doesn’t feel much like shounen show I got weird shoujo  something vibes from Letter bee. The only thing slightly make me think that it isn’t it’s because Gauche was carrying a picture of his girlfriend with him.. no wait, it was a photo of his sister. So close..

Gauche and friendThus the devil was born

Hey, good to see that Jun Fukuyama isn’t stuck in the role of the protective older brother.  I was afraid of that for a moment. Seriously, why work your ass off (as a Bee.  Ha, see the irony in the show) when you can just take over the world and overthrow the king who is actually your father, huh.

First he’s the errand boy in Saki, another forgettable character, and now he is a postman? Postmen called Bees at that. I guess he did enjoy walking long distances. This time he isn’t buying tacos for lolis but he works for UPS. At least his sister isn’t blind or a useless princess. That would have just made things worse.

This show needs more action scenes and a more engaging story and more importantly less crying and hugging. While it wasn’t horrible (the background colors were cool) I might take a rain check on Letter Bee after all. There are few things that it could provide that I haven’t already watched before  at least that’s the feeling I’m getting. If I wanted to see people delivering letter I’d watch Shigofumi instead.

High chance of Passing


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  1. Well there is a five year or so jump and in much later chapters Lag seems older. So I’m sure it will have less crying later on.

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