A Certain Scientific Railgun – Watching It For The Same Reasons


Seems like a pretty solid show

 Things never made that much sense in TAMNI. Churches, magic, a city full of students. So they have lolis to protect the city? I’m lost really. Kuroko and Misaka were pretty awesome beating level 0 thugs and being Friendly with each other. I must admit that the comedy in Railgun was great. It got me laughing all the way. All the heavy yuri tones were hilarious too then again when does yuri fails, huh? Oh, you just thought Kampfer, didn’t you? So Koroko has some strong affection towards her onee-sama and goes rabu rabu very often, I think they got that across very strongly if it wasn’t clear enough already. Good comedy, nice character interaction, plot? Not sure yet. Actually, I don’t remember them being this funny before. I think I’m starting to see why they would get their own show. So I’m guessing that we’ll get to see Touma and some of the others characters pop up every now and then, huh.  As long as they stay clear of any TAMNI-like dialogues it should be fine.  

Mikoto is still pretty cheapI doubt any of the customers were bothered

Even these girls cannot keep their hands to themselvesMikoto already got this one to the dark side... good side... dark side. I doubt that matters.

I may have missed plenty of parts and the story by not finishing To Aru Majutsu no Index (I don’t know if I’ll ever), but I’m having plenty of fun watching this even though I never finished the prequel.  That’s definitely a good sign that I might stick to this show after all. Even if they keep it simple like they did in the first episode I shall watch this.

Based on the first episode, this one is getting 8 Mikotos out of 10.


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  1. Eh, you didn’t miss much at the end of Index, except maybe the MISAKA/Accelerator clone arc. Which I assume they’ll explain to some degree if they ever show it here. But laughs, yuri and good action, what more could you ask for! =D

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