CANAAN (final) – Cool characters were cool. I especially liked the Shaolin Monk Ending


Maria – ~UU. Wrong Maria. The ending was realistic enough, Maria and Cannan could not be together since  same-sex marriage isn’t legal in Japan. She continue working as a photographer even though she clearly sucks at it. Her family is loaded so it doesn’t make a difference.

CANNAN –  female Geass user. She never liked her original hair color so she bleached it. In the end she decided to part ways with Maria because she wasn’t digging so much the idea of having Maria take pictures of her all the time. It was becoming rather creepy. Plus, she didn’t like it that Maria was getting all her scoops from Canaan’s job either.

They made a pinky promise that they’ll reunite again after they either become straight or it was possible for them to get married.

Alphard /Alfalfa – I always thought that this crazy chic belonged in Full Metal Panic! The third raid or something. Despite the terrible things she did I couldn’t hate her. Perhaps it was the ponytail she had. Perhaps it was the name. Alphard took the next big step in trolling career (after Corporate Trolling) and became an anime terrorist which in a way is basically the same  thingonly that people die from of bio-weapons and bullets instead of only that people die from massive raeg. Oh, she gets to live but she loses her right arm. Now how is she going to beat people  up? Just get Winry to make you one and you’re back in the terrorist business.  


Santana : Not the guitarrist. After going to back to college he gets his degree in pimping thus he becomes Hakkok’s pimp.

Hakkok : Mute girl. After she died she becomes one of the seven stakes sisters that Beatrice commands. It is rumored that she committed suicide after reflecting how impossible her sexual life was going to be be.

Minoru – The reporter ended up alone again. He got nothing out of this deal. Not even the mute girl and neither of the other girls since they’re either not interested in guys or dead. His career sucks. His job sucks. I pity him. I pity this foo. He should’ve applied for National Geographic so they can send him to places humans don’t go unless they’re forced to.


YunYun :  works night and day to pay for a bresat enhament procedure. I don’t know what’s the currency in her country but she should’ve earned enough already.  Btw, very unique hairstyle. First time seeing it.

Senjougahara's dad real job

Cab driver – He is still alive of course. As expected of  Nakata, his voice acting was supreme. . He’ll keep on over charging passengers for his taxi services while listening to Nene’songs. It isn’t known where this guy got his driver license but I wouldn’t be surprised if he would complain about the driving limits. 25m and 60m? Who drives likes that? I’m hearing a rumor that he is in fact Senjougahara’s dad. He makes a cameo in episode 12 of Bakemonologegatari and approves of Araragi and Senjou’s relationship.

Qi Liang –  a.ka. GET SOME. GET SOME. ONEE-SAMA obsessed like a character that came out of cheap yuri. This crazy bitch was the craziest of all. And she’s got no trouble stripping to her underwear either. In the end, she makes the terrible mistake of dissing Cummings for the last time. How could she? So he finishes this crazy ho. In the end, she finally got some and died. She could’ve had a better career becoming a Mecha pilot in the next Sunrise project whenever that may be. She fits the profile perfectly. Somebody needs to pilot those apocalyptic machines, you know.


Cummings – Cummings is the man! He was awesome. After he put an end to crazy lesbo yandere he disappeared out of the map. He knew that following Alphard would only lead him to his death like that guy piloting the Alphard’s helicopter. I don’t know even know his nationality. Let’s see he looks caucasian so by standard he’s either American, English or German. But that doesn’t matter cuz he doesn’t need a nationality. He shaves his head and becomes a monk. Perfect ending right next to Jeremiah becoming an orange farmer. Watch out for Cummings. He might become the next Dalai Lama if he puts his mind to.

Cannan was great stuff overall. Great action, nice comedy, and cool characters. Funny ending. I pobably laughed more times that I should have but that’s fine. B+

Rating : 8.0-8.5


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  1. awesome :D reading this made the ending a lot more bearable, thanks for that ;)

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