Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 13 – Did someone say FABULOUS?

umineko 13

Rosa tells her story when she was running away from home after she had huge fight with her mother. Interesting to note, how it was practically impossible to run away from home when you live in an island. Bummer. Of course, Rosa knew this well so instead of running away she seeks for the woman of the portray Beatrice who it was said that she lived in a secret mansion in Rokkenjima. Yes, a hidden mansion in an island. Even though Rosa is terrified of the witch her desire to ask for her help is even greater. Finally, she is able to find the mansion and there she finds a blonde woman sitting outside having a cup of tea. The woman turns around and greets the unexpected guest. Both of them chat for a bit and the obvious witch subject comes up. She accepts that she is called Beatrice. But she doesn’t know why she’s called that. Beato thinks that she’s just a normal human. *confused*

Human Beatrice is scared of leaving the mansion thinking that there are wolves outside that will kill her. No problem, just ask Horo to call them off. Rosa, who has lived in this island since she was little, knows well that there couldn’t be any of them in this place and promises Beatrice that it’ll be alright. It’ll be alright if you got more than one life to spare that is. Now Hikikomori have another excuse to stay inside.

<META World>
After that long explanation Battler still doesn’t believe her story then again he shouldn’t be trusting the enemy. The witch gets irritated and tired of him and leaves Batter alone for the time being seeing that he is being stubborn as ever. Ronove shows up and we get the first (of many I’m sure)  Ronove’s FABULOUS moment. I really think that I should start counting them as I go. Same goes for Rosa’ motherly awesome moments (how to be the greatest mother of all time) Ronove takes over and proves us that his master isn’t the only one who can use red.

Fabulous RonoveRonove using RED

“A hidden mansion called Kuwadorin does exist in the forest of Rokkenjima.
” In the year 1967, in the hidden mansion on Rokkenjima, Beatrice existed as a human.
I am into ponytail girls.”

Just like that Battler is beaten by Beatrice’s head furniture. He cannot fight back against Ronove’s fabulousness and he shuts his mouth for now. He is left with no choice but to accept these statements as facts now they are told in red right now.

Twin Tail RosaBeatrice dies for being a klutz

Both of them leave the mansion and stroll around the island. Twintail Rosa (You cannot spell Twintail without WIN in it) thinks that it should be ok to go to the beach and ensue in some yuri action. Ok, I’m making stuff up. While they were walking down Beatrice trips over in shallow part of the path. If that wasn’t a big indication that this Beatrice is a big klutz (not moving from that mansion must have took a toll on her) they go on. It isn’t before long that again Beatrice trips over again. But this time there won’t be a last time. Beatrice falls down the cliff and thus to her death after her character introduction, possibly breaking one of the quickest deaths I’ve seen since CG R2. Klutziness or just plain bad luck?  Not sure. But now you know why you don’t see moe girls near cliffs.

Rosa rushes to check on Beatrice but just like she fears it’s too late for Beato. Beatrice is gone for good. Her dead body is standing in front of her dead. Rosa panics after seeing the witch dead in front of her and runs away when she sees that she cannot be saved.

<META World>
Battler doesn’t understand a thing that is happening and I don’t either. Beatrice was a person and she actually lived (thus existed) in Rokkenjima. What’s even more shocking she died? Beatrice explains to Battler that in this universe she did exist as a human. That thanks to Rosa she was able to break free from Kinzo’s entrapment by leaving her mortal body. It seems that Kinzo somehow managed to trick the witch and trap her into a mortal body years ago. That’s one part that it wasn’t explain until now why Kinzo wanted to apologize to her and why he wanted to “resurrect” her even though she was a witch (witches are immortal so that statement never made sense to me until now). So in other words once her soul left her human body she was able to regain her memories of the time she was a powerful witch and become Beatrice the Golden Witch once again.

“It’s most certainly dead”
“No more than 18 people exist on Rokkenjima.”
“I don’t want to see Princess Lover! advertisement while I’m watching Umineko.”

Kinzo, you're deadBeatrice playing with furniture

Back in the mansion Beatrice makes her first move. She meets with Kinzo in the second episode. Yes, we don’t have to wait until the last episode for this old man to meet his doom. Beatrice calls Kinzo’s furniture to the studio to witness what she’s about to do. I know she’s a powerful being but even Beato should be gotten tired of introducing herself over and over. Imagine what would it be if Beatrice would go through a transformation every time she changes outfits. Mahou Shoujou Beatrice?

Beatrice isn’t alone this time. Ronove is here too. It’s really a different atmosphere having a butler around. Makes Beatrice seem more powerful, but NOT more forgiving. As her first sacrifice she chooses Kinzo who she’s been playing chess with. Once he sees that there is no way out of this one, Kinzo accepts that he has lost and is burned to ashes by Beatrice. She isn’t done yet. She has plans for the furniture… Beatrice attempts to taunt Shannon but as usual Shannon still has that attitude of having no regrets at all after George gave her that ring. So she moves on to the next furniture that may holds regrets, Kanon. She promises him that if he wins against her furniture, the seven stakes of purgatory, Kanon will be able to save two people from the sacrifice. Beatrice is tricky. There are no plurals in the Japanese language as far as I know so furniture and furniture is the same word. Plus we got stake and stakes which is the same thing like I mentioned before and also seven stakes. She got Kanon good. Kanon who cannot let this chance pass up accepts Beatrice’s challenge ignoring Shannon’s warnings to not trust the witch. Also Beato likes young people.

You should've finished her offStake down

Kanon, the combat furniture, battles Pride fiercely. This  was unusually turning into one of those ecchi scenes where one of the opponents always manages to rip off the clothing of the other opponent.  It’s crazy. Pride is mad for being embarrassed that much by Kanon (Beato’s taunting wasn’t helping) and turns into her stake form and tires to stab Kanon through the heart. Kanon blocks the stake using his own hand to protect his heart. I bet Tomitake would’ve used his bare chest to stop the stake using a Soul Brother power-up. Kanon stops it and throws Pride to the ground like a cheap E8 dvd and he comes on top victorious after all. He goes to Beato and reminds  her of her promise to him. Sure, I’m sure she’ll keep it, that is after Kanon does his part. No, he isn’t done yet. He just doesn’t know it. Foolish furniture. Kukukuku

Onee-sama!Sacrificies for the first twilight

The other sisters appear giggling and mocking their older sister for loosing to Kanon. This only infuriates Pride even more and they all turn to stakes and fire away at Kanon who is pretty done for. But Shannon comes to his rescue using her Trans-arm barrier and protects him from the multiple attacks. Once again, Shannon’s omfg-I’m-the-happiest-woman-in-the-whole-world  attitude pisses off Beatrice and almost forces her to again strike both of them personally like she did in the last arc. Genji comes from behind (how did he enter the shield?) and tells both of them that it’s time to go. He puts a bloody rose on their heart and with that they are both of them released from their duties. It’s goodbye Shanon and Kanon. Well I’m sure those probably had the least painful deaths in the whole arc. They got off easy.. and so does Genji too. After he’s done killing releasing the two little furniture he asks Beatrice and Ronove to be released too. Just with a finger snap Ronove kills Genji. How powerful is this guy!? He just killed Genji without much effort if anything… unless Genji is faking it. It was so sudden that I’m starting to doubt if he’s really dead. But Ronove wouldn’t have a reason to betray Beatrice, right..?

NOT Gohda!Kumazawa is done for

Godha is scared out of his life after he sees the stakes sisters coming out of pots in the kitchen.  Who wouldn’t? He tries to make a run for it but he’s stabbed in the back by all of them. Oh, man. Poor Gohda. There goes his screen time of this arc. Beatrice is really out there to get rid of the servants in this arc for good. The last servant is the easiest prey of all, old Kumazawa. It’ll be a piece of cake to get rid of her.  Bah, You don’t need magic for that! This is overkill.

Beatrice's mentor

The seven purgatory stakes fire away at old Kumazawa.. but a magic barrier repelled all of their attacks. W-T-F! She even asks the stakes to call for Beatrice-sama as she has some business with her. Beatrice and company appear before Kumazawa. It seems that she has some idea of who this person might be after all. Golden butterflies appear around her and she transforms into her real self, the former witch Beatrice. Kumazawa, man. Old fucking Kumazawa! I can’t believe my eyes. Biggest twist yet.

  • A lot of wtf moments. First of all they got rid of 99% of the furniture and Kinzo so that leaves 12 people and one witch alive. All twelve are Ushiromiya members.
  • I’m sticking to my theory and assume that EVA will not die (see. Ghost) the next episode and will make it to next episodes without a scratch. *If* she dies then it means that we haven’t seen the last of her.
  • Rosa and Natsuhi already got their turns at playing shotgun mom so Eva might or Kyrie might be next one in line. Nah, Kyrie will die as usual next to her chessboard.
  • Beatrice was selecting a group of six for her first sacrifice. I’m assuming that first 5 sacrifices (furniture+Kinzo) So that means that she won’t be able to select old Kumazawa as sacrifice like she did in last two arcs thus she must choose somebody else for it. Take your pick. I’m thinking either George or Jessica since both Shannon and Kanon are already dead.
  • So maybe she won’t be killing all the parents? Instead she’ll choose people according to the epitaph, I won’t into details because I’m not sure how she’ll do it. But she *must* do them in that order as far I’m aware.. not so sure. She already got rid of Shannon and Kanon so she must seek for new sacrifices for the next twilight.

What’s this? No Nippah or Lamba again? I’m growing impatient.


5 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 13 – Did someone say FABULOUS?

  1. I need to catch up to this…by which I mean require a lot of people to explain each episode for me.

  2. I hope Kyrie doesn’t die this time around. Not so soon anyway. She’s seriously one of my favorite adults, so give her the damned gun this time around :p

    • Out of all the grown ups Kyrie is the most intelligent one (craftiest would go to Eva) no contest there. Sadly since she’s been getting killed in the second/third episode all of the arcs so far we haven’t seen much of her. Maybe Beatrice has been doing it purposely to get rid of the most dangerous targets first so she can do as she pleases.

      I wonder if she’s able to solve one of the mysteries (closed room, etc) that Battler hasn’t, that is if she makes it past the next episode. Such a rich family, you’d think they’d have one more than one weapon to go around, huh.

      • You know, If Kinzo had a winchester in his room, he might have several other western guns at his disposal. I’m betting on a shotgun being there.

        A shotgun would be the only thing I can see able to destroy someone’s face… Though now that i think about it, that’d be enough to blow someone’s head almost clean off O_O

        • One gun per parent would be ideal. It’ll be like an action movie. Now with the servants gone they’re gonna have to either accept that Beatrice is behind the killings or that one of them is a traitor.

          To day Rosa has handled herself better than any other. If only Kinzo would have a pair or twin handguns loaded unlimited ammo holy bullets somewhere in his studio Rosa would own those goat buttlers for good. You don’t mess with mama bear and her cub

          It’ll be pretty interesting if both Battler and his mentor manage to make it. They’re going to be turning the chessboard over so many times that we won’t which one is up or down.

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