Princess Lover! – Sealing its own Fate. This one should’ve /Stayed away from the seriousness (Final Impressions)


Without a doubt what kept my interest in the show was Sylvia. I found the scenes where she was involved the funniest. Aside from her obvious similarity to a certain Fate/Stay Night character, Sylvia certainly worked hard to make the show more enjoyable for me. Her attitude and perseverance (she sealed the deal with her sob story) easily positioned her at the top of the four girls of the show. To be frank, I doubt that Princess Lover would’ve grabbed my interested if Sylvia weren’t in it. But you knew that already.  Also P.S. Teppei you failed for not going for her.

Charlotte wasn’t too bad. Like I said before it was nice to see that not all harem shows are dominated by the tsundere girl. So Charlotte’s air-headed and playful behavior came as nice surprise and since she was fun and all it was hard to dislike her. Plus every time that she and Sylvia got together something hilarious happened. The downside of her character is that she really didn’t understand anything that was going on which at some point sorta got on my nerves a few times. She got caught in trouble more than once and was pretty much unable to defend herself. Compared to Sylvia and Seika, Charlotte was the only who always had it the easiest imo still she gets Teppei without much of a fight.

Although it was obvious that Teppei would choose Charlotte they never really got together tell each other their feelings. Heck, they don’t even kiss! Even though Teppei got a kiss from both Seika and Syl he gets nothing from Charlotte. Even when Seika and Sylvia kissed him he reacted like nothing really happened. Makes me wonder if the only thing Teppei cared about was playing hero from the start. What’s up with him playing it all cool?

I think that his character was almost trapped in either being the typical loser harem male lead or be the total opposite. Teppei was the latter. You know that very same one. That courageous, honest, agonizingly forgiving typical shounen hero. Punching people in the face and spouting some deep lines. Killed my parents? No problem, man. Things like this happens all the time, y’know. It’s all cool.

Haltman was joke. His reason to destroy Arima was just so ridiculous. Teppei’s grandfather caught Haltman when he was stealing his wallet and in front of others and embarrassed him. I figured that at least Arima forced Hatlman’s parents to bankruptcy and caused their deaths, and he was sold or something among those lines. That would at least gave him some reason to be the evil guy. But nothing like that. Haltman was just mad because Isshin hurt his ego. You’d think that he’d have better things to do with his money now that he was rich and all. Geez, talk about overreacting.

I never understood the urine jokes that were told in the preview. Were they supposed to be funny? Reference to something? I’ll never know. If there was, in fact, a point to it then it’s a good sign that I didn’t get them.

Although I never cared that much for the censorship, it really got me that was the huge amount of those shots covered by that black (sometimes white) mist in the show. You’d think that a midget is the one filming of all this. Why bother making that many shots anyway? If anything it’s distracting. Yeah, they’ll get rid of the lulzy censorship in the dvds I know there’s probably some fans who will buy them because of it. To each their own.

Teppei’s role since the beginning was to play the hero of the story. I don’t think that he showed any real interest for any of the girls aside from Charlotte and even then.. there was no confession or anything between them. To me the “harem” was always one-sided. There was never challenge. You could tell who he was going to end up with since the first episode, if the name of the show didn’t give it away already Princess Lover!.

There were plenty of outrageous scenes and plenty things silly things that didn’t make much sense like Teppei blocking bullets and Hatlman hiring his mercenaries via Internet (?), Seika falling for Teppei all of the sudden, etc etc. For most part it was pretty standard and Princess Lover didn’t take any risks at all in the end. We got the school set-up, the hot spring episode, bad guy who doesn’t die in the end, no one dies, everyone is happy. Some cheap speech solves everyone’s problems and everything is forgiven. I wasn’t that surprised either that PL! went for the classic and lazy harem ending where the male lead doesn’t pick any one of them and rather chooses to continue to living that sweet lifestyle

I liked the first episodes of Princess lover! though I usually wondered where the story was going I figured that as long as it kept me entertained it wouldn’t matter much. Then half way they decided that it was time to give it a plot. Big mistake. Not that necessarily giving a harem show a plot is a horrible idea but it usually ends in disaster like it did with PL. I could see that there was  some  potential in the show if they focus on their relationship between Sylvia, Charlotte and Teppei and their everyday lives like they did in the first eps. I know that sounds terribly simple but that was when I had the most fun. The funny thing was the very thing that gave the show some spine was the same thing that worked against it in the end. I could’ve enjoyed it more if they would /Stayed away from  serious part and just focus on the fun part of the story, that way I could’ve rated it higher. Well, with that ends Princess Lover! I don’t know how much everyone else liked it. Probably it was relatively the same and possibly less than I did.

Princess Lover! (completed)
Range 6.0 – 7.0


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  1. Hmm, I’m still stuck in episode 5, but this is making me think it’s not worth finishing… there’s nothing like dorama to ruin a silly harem show.

    • While it didn’t reach the fail levels it was very close at some parts (most the last episodes) You may want to put it on hold until you have some extra hours to kill. The Fall is going to be long, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to save it for later in case you change your mind.

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