Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 12 – New OP! New characters! New developments! Impudent furniture!

new op

The episode starts a long time ago when Beatrice was still a kid. She accidentally breaks a pricey base of her father. Beatrice, the former witch before her, appears before her and wants to help her so she doesn’t get yelled at. She explains to little Beato that the source of magic is the power of belief since it’s only then miracles can be created. Of course, Beato believes in the witch’s magic with all her might. The witch is able to temporarily return the vas to the state where it was before it broke. Still, Beatrice reminds her that she cannot permanently fix everything, that only those with the Endless Class Witches are capable of doing such thing. Moreover, Beatrice tells little Beato that those witches are free of sadness and can reach the bliss of happiness thanks to their powers. Little Beato fascinated by Beatrice’s magic and the promise of being eternally happy is more than eager to become Beatrice’s student hoping that one day she can also become a witch just like her. Whatever happened to her and the former Beatrice?

Beatrice explains the source of magicEva

Back in Rokkenjima possibly many years later, Eva is arguing why her father doesn’t consider her better than Krauss. Kinzo, who already had a bad condition back then, refuses to hear such things and reminds her daughter that her objective is to get out of the mansion and get a good husband who can profit the Ushiromiya family. What a jerk. I don’t even like Eva but Kinzo is sure at the bottom list of my favorite characters in Umineko.  No wonder Beatrice doesn’t like him either. Also Krauss isn’t overweight.

the other Evamagic and miracles.. hmm

Eva goes outside and rants about how horrible both of them are to her. A mysterious representation of her appears in front of Eva reminding her about the promise they made: “she must become the successor of the family no matter what”. Surprisingly this isn’t the first time she has seen this ghost before. She calls herself Eva and she’s supposed to be a representation of herself when she was a kid. She tells her that as long as she believes in her other self and magic their miracle will definitely present itself. Then Eva wakes up form the dream, turns out that this is a recurring dream that she’s had before too. I found it extremely funny how her other self doesn’t hesitate to insult Eva. She really is a good representation of herself. Still I think that her other self sounds like a Witch saying stuff like believing in her magic and reciting part of the epitaph. Crazy stuff.

embarrased BattlerHappy face

Battler and his cousins are playing at the bleach after they left their parents back at the mansion to discuss the inheritance. Although not much of importance was discussed it was fun to see Battler being horribly teased by everyone when Shannon reminds him what he said to her that he’d be back on a white horse when he comes see her. Battler must’ve had a bit of Lawrence in him because that line sounded like a something from Spice and Wolf. It was nice seeing Battler acting so relax and carefree again. It was and even funnier seeing him being teased by Jessica and the others. Apparently, Battler also had a crush on Shannon when he was little.

They humor Maria by coming conclusion that power of magic might dwell on believing, that as long as they believe they will still be friends no matter what happens. But not everyone agrees. There’s someone who doesn’t like this type of thing! Battler is forcefully pulled out of the scene and transported to Beatrice’s room to begin a new game. Beatrice really hates everything related to friendship and love, doesn’t she? Her voice actress is getting even better. Her crazy laughter is becoming something I’m looking forward each week.  Anywah, Battler is full of confidence and all pumped up and ready to crack the mystery this time. Round Three Starts.

Maria wants to become a WitchRebellious furniture!

We move forward to the scene when Beatrice meets Maria out in the garden when she was looking for the snapped rose. However, this time we’re able to hear the conversation they have. We learned that Maria wants to become a witch like Beatrice (possibly for the same reasons). Beatrice tells Maria that it is possible for her to become a powerful witch like her one day as long as she believes. Beatrice gives Maria the letter about the epitaph to give them to the parents. Kinzo is crazy as usual and he accepts Beatrice’s challenge (how can he hear her from his room?) and throws the family ring like we all know only this time it is picked up by Beatrice’s servant. Yep, plenty of new characters in this arc.

Back in Beato’s chapel/room, the witch shows up before Battler and introduces her servant to him. His name is Donove/Ronove, a high ranking demon who serves as Beatrice’s butler and he is quite impudent! Donove’s snickering was both cool and creepy.  Very suitable for Beatrice’s head butler. Where was Kyon’s voice actor hiding that deep cool voice of his? I could hardly recognized him.

Eva is talkig to herselfKrauss is in trouble

The Ushiromiya family is once shocked after reading the contents of Beatrice’s letter. They all agree that this must be a test from their fathers to them. They believe that is possible for the person like Beatrice to exist and that after so many years she’s here to claim the money she loaned Kinzo. Natsuhi and Krauss are the ones with highest chance of losing everything since Krauss is the successor of the family just like in the last two arcs. Everything is almost the same.

Stop bullying RosaHusband objects

Eva was the most aggravated here when Rudolf for a second considers getting the gold for exchange for family title to Beatrice. Her husband tells her to keep quiet and he reminds her that she shouldn’t be complaining at all since she didn’t have a chance at being the successor anyway. Showing his true colors? Hideyoashi did seem pretty desperate compared to the other arcs. Meanwhile, Eva is still hearing her other self’s voice. She seems pretty relaxed for someone who is hearing voices in her head.

In my opinion, it looks to me like another witch is trying to stir things up. They resume their conversation later after Maria, Battler and the others are told to go to bed.  They also consider that a 19th person might exist in the island. Of course, they don’t think that she is a witch but they think that Beatrice is Kinzo’s mistress and she’s coming to take away everything he owns her (have none of them considered how old that mistress might be by now?)

Donove denwaBattler is feeling pretty confidentBeatrice refusingSay what

Meta Battler now sees that the situation has change and that the possibility that a 19th person or even more exists. Beatrice reminds him that she only needs to repeat in red those words to make it true. Battler is feeling fearless and welcomes the Beatrice’s challenge.  He wants Beatrice to repeat those words in red. Beatrice refuses again and again. Battler then comes to the conclusion that since Beatrice is refusing it means that none of the 18th people in the island committed the murders thus the murder must be the human form of Beatrice. Battler  is feeling good and thinks he’s got the upper-hand but Beatrice has a reason for not doing what she’s told. Back in the real world, Rosa is acting weird and confess something to her brothers.. She thinks that that theory is impossible because.. She killed Beatrice? – End of episode 12-

Even though they didn’t continue the second game (I have no idea what happened to Rosa and Maria.  Did they get a price or something for not dying?) This episode was really great. Given, a great part was thanks to the new awesome OP! I really liked the flow in this episode. It was really cool.

Snickering and making strange faces through the episode, Donove was one of the highlights of the episode. He didn’t have many lines but they were pretty cool. As he mentioned Battler is more prepared this time. He even isn’t afraid of red anymore which is good.  Heck, I even sense some cockiness coming from him. I also thought that I was going to find the Ushiromiya’s conversation boring  (seeing I’ve heard it plenty of times before) but this wasn’t the case. Sure, there were similar scenes but I couldn’t look away for a second. I also noticed that everyone in this arc was a little more closer and bit more cooperative. They already reached some sort of agreement between them instead of just fighting non-stop. So it looks like everyone is ready to work on the epitaph (about time) to not lose against Beatrice.  At least by working together they might have a better shot at this than before. Definitely what I liked the most is the episode aside from the new developments and characters is that we have already covered the introduction episode and everything in it  rather quickly. Now it’s time to move on to new stuff. Bernaskel and Lamdbadelta haven’t made their move yet. Battler is looking more confident than ever. Maybe he can make  better progress too!


4 thoughts on “Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 12 – New OP! New characters! New developments! Impudent furniture!

  1. His name is Ronove ;)

    And yes this is probably the most exciting arc, both scene wise and development wise. In truth you don’t get a feel for most characters until this arc emerges, due to all the crazy murders. Expect more fun things to come~

    • Glad to hear that. Games are fun and all but it’s time they move forward and show us where is Umineko taking us. Now if we got more info on Bernkaskel and Lambdadelta. I’ve heard some interesting things about them. Not exactly spoiler material; still interesting stuff.

  2. It seems Lambdadelta or Bernkastel might already be making their moves in this game, given the weird things Eva’s apparition seems to know about magic and the future. Maybe one of those witches is secretly supporting Eva for this arc?

    • I don’t think that there is any restriction on when and how witches are supposed to make their moves so it’s possible that they might pick one or many different pieces on the board and use or support them to get the result they want. Plus, since Eva seems pretty obsessed and desperate with becoming the next Ushiromiya leader, a witch might take the opportunity to use her to do her bidding. I wonder if she’s the only one in the family (aside from Maria) who can talk to witches in this arc.

      In the next episode six people are supposed to die (if it goes as planned) so I guess that we won’t be seeing Eva and possibly her husband in that group. Suspicious.

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