Umineko no Naku Koro Ni 11 – Hell’s kitchen. Beatrice’s delicious homemade cooking. And they say anime girls can’t cook

So that's what furniture means in this showYou tell them, Beatocause I am THAT awesomeRosa needs more pics like this

The bigger the boobs are the more power Shannon has or at least that’s the idea I’m getting.  Beatrice resurrects Kanon for the dead to fight against mecha Shannon. Kanon tries destroy shannon’s trans-arm field but fails miserably in the end he destroys himself. What are those powered from? Solar energy? Beatrice won’t give up easily and she sends her swarm of butterflies to break her shield although Shannon receives a power boost from Natsuhi’s mirror (OO raiser) it isn’t enough to hold on for long. George and Shannon accept that this is the end for them and are ready to tell each other good-bye and something more. Beatrice doesn’t like this mushy crap that they’re trying to pull here (witches don’t like mushy crap) and summons her lvl3 flying daggers with ricochet ability to and stabs them through the heart and skull. Well done, Beatrice. I don’t allow mushy crap in my Higurashi either unless is delivered by Rena Ryuugu. So much for that mirror. I wonder what other abilities does it have aside from an obvious power boost? We’ll probably see more of it future arcs. George & Shannon = dead. 

Rosa after Battler found Beatrice's letterBattler running out of objections

Somewhere in the mansion, Batler has found Beatrice’s letter. It says this btw : “Have you made progress on solving the etitaph’s riddle? Time will be up very soon. The ninth twilight will begin soon”. Rosa freaks out (same as Natsuhi) and incriminates Battler of being a “wolf”(ookami) Battler objects to the accusation saying that if he is a wolf then she might also be a wolf trying to deceive him since she could’ve planted that letter when he wasn’t looking to incriminate him. Rosa defenses herself by saying that if she were a wolf she would’ve killed him already (which does make sense). Still based on her past actions she seems very suspicious, like I mentioned before she is the only one who will inherit all of Kinzo’s fortune.  Battler throws this in her face and they keep arguing. Maria is the voice of reason here and stops the arguing without ~Uu’íng saying that Beatrice is the one behind the killings and there’s no need to fight among themselves. Batler feels defeated and call out for the witch to please come out and admit that she commited all those murders so everyone can stop fighting. On a separate note, Maria sure has has been very cooperative lately. See, everything is cool as long as you cut down on the uu’s.

Battler meets BeatriceCareful what you're getting yourself into

Much later Genji enters the room to come fetch Batler because Beatrice is requesting his presence. Beatrice must’ve put sedatives or something on Kinzo’s drink because he’s so strangely calm for someone who was crying and begging to see her just a few minutes ago.  Battler accepts Beatrice’s conditions as long as she explains everything of what is happening to here.  Her conditions are to become her pet and kissu her boots. Beatrice sure has weird fetishes. I wonder if they purposely use the loan word kiss to sound extra cute. If I didn’t know any better I’d think that they don’t have that word in Japanese seeing how often they use it in anime.

So that's what furniture means in this showKinzo being mass rapedThat's some fetish you got thereBattler is also mass raped by the goats

It feels like we just enter some sort of black magic h show with Battler walking down the stairs bare naked with a collar around his neck and evil goat butlers  everywhere.  Oh man, that must’ve been humiliating for ace detective Battler.  Bernkatel looked strangely cute taking off that goat custom. I’m curious to know if all of those butlers are really goats. I’m saying this because I spotted someone that looked human on the left side. There may be some cows or some other farm animals in Beatrice’s army, you never know. Speaking of cows..

Ironically, it’s Kinzo who really wants to become Beatrice’s bitch but old dogs can’t learn new tricks  so he is massed raped by the goats. I saw limbs fly and everything. Is it too weird that it crossed who would Senjougahara be if she was an evil witch? Araragi’s strange secret fetish from last week didn’t help much the cause either. I was probably the only one thinking that though. Genji is standing there looking at his master be butchered and doing nothing like Nagato did in Sighs. Is he more loyal to Beatrice than to old Kinzo? Or this is just his duty? That sure was one ugly way to die anyway.

Maria's magical purseMaria on drugs

Bipolar mother of the year Rosa goes to the chapel to pay her respect to her dead brothers and to find some clues to help her figure all this thing out, no wait she’s here to get some loots. She takes one bar of gold thinking that is enough and puts it in Maria’s magical purse. That handbag has carried from candy to keys to letters to gold. It alone has more character development than some bleach characters. Now only if we get more info on that hat. I’m sure there’s a story behind that thing too.

Looking HOT right about nowGhouls and zombies of UminekoRosa needs more pics like thisMommy su to isho

Rosa and Maria are ambushed by the goat butlers while they are trying to escape. There isn’t much place to run away anyway. Maria strips over and is almost killed by one of the goat fiends but she’s quickly saved by her mother who then takes out several of them with that shogun and even with the purse. Damn! She hasn’t been my favorite character in this arc but she is really badass in this scene. I saw some redeeming as a mother and a character for her. +Respect . You have just level up in my book, Rosa. Don’t screw it up, please.

even they agreeRosa probably wishing she was dead

Next thing, we know Rosa is sitting at a table at Beatrice’s delicious banquet  She’s a special guest of her and she’s going to be given the special treatment. Beatrice brings some delicious dishes for Rosa to try out. Beatrice’s homemade cooking, I feel envious. Beatrice is waifu material. Then it hit me.. dead people.. plates.. psycho witch.. She couldn’t, could she!? Kana?  Oh, yes she did.

Blood KraussRosa being force to drink Krauzz's blood

Presentation  : It was made from that brother of yours who was always swaggering about. It’s a golden drop of the blood squeezed out of Krauss right after he was put into a compressor. –Beatrice.

Another dishBeatrice isn't done with her yetBeatrice's cookingTop Chef - Umineko

Dessert : Loli on a platter. Not what you had in mind.

Creepy MariaBest line of episode

They got everything : Color, flavor and texture. You can judge the quality and presentation by the effort that she put on making them. All of these dishes  prepared with love by Beatrice-sama and they say that anime girls can’t cook. I bet that she’d receive a high rating in Top Chef: 07th Expansion edition or else…

Rosa is traumatized to see her own daughter as one of the dishes and even more when she sees her apologizing to her for getting on her mother’s love life and for other things that the things that caused her trouble. Rosa is feeling horrible and tells Maria that it isn’t her fault.  Beatrice who is getting her sick kicks out of all this tries to force Rosa to eat Maria’s head, which it isn’t possible unless she can stretch her mouth that wide. All of this is to get Rosa to get to accept Beatrice’s existence.

Second oneBattler is back

Then the real Battler (fully clothed) makes his appearance in the room throwing some memorable lines to Maria like “..being ten yeasr to early to tell someone to eat her” and to Beatrice: “ Slice me up some of cow tits of yours and make me a sandwich.” Nothing like throwing some random lines to break the creepy atmosphere.  Maybe that’s going to be Beatrice’s new nickname? I look forward to it because I end up cracking myself up everytime I remember that scene and Beatrice’s priceless expression. Oh yeah, Battler has been reborn and he’s here to save both of them. He’s got his confidence back after seeing Rosa’s motherly awesomeness. How cool is that?

34 is here!Nippah!

And so they entered the next stage of the game.  Beatrice knows now that Berknaskel is playing the game too (what exactly gave her away?) Another witch appears in the game and greets Beatrice and Bernkastel. Her name is Lambdadelta and she’s here to join Beatrice’s team or at least she’s betting against Bernkaskel and it looks like she’s still holding a grudge.. Hmm.  Battler you just gained a powerful ally nano desu.

This was one of my favorite episodes since the show started. Rosa is really awesome in this episode and goat butlers scene and banquet was creepy enough, it certainly brought back some of that Higurashi’s creepiness. I can see that Umineko might heading in a positive direction after this, which is really great. Well, I’m off to finish my impressions on the first 11 episodes of the animated (and add this new info) version because some critique is really due. Then there’s the last Rei OVA Some much to do, so little time.


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    • Yes, Beatrice’s great reception and hospitality is to be reckoned with.

      It’s nice to see that Battler took note that Beatrice was still keeping other dishes from us. Shame on her. In my opinion he should ask Beato some random embarrassing questions about herself and see if she dares answer them in red truths. That’ll be just for fun but there should be a way that those red truths can actually work against her, Battler just needs to find them and exploit them big time.

    • And there’ll be even characters and witches (I think) introduced in the next arcs. I know that because my current header is displaying half the cast of Umineko.

      Ugh, Multitasking >< It'll be nice to stop time like in the meta world every now and then. Aid me, Beatricheeee!

  1. Hmm. I agree. Beatrice-sama’s cooking ish delicious.
    You should all eat up ;D

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