Bravo. Well played, Kadokawa. You almost got me there with your Corporate Trolling – The reason behind E8 and Why I think we got “SIGHS”. The Demonization of Haruhi Suzumiya (long read)

Somewhere on the horizon Haruhi is still waiting

Somewhere on the horizon Haruhi is still waiting

While everyone was busy either hating or defending Haruhi, it seems that everyone was missing the point and forgot something very important: “Why did we even get Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya” Have you, the reader, seriously considered that? I doubt that many have stopped and think hard of the reason behind all of this. It isn’t so easy to notice at first until you consider all the pieces only then you can reach a conclusion. Of course, I’m not just talking without evidence here I can prove it to you in this post that this is more than we think.

This is something that started three years ago after the show ended, it went from the false promises of a second season year after year, the mediocre spin offs that they spawned to the other innumerable shenanigans of double K. But there was always a common factor in all of that. Let’s start with the spins off first, Haruhi-chan and Churuya-san, when the producers decided that it was fine to waste valuable time and resources by making these two forgettable shows instead of focusing in more important projects. These both projects were guaranteed to get a negative criticism from people with a respectable amount of taste and a head over their shoulders. The only thing that they accomplished was to think remind us that they can work on whatever they want. To remind us that they can still get people to watch it and suckers to love it.  Not to mention sell the DVDs and make a reasonable profit once it was possible to do so.  They partly accomplished that. In my opinion, they were the cheapest creations ever created next to Endless Eight and I mean cheap in every sense of the word.

“It was inexcusable of us to be unable to make the scheduled broadcast. We apologise most sincerely for this. With preparations complete, we think we can begin broadcast shortly.” — Nice Boat SOS-dan

Let’s not forget about the false promises of second season every six months which got too old by the second year. Year after year it was the same thing repeated then after two years the second season became a myth of mythological dimensions. It was just too funny to believe that such tale could exist. The only thing that these old promises accomplished was to force a large amount of fans to forget about the show they loved and to lose faith that they would ever see it again. Kadokawa accomplished that. A year later, now 2009 already we got another one of the hundreds either fake or troll news about the release date of new Haruhi Suzumiya. New would be the correct word if new is translated into Japanese as god-awful reruns and out of this world corporate trolling. Now, now my Japanese isn’t that great but I’m positive that that isn’t the case. Nevertheless, it was rumored that the new season would consist of 28 episodes. The first half would be from the first season and the rest would be all new never seen before episodes. How exciting! And so a second season was promised to us: The “Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.” We even saw the cover and all. I thank you from the depths of my heart NewType for doing it. You are one stand-up guy. I truly respect you unlike Kadokawa.

Kadokawa and company just could not let this opportunity pass by. They just couldn’t resist. They’ve could let the fans have it for only once. It was too much too ask of them. They’re like a compulsive pyromaniac with a lighter in his hand with unlimited gas ready to torch everything. Now that they got our hopes up again it was time to set it all on flames. Oh, they were flames alright. Little did we know that after Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody we would be stuck in Endless Eight for the next two months, stuck in this horrible sadistic nightmare like a bad movie that should have never made it to the local theaters and much less released to the world. Now, I know why they say Japan-only. I‘ve heard about recaps and fillers but this was ridiculous.

“I knew from a year ago. When I was with Kyoto Animation, this idea was already floating around, I was against to it. I thought 2 episodes was the limit. I feel responsible for this. I’ll say it, I’m prepared to. As a representative of the SOS-Dan production committee, I want to apologise here – this was inexcusable.” —  It’s a Sony anime director Yamakan

With one of the worst excuses that I have ever heard in recent years Endless Eight was given birth: “We want the viewers to feel like Yuki”—they said. Guess what? At this point I don’t care about Yuki and much less want to feel like she does. If I‘d want to simulate what it feels to be that way I’d give up my five senses starting with the sight so I don’t see the horrible path that sadly this show has taken. This season is pure fail thanks to the animators who rather spend their time aggravating people than doing their jobs properly.  Even so, it didn’t end there you see, there really was something else about E8. Endless Eight also served another purpose that I didn’t notice the first time that I talked about it.  It’s something that not many people seemed to have even noticed either even though it’s been staring at us the whole time. Aside from the obvious sign of rebellion that both Kadokawa and Kyoto Animation have openly shown, it also served as the grounding point for their next strategic move in their trollboard, one that a great majority of the fans would fall for—The Demonization of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Kadokawa's WIN equation

If we don’t get it right the first time, we’ll get it right the +15,000 time. It’s what they were really thinking. It seems that Kadokawa had embarked on a quest to demonize Haruhi Suzumiya at all costs. As I stated above the second objective of Endless Fail was for the viewer to develop negative feelings towards Haruhi Suzumiya by making the audience detest her for making Kyon go in endless loops. Loops, I may say, that the viewer would have to watch each week in case that they decided to stop this madness and release something new. But it wasn’t all Kyon’s fault or Haruhi’s fault as Kyoto Animation had purposely increased the number of loops in the anime version. Why would they do such a thing? I’m asking you.

“No, no, even with a normal series we often wonder “what would the other team do here?” Seeing that in actuality is very interesting!” — Kyoto Animation drone

Let me remind you that they had already arranged for this to happen beforehand even though they were fully aware that the public would go ballistic once they find out that the second episode of the new season would repeat endlessly. I’ll take a risk here and expect that none of you are visually impaired to not perceive that the point of endless eight was to make Haruhi the bad guy of the story. To viciously emphasize that same as her they can do as they please and that no one could stop them. Kadokawa and Kyoto Animation made sure that that strong message came across with indelible ink. Why else would they repeat that episode that many times?  But it didn’t end just there. You should know that K and K always have a secret agenda and another one inside of that one. Eight wasn’t enough. This time they were going full force.

“I think this was more awful for the people watching than the ones performing it, I’m really grateful to everyone for watching it all for two months! Thank goodness we finally got away from it. — Clueless seiyuu Aya Hirano.”

After E8 finally ended we were rewarded with Sighs which was one gigantic lump of coal from Santa Kadokawa this year. Not that I was expecting any real gifts from him because same as Kyon I never believed in Santa. For some reason the producers decided to change their minds and chose to animate Sighs, an insipid arc that greatly emphasized Haruhi’s selfishness and frustration as a normal girl by taking it out on oh-so defenseless Asahina. Let me stress this: they chose to animate an arc which greatly downplays her more positive and ongoing side that we are fond of the most. It is no mystery that Sighs is a story that makes the viewer feel strongly sympathetic towards the main characters who are abused by this evil Haruhi Suzumiya who has total control over these poor creatures. Where have I heard this before?

“The Fall of Haruhi Suzumiya. I heard a loud thud.  It was the hate bandwagon hitting the wall.” — Keikakudoori

There is no denying that Haruhi’s behavior was something that got out of hand in this arc I’m not here to argue that. But everyone in the show and outside of the show were too busy hating her instead of trying to understand the situation and to consider the other factors to get a better perspective. From Kyon’s uncooperative attitude and his abrupt rage episode of someone who sure doesn’t mind being in time loops for more than three hundred years but enters in serious f’ing business mode once you mess with the moe girl of the show. Then there’s Asahina, the princes made of glass that looks like she’s about to break you stare at her for too long. Then there’s Koizumi, the yes-man that worries way more about his job and looks than to stop Haruhi’s rampage. Lastly, there’s Nagato and her indifference who didn’t stop E8 and who sure wasn’t going to even raise an eyebrow to help Asahina and much less correct Haruhi. The key element here is to understand each of the main characters’ roles and where they come from. Koizumi, Nagato and Asahina have been sent by different organizations for special purposes but they all have a similar objective yet they all fail their missions. Similar to the others Kyon also have a mission. The major difference is that he is the only one who is closest to Haruhi and the one who has the most impact on her like it or not. They all know this well for a fact yet none of them really attempt to stop Haruhi when she’s out of line in Sighs. Kyon, Koizumi, Asahina, and Yuki all fail to stop Haruhi and her rampage in this arc. It’s like they aren’t even trying until it’s too late. Then all the blame is dumped on Haruhi when it becomes inconvenient to take responsibility. It was all Haruhi. Burn her at the stake. The blame should be shared. How about you do your jobs? It wasn’t of any comfort seeing how quickly that extremely melodramatic scene was solved the following day in a matter of seconds either. That maybe have been solved rather abruptly but the mission to show Haruhi’s worst side was accomplished. The damage was done.

Inexplicably, Kadokawa’s objective has been to demonize Haruhi for the past years. I say inexplicably because it doesn’t make any sense that they put so much effort into making the fans dislike the very sight of her and the show that it puts their judgment in further question. Let’s me refresh my memory. They have the power to decide the number of episodes that they animate, choose the books, and even pick order of them. Why did they purposely choose to animate Sighs just after Endless Eight ended when they could’ve done any other books instead? They sure got the power and the abilities to pick any other one that they wish. Why Sighs? Why fixate so much on the worst traits and the moments of Haruhi when they could have done her better justice? Why was Endless Eight originated in the first place? Why go as far as poking more fun at the fans by taking about making an E8 movie? Why are they so endlessly uninterested in animating this show right? Why act so cold towards the loyal fans? What’s with this frivolousness? Why don’t they take their job seriously for once?

“Well… All that can be said is that it would be nice if they sell, wouldn’t it?” — KADOKAWA

The answer to all of these questions is rather simple. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. They just don’t care. They are fed up with Haruhi. They’re fed up with the fans. They’re fed up with them questions such as when they will be animating the rest. They’re beyond fed up and through with the fans and this show. Sigh was just the ticket that they wanted. They took the opportunity and use Sighs to switch all the hate from them to the one character that has done so much for them—Haruhi Suzumiya. They will go as far as using her as a scapegoat to justify Endless Eight and the mediocre Sighs arc by making the viewers grow a dislike for her. Just look around you to test this theory. It has worked out rather well, wouldn’t you say? It is really Kadokawa who sees everyone else as a toy. It is Kadokawa and company who will not accept any type of insubordination from anyone. They will do as they please when they please. With Sighs almost over this season will go down in history as the worst second of the year and possibly one of the worst second season I have ever seen no doubt about that.

“The Sighs of Haruhi Suzumiya. I sighed. A lot.” — Keikakudoori

Can really you put your hands in the fire for Kyoto Animation and tell me that they did not make Endless Eight with malicious intent? That by making Sighs they did not instigate further negative ideas towards the show in the very least? Of course, you can’t. I know you can’t. That’s just not possible. It still amazes me to this day the tremendous grip that Kyoto Animation has over the fans in only a few years. I know they’ve done great shows in the past, I’m not here to debate that but it’s time to open your eyes and see the truth. They just don’t care. As much as many people would like not to believe it they just don’t care. Let me remind you that Kyoto Animation is as guilty as Kadokawa, this corporation that openly displays its arrogance and who refuses to recognize any authority higher than its own, for making the creation of Endless Eight possible. They have been enabling them for the past three years and there’s not telling when they plan to stop as long as their bank accounts are happy.

Everyone got their own story and views of why this is like this and no, it isn’t like that.  This is really not about Haruhi. It’s not about Mikuru being a crybaby that she always is. This isn’t about Kyon being a stubborn and pessimist idiot the whole time.  What this has been about is why we even got Sighs and in what direction this show is heading if any. Why not show us a season that could bring the most positive side of Haruhi and the others? Why not do it right now? When this is what this show desperately needs the most at this moment to help bring back a little bit of all those good moments that the SOS brigade brought us three years ago. We have reached the point where believing such theories have become possible. If you were to ask me three years ago if this was even possible I’d say no but things have changed for the worst. It isn’t that same case right now that it was years ago. In a sense, this is really “Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” because this does not feel like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. This fake, 1.8 season, is beyond recognition to me. I do not see any of the qualities of the first season or anything that I originally liked about the show here. Sorry to break it to Kadokawa and Co. but I’m not about to fall again for these cheap tricks of your corporate trolling. I am perfectly able to draw my own conclusions like everyone else the only difference is that I’m skeptic enough to not believe everything I see and I’m not too fond of hate bandwagons. For all that matters, I hope it was worth it Kadokawa and you’ve finally attained godhood or whatever you’re shooting for by now. I sincerely do.


9 thoughts on “Bravo. Well played, Kadokawa. You almost got me there with your Corporate Trolling – The reason behind E8 and Why I think we got “SIGHS”. The Demonization of Haruhi Suzumiya (long read)

  1. “Have you, the reader, seriously considered that? I doubt that many have stopped and think hard of the reason behind all of this…These both projects were guaranteed to get a negative criticism from people with a respectable amount of taste and a head over their shoulders…That by making Sighs they did not instigate further negative ideas towards the show in the very least? Of course, you can’t.”

    Wow. Do you try to sound like a holier than thou jackass or does it come naturally to you?

    • What else could those shows be considered? Masterpieces that should be praised? They were worse more than the usual stuff that KyoAni has been doing in recent years.

      The increased amount of hate towards the show is evident. It doesn’t matter if you like the show or not. Proof of the hate is everywhere. Everyone can see it. I’m merely emphasizing that part.

      The point of the post is to explain what both of them have been doing and why. Nice to see that you’re spending your time talking about the “topic”

      Don’t worry. That type of attitude would be even more obvious if I was really trying ;D

  2. In the end, I think Kadokawa is doing what all corporations do – they’re trying to make money. They’re not trying to kill Haruhi – but Lehman Brothers wasn’t trying to self-destruct either, sometimes corporations make very, very bad business decisions. I think this season of Haruhi is a classic example – the idiots responsible for this season have found their plan has backfired and instead of generating “buzz” (probably what they were hoping for) they’ve generated an avalanche of hate and it’s already reflecting in the DVD sales. There’s a good chance they’ll lose a ton of money thanks to lousy DVD sales, and that may be enough to kill any future season of Haruhi – it’s hard to say, and the decision will get made in a conference room somewhere in Tokyo. I did like the first season, but I’m skipping E8/Sighs – hopefully we do get some of the good stuff from later on animated, but it’s been so long since the first season I won’t hold my breath.

    • That’s one huge mistake that they’ve been making for years. You’d think that they’re smart enough to realize that this won’t do them much good in the long run. I’m glad to hear that their sales are going to suffer. Were they really expecting to make a massive profit out of it? Anyone who tries to do that sort of thing shouldn’t make a cent out of it no matter what show we’re talking about.

      That’s probably a wise decision. You aren’t missing much skipping E8 or Sighs. E8 is only reruns and Sighs is another boring season which doesn’t bring anything new to the table. The producers could’ve gone ahead and skip them or save them for later when it was appropriate but they didn’t.

      I’ve already decided to pick up the novels. God knows when they will animate the rest of the show. I’m sure not counting on them either.

  3. Ironically, E8 and Sighs (especially E8) really lowered my opinion of Kyon, Yuki and Mikuru. Not so much with Koizumi. And definitely not with Haruhi. Which may be why I think I’m one of the few defending Haruhi in sighs.

    Interesting post though, following your train of thought, it seems like a 3rd season of Haruhi would be pretty unlikely to happen (unless they needed some quick cash).

    • It isn’t uncommon to see those that don’t even follow a show or care to jump and do their part in the hate bandwagon. I’ve been told that it’s comfy and has plenty of room. Then there are those who like this season, the ones that only liked only the first season, and those who believe the real KyoAni is coming back. Like you mentioned, the defense has been addressed by you and some others in greater detail, which it was done rather well. Of course, the idea of the post is to state where I stand in all of this. I have strong opinions about the whole topic so it’s impossible to expect me to address it in a more neutral manner. It might be possible for some other discussion but this isn’t the case seeing that there aren’t two sides to this story for Kadokawa and Co as we all know well what they’ve been doing. Of course, It’ll be fascinating to hear someone defend them in great detail. Someone should call Battler asap. I’ll grab a chair and maybe work on the epitaph while I wait.

      Like Suguru said it’s possible that Kadokawa and Co. had made a terrible business decision that backfired and they aren’t sure what to do now. Sure, they maybe not be trying to destroy Haruhi directly but they’re sure getting that negative result anyway which it’s almost the same. No one forced them to do any of those things. Who tells Kadokawa what to do anyway? They did it themselves. The worst thing is that they aren’t making amends at all. They’ve only been making things worse in every chance they get. That’s why I say that their actions are illogical. I figured that E8 was a wake-up call for them and the fans but it wasn’t for everyone. Apparently, Kadokawa isn’t as smart as he thought.

  4. okay, now i think you’re blaming kadokawa and kyoani too much. i, for one, actually enjoyed the endless eight episodes. so maybe i fell asleep once or twice, and yeah, it was boring at the time, but i’m one of those few who can look back and think it’s funny. and it is.

    why do you keep insisting that k and k think so highly of themselves? that isn’t necessarily true. i think that the reason kyoani and kadokawa did it is because they need some sort of randonimity (my term for randomness) or something. see how the first season was all jumbled up, and even had a dance? it’s like haruhi’s trademark. it’s something different from the rest. which is why they did it. the first ep of the second season had nothing that substantially stood out.

    and yeah, they could have done disappearnace first. then put sighs next for that jumbled sequencing again. but if they could have done that, why didn’t they put say… sighs first before melancholy? it’s because (i think) that even though it’s all out of order, they’re following a certain sequence.

    etc etc etc… now that i’m rambling on, i really think i’m just saying the same things again and again. -_-“

    • Making Endless Eight was a bad decision. There’s a difference between good random and really bad random, I’d like to think that for a company they knew this. Look at Shaft, they are random and they’re great and they don’t pull something like E8. Still, it remains true that the amount of people that enjoyed E8 is still less than those who disliked it. I don’t know about you but usually I watch anime for entertainment. Entertainment isn’t equal yawing or falling sleep in my book, I’m sure this is true for most people too. Plus you’re forgetting this was one of the most awaited “second seasons” of a 12-14 show so wasting eight episodes on E8 was just too much. I think that the fans deserved better than this.

      Well, it’s over. I finally got my lazy self to watch the last episode of this season, which was great. That’s why I took my time replying back. The only episodes that I liked of this season was Bamboo leaf Rhapsody and the last episode. Yes, this season could’ve been a lot better but sadly it wasn’t. The last episode was nice but it would’ve been better if this season would’ve been nearly as good as the last episode was. Hopefully, Kadokawa and Company will get more serious in the future and don’t make up excuses to pull something like this again. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      Well since the season is over I’m done too. Closing comments about this season will follow sometime this week.

  5. Hanlon Razor : Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity

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