Bakemonogatari # 09 : Nadeko Snake (part 1)

Kanbaru who.. what are we talking about againKanbaru accompanying Araragiso what's the correct answerLOL Reference

Araragi is sent on a mission to an abandoned shrine by meme to put type of amulet. In addition, Kanbaru is tagging along who is too close to Araragi for comfort.  Araragi is still unsure why Senjougahara was thinking when she let Kanbaru come join him. Aside from fact, that she almost killed him. I wouldn’t feel that comfortable around here either. She has this weird smile that puts my guard up rather than to put me at ease. Once at the top of the shrine Araragi sets the talisman in place. Kanbaru who has been feeling lightheaded ever seen they set foot on the places is scared to death by Araragi when he comes looking for her. Reason: She saw a snake mutilated on a tree like it was some kind of ritual. After recovering from the shock of that creepy scene, they give the snake a proper burial before heading back home. Whatever happened to sacrificing sheep.

snakes on a treeHaruhi saying - mouth to mouth

Araragi messages Hanekawa to help him pick up some references book because he’s thinking about his future ever since he talked to Senjougahara the other day. They get into the topic of Araragi and his love life.  Hanekawa has to explain to the dense Araragi what Senjougahara’s intentions were by letting Kanbaru get close to him. She is sort of testing him to see how far he goes with his unconditional kindness. The class president proves her point by almost kissing Araragi (not exactly seeing how related that was) but I was very much convinced nonetheless. If he and Senjougahara weren’t a couple I’d think that Bakemonogatari was a harem. Have you noticed that the other male character is Meme? No wonder everybody goes to Araragi. It’s either him or the old hobo. Plus, he’s the only one with an ahoge.

We also learn that the incho won’t be attending college right away like everyone else. She’s going in an exciting trip around the world to learn things that she won’t find in books while the other suckers like me are studying. Her family must be really loaded. Good for her.

I didn't noticepoor snakes

While he’s checking out more references books he spots this unknown girl he’s been seeing all day long. She seems familiar but he just can’t put his finger on it. After the girl leaves the bookstore Araragi finally remembers who she is. So he asks the sexual predator Kanbaru to talk to her for him as a favor. It turns out that she’s an old friend of one of his sisters so chances are that she might not remember him at all. Because he doesn’t want to the situation to turn unnecessarily awkward he’s asking for help. All that talk doesn’t know much because it isn’t before long that Araragi bumps into Nadeko who is just killed another snake. Snake? Snaaaake! Yes, she’s the one behind the snake killings.  Are snakes in japan always this tame, mate?

lesbo rival wants to knowexactly what are you planning on doing to Senjougahara, Araragispeaking from experience I'm sureend of bk 9

Araragi takes her to his room to hear her out. Kanbaru has also managed to get in Araragi’s room without being detected at first. She’s dying to turn Araragi’s room upside down to search for ero magazines and the such. Kanbaru.. always with her monkey business. Everything is fine and Araragi plays along or is he? Dun dun dun dun. What exactly is he into and what is he planning on doing to Senjougahara? And does it have to do with staples or any other office supplies?

After Bakemonogatari has its usual comedic scene it’s time for serious business or is it? Once again it’s some girl with a problem, that being having snake-like marks in her body and some loliservice for the Mayoi fans. Am I seeing a pattern here? Lack of Senjougahara was indeed noticeable in this episode but it was partially made up by some great incho screen time which was greatly appreciated. It was also nice to see a change of scenery and see what it was like outside of the city where there may be life outside of the deserted Shafty world they live in. I wonder if they will keep Senjougahara off this arc since she hates kids as much as 4KIDZ. Hopefully, that won’t be the case.


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  1. I wonder if at the end Araragi will wake up to realize all this has been a dream. I mean how else would be surrounded by all sorts of suggestive girls, from the loli ghost to the staple-friendly yandere to even the brainy meganeko. I smell a fantasy.

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