The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya # 23 : Who are you and What have you done with Haruhi Suzumiya?

Mikuru beam is backUso DaItsuki stopping Kyon from triggering judgement dayJust stop it Haruhi

That’s what I thought when I watched this episode. It was by far the most disturbing episode of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Also, Ono Daisuke is there to save the day (or not).  Mandatory Umineko reference, KyoAni must be doing it on purpose.  How can they not?

As usual the episode starts exactly where the last one left off but this time around no OP theme. We got Mikuru and Yuki practicing the part where they battle each other. Itsuki assures Kyon that Mikuru won’t be firing the Mikuru beam since Nagato already took care of it. What they were not expecting was that Haruhi bought another contact len for Mikuru. Of course she puts it on. Yuki once again fights Mikuru to take off the dangerous accessory. Haruhi is surprised but she doesn’t mind much and tells Kyon to keep recording them. The worst is yet to come.

Kyon has directing skillsMikuru is shockedthe lake is dirtysafe at last.. think again

Next for no apparent reason, Haruhi wants to do a scene with Mikuru falling into the lake behind them—in that cold and filthy lake. Mikuru is hesitant at first but she finally accepts to do it to escape Haruhi’s wrath. Haruhi is thrilled to finally se Mikuru start to get into character. As planned Mikuru is thrown into the lake along with Taniguchi. Haruhi gets the scene that she wanted and quickly dismisses both of Taniguchi and the other guy  since they aren’t needed anymore. They should be grateful for that. Tsuruya tells Haruhi that they can carry Mikuru to her place because she might catch cold plus to keep filming.

Itsuki's fabulousness isn't stopping him from kissing Mikuruhow about YOU do itKeikaku do..Bull. That thing doesn't hurt one bit.

The scene they’re going to film is mikuru resting and Itsuki and her kissing. I made a mistake. Itsuki and Mikuru kissing. Damn it, there’s something wrong with this keyboard. Itsuki and Mikuru kissing. Crap, I wasn’t wrong. Kyon realizes that this scene is wrong once he notices that Haruhi has no intention of stopping them. Haruhi demands that they kiss so she can get her scene, claiming that all movies have those moments (which is partly true) Kyon also notices that Mikuru is acting all weird. She isn’t putting any resistance, it’s like she’s in half sleep or drugged. Haruhi sits next to Mikuru next to Mikuru and smacks her with the cone (if you can call that smacking) trying to wake her up. Mikuru is defenseless against her and Kyon is forced to intervene and save Mikuru again. Goddamnit, Tsuruya’s laughter became creepy as hell right about now. What the hell is up with her laughing her ass of at that moment? I know that she’s lolfangtan but even she should be able to grasp the situation.

Kyon lashing backHaruhi just went Communist on us.Obligatory FABULOUS Itsuki momentTaniguchi is useful. What's next

Kyon tells Haruhi off for bullying Mikuru. He tells Haruhi that her movie sucks and that none of them are forced to listen to her. Funny he gets angry over that but doesn’t mind being trapped in time loops for 300 years. Haruhi goes USO DA on him and raves about how they aren’t supposed to oppose her. The most shocking part is that she isn’t feeling guilty about anything and she even admits that she sees Mikuru as her personal toy. Kyon is about to slap Haruhi hard (I saw a fist) but he is stopped by Itsuki before he could do it. Maria was right. Beatrice exists. By now, I’m sure that all of us were divided into two groups. The ones that wanted to see Kyon bitch slap Haruhi and the ones that didn’t. What do you think I’d do?

Haruhi is shocked to see Kyon get this angry over the situation to the point where he wants to hurt her and it gets only worse. Mikuru, who is still drunk as hell thanks to Haruhi and Tsuruya, begs Kyon to please stop fighting. As expected the filming comes to an abrupt end after that moment. Tsuruya also apologizes to Kyon for taking it too far. Don’t be fooled. That was payback for Churuya-san I just know it. Kyon leaves the places furious followed by Itsuki who wants to have a talk with him about Haruhi. Istuki throws some theories about Haruhi and her powers. Something along the lines that humanity might be a mistake or something similar and that anyone who would go against Haruhi (god) would be wrong. The rest I don’t remember I was too disturbed by the last scene to fully recall.

This was either your best or worst decision of your mortal lifeNo cliffhanger at all

The next day at school Kyon is having obentos with Taniguchi and company. Of course, Kyon is still upset about yesterday but while he’s talking to Taniguchi he realizes why he is so really angry about. What, Taniguchi is useful? What’s next? I don’t know what’s what anymore. He heads to the SOS-room and finds Ponytail Haruhi (reference) sitting there all alone, still upset Haruhi turns the other way. Kyon reaffirms her that their movie will be great success no matter what. Of course, Haruhi already knows this but she doesn’t let Kyon see her surprised. Just like that they resume the filming. Just like that? So much drama for this?

Anyway, Kyon could have walked away from Haruhi and the SOS but he didn’t, what happens after that point is his entire fault. He’s got no one to blame but himself if anything similar to this happens again. If I was him I would’ve used this moment to build a better strategy to keep Haruhi in line. Kyon just blew his chance to have a more peaceful life and maybe control god. I guess he isn’t Keikaku doori material after all.  Now some absolute truths about the episode.

As mentioned before, this was by far the weirdest and most disturbing episode of the season. We got to see Haruhi’s most selfish and controlling side since the show started. It goes without saying that she was out of line treating Mikuru like trash. Still, I’d like to say that there is no way that the original could have been that dramatic. For the record, that cone cannot hurt anyone. Let’s be frank here. Mikuru is a f’ing crybaby, that’s a fact. She’s cute and all but she cries for everything. I don’t think that she’d survive in the real world if she was real. Nevertheless, Haruhi  was wrong about throwing her into the river and giving her sake without her knowing. Friends don’t do that to friends. That was too cheap. I’d hate to say it but I’m almost positive that Haruhi knew that Mikuru couldn’t handle any type of liquor (duh) so she gave her some so she could get her scene and to piss off Kyon big time for not paying her any attention. Bottom line is that what Haruhi did was wrong and she had to be taught a lesson, no doubt about that. Yet, I hate to see that Sights have been centered around so much doorama all this time instead of what makes this series so great. Have you noticed that there aren’t any real  cliffhangers at the end of the episodes? Sights is too boring and unnecessarily random to even take this 1.8 season seriously if it was ever possible. There can only be a reason for this.

What is up with the background music and camera angles in this episode? It’s like cue for: “overly dramatic music” Play now. Facial distortion, activate! Let’s not forget that we’re talking about a company that makes money from drama. We’re all used to it by now but this was uncalled for. After so much speculation, I’ve finally figured out why the producers are animating Sighs instead of any other books. It doesn’t make any sense at all (when has Kodakawa made any sense anyway?) but that’s the most logical explanation that I can come up with. Care to guess what is? You’re looking right at it. The full answer to this will be in the next Haruhi post that I make.


4 thoughts on “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya # 23 : Who are you and What have you done with Haruhi Suzumiya?

  1. okay.

    i do not TOTALLY disagree with anything you have said thus far (either what you said dont make much impact, or i’m just naturally passive) but there is one thing i have to defend.

    “Kyon tells Haruhi off for bullying Mikuru. He tells Haruhi that her movie sucks and that none of them are forced to listen to her. Funny he gets angry over that but doesn’t mind being trapped in time loops for 300 years.”

    he doesnt mind being trapped in those loops because even though he knew they were repeating the same day over and over again, he didnt actually experience it. i mean, he doesnt remeber, so he doesnt feel the boredom, or anguish or whatever you should feel.

    so, what i’m really tring to say is, if you’re tryng to b**** Kadokawa or KyoAni or Nagaru Tanigawa, this isn’t a reasonable claim. it doesnt really support your accusation.

    that’s all.

    okay~ i’mma gonna go either to comment on your latest post, or maybe make an account here, so i can fight with your for real.

    • Kyon is too negative in this arc more than usual so he isn’t as likeable as he was in the first one that’s one reason why it’s hard to feel sympathy towards him. Then Mikuru is unable to stand up for herself and the others aren’t doing anything to help her either. Kyon might not have experienced E8 in full like Nagato did but the viewers had. That negative effect that E8 had the on viewers was stressed by Kyoto Animation who chose do repeat E8 eight times. If it was only 2 or 3 episodes like the original director Yamakan thought then Sighs or E8 wouldn’t have received such a negative reaction from me or others like it did. If they hadn’t wasted more than half the season repeating Endless Eight when they could’ve been doing Sighs plus something ‘new’, I wouldn’t be complaining. They knew that they weren’t exactly going to get a positive criticism from us so why do it in the first place?

      Sure, you’re welcome to express your ideas about the latest post as long as you keep it relevant. It’s nice to see people are able to express what they think in more than one liners. Keep in mind that the other post has to do more with both companies and it isn’t just limited to E8 or Sighs.

      • … i can’t believe you’re also prejudiced against oneliners… or maybe you’re not. i also feel that way sometimes too.

        anyway, so what if kyon is too negative? they’re just following the novels. although… yeah, the fight scene WAS shorter in the novels. but who cares? you guys might say they built up too much drama, but i absolutely loved that scene. i even recorded it and put it in my ipod.

        grrr… now i was gonna drop the subj, but it’s kinda fun to argue about things i love, so i’m seriously gonna comment on that other post.

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