Umineko no naku koro ni # 10 : Battler accepts Beatrice’s existence



The horrified servants run to where Rosa and the others are, however, none of them are to explain what they’ve really witnessed. Genji who is cool as usual, tells Rosa that they saw Kannon still alive but at the same time it wasn’t him. For obvious reasons Rosa isn’t buying their story and I wouldn’t either. She still believes that the servants are all wolves waiting for a chance to attack them (the sheep) and with all due reason, after all the bodies has banished again and none is able to tell who the real culprit is again! A ghost? No one would believe such thing.

you aren't exactly the most trusted person eitherWhy don't I feel secure

Rosa concludes that since there are no bodies to be found then the servants must be working together, trying to trick them into thinking that their partners in crime are dead. Rosa states that Beatrice has bought off all the servants who driven mad the gold legend have blindly accepted and turn their backs on them. Genji being the admirable furniture that he is, returns his master key to Rosa seeing that he is no longer worthy of it. The other servants followed him as well.

About frigging timehappy Maria

Maria goes creepy mode again and reminds them that locks are nothing for someone as powerful as Beatrice. At this moment Batter quickly saves Maria from a serious slapping by Rosa. Good. Surprisingly, he accepts the existence of the witch and apologizes to Maria for everything. Maria goes back to her normal self and hugs Battler saying that everything is ok. Shouldn’t it be over now that Batterl has accepted her existence? Why is this still on?  Something I liked was the they’ve finally realized that is no use to search for the culprit of murders instead they should focus on cracking the epitaph as hinted by Beato’s letter : “It’s useless to search for me. It’s useless to run from me. It’s useless to deny me.” Also lol @ the P.S. even witches use them. Maybe they’ll move on from this in the next arc? I’m dying to know how they’are going to solve it.


Loosing your edge battlerKinky

Rosa decides that is better to separate themselves from the servants seeing the they aren’t trusted anymore. She apologizes to Genji and the others for doing it. Ha. You better believe that she still thinks that they’re all guilty even after they’ve already given up their keys.  Battler is terrified to see how cold Rosa is acting towards the servants even after all of that.

wtf is this shit

Meanwhile, the real Battler in the meta world is pleading Beatrice to stop this madness and to tell Rosa that there are only five keys, that there is no need to doubt anyone anymore. Like that would happen.

Coward. No respectable man would refuse to touch Natsuhi.loli will kill you

The servants are searching for a powerful mirror that Natsuhi had that can help them against Beatrice (where was this mirror in the first arc?) They all go except for Genji who is staying behind because he must be ready in case the masters call on him. Wow, if that doesn’t scream loyalty I don’t know what does. Too bad that he isn’t trusted anymore, he’s by far the best servant of the family. They entered the Chappel where the bodies still are to obtain Natsuhi’s key to her room. Beatrice makes an appearance and scared them to death. Boo.

They all run back to the Natsuhi’s room but unfortunately for them box where Natsuhi kept her mirror is locked so they have to force it open. Godha is at the door making sure that the cute goat battlers won’t get through but not for long. I’m not kidding they’re adorable. He is stabbed in the chest by one of Beatrice’s minions and send to his death, at least he got off easy.

that's it I'm dead

They’re done for. There’s no way they’re getting alive out of this one.  Genji to the rescue? Also one more episode to go?

5 thoughts on “Umineko no naku koro ni # 10 : Battler accepts Beatrice’s existence

  1. Shouldn’t it be over now that Batterl has accepted her existence? Why is this still on?

    Yeah, I didn’t get this either. I guess they still need to figure out the epitaph, but somethign should’ve happened here, right? Maybe game piece Battler is allowed to accept Beatrice, but it’s Meta Battler who needs to accept her before the game is over?

    I felt bad for Gohda. I thought they did a real nice job with his character in this ep. It’s the first time I’ve felt bad for any of the characters dying.

    • He was a real jerk in Legend of the Golden Witch. It’s nice to finally see him work as a team player in this episode. Rosa is looking rather evil in this episode. Those faces she’s making are looking very Higurashi crazy. I get the feeling that she’s going to be one the last people to die. Let’s not forget that in case she makes it out alive she’s going to inherit all the family’s fortune. Maybe that’s what she’s really planning on doing all along.

  2. Of course it’s Meta-Battler that needs to accept Beatrice.
    Natsuhi’s mirror was mentioned in the first arc. Natsuhi had decided to give it to Jessica in exchange for the scorpion charm, but then shit happened and she forgot about it.

    • It’s a bit frustrating to see that what the other battler in the other dimension does doesn’t count. So basically the only ways to stop this madness is for meta battler to accept Beatrice’s existence or for the other battler to solve the epitaph. They should work on solving it instead of trying to catch Beatrice.

      I’m still confused about meta Battler and the other battler. Does meta Battler control over the other one? Or is he just watching what his other self does? I suppose that my question will become clearer later. I wouldn’t want to spoil myself.

      Thanks for reminding me. I totally forgot about the mirror, it didn’t seem that important at that time. I guess we’ll see how useful it is against Beatrie and her army.

  3. Meta Battler, is, in a sense, the “real” Battler, as his soul is in the meta-world, so, even if Game Piece Battler dies, he’s alright(kinda). Meta Battler can’t control the other Battler, but it’s my opinion that the game piece Battler is affected by Meta Battler, ie, when he’s about to give up, the game piece will be the same way.

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