Princess Lover # 7 : We’re getting serious


Nice Schneizel’s sunglasses

After the Onsen episode and other funny yet forgettable stuff, we’re finally getting back on track. The “main arc” (assuming this is it) starts in this episode. Time for very serious plot development to take place.


Look at that posture. Arms are facing the opposite direction. Dead serious

Charlotte’s butler makes a well-deserved entrance. We missed you old guy.  What floor are they anyway? He’s been hearing about what Teppei has been up to lately and he isn’t a bit pleased with seeing him with his ojou-sama.

I think that it would’ve been pretty cool to have a butler or something similar like they’re portrayed in anime, wouldn’t it? Although I fear that that getting someone like Kogarashi would be too much for me. I’ll hire him so that maybe a tiny bit of infinite manliness will rub off on me.

Maids would be a lot easier to pick. Possible candidates would be Roberta for security and Mikuru for serving tea. Never mind, I forgot that Mikuru is only a part time maid. Bummer. At the moment, Shannon is too much of a hassle plus I’m not into furniture like Nin Einstien.


That hand

Teppei and Charlotte run away from Sebastian and go outside to the school’s yard. Charlotte claims that she hurt her ankle while running. Right. Teppei readily carries Charlotte to the infirmary. Here insert game sequence?

It seems that, Charlotte is either oblivious to what’s happening or she doesn’t dislike it. You choose. I can’t say that I really blame Teppei for touching Charlotte inappropriately seeing that Charlotte’s rack is almost as big as her head. Or is it the other way around? I wish I was only kidding when I say this.


I’ts a  bird. It’s an airplane. No, it’s the new guy

So who was throwing those petals while he was descending from the sky? it’s obvious that he isn’t Japanese, otherwise he would’ve gotten sakura petals instead for his entrance like a good Japanese person. Sakura > roses. I can think of few anime cool characters that use them. Where did Zero got all those sakura petals anyway? Is Byakuya secretly part of the Black Knights?

The new guy ntroduces himself as Charlotte’s fiancé. Yup, we all saw it coming. Charlotte is already engaged to someone else. Onsen ladies agreement? Pfffff.



Actually, Sylvia isn’t mad. She appears upset about learning that her friend didn’t tell her (or anyone else) that she was engaged. Teppei ignores that fact that Charlotte is engaged and reminds her about their ‘date’ on Arima Hills in an attempt to cheer her up. Shouldn’t he be showing a bit of concern about? Something like: “how come you didn’t tell me?”


I’m all for Saber but Sylvia should get her hair down every once in a while. Wouldn’t you agree? Btw, gratz on your movie, Syl. I can’t wait :D


Charlotte does a great job at playing dumb

What’s that you’re saying? She isn’t acting? I doubt that this is the right moment for playing cute, Charlotte. I do, however, agree that croissants are great.

Sylvia shows that she is mad but not exactly about Charlotte keeping secrets from her, she’s mad about something else. You see, believe it or not there are bigger problems in this show that they should worry about instead of who gets to sleep first with Teppei. I know. Shocking, isn’t it?


You’re ruining the srfkbiz mood!

And so we learn that some organization has been secretly building nuclear weapons facility below another facility or something like that to create conflict between the families. This iz a serious plot development guys. We should all pay great attention.

Syl learned about that last night when she overheard her father phone call conversation. It’s good to see that Koyasu is getting more lines these past episodes because there isn’t sufficient juice on Eve’s face that would make me watch Needless again. If there is anything I liked about that show was that Koyasu was in it, that’s about it.

As much as a approve of knee tights . Isn’t it a too much having them that ridiculously long? They almost seem like a part of pants. They should follow Seika’s lead on this one. Yup, I actually complimented her on something.


Suspicious chick

Charlotte’s fiance bumps into Teppei and they chat for a bit. I bet it would’ve been so much fun seeing Teppei tell him that he’s meeting with his fiancé at the hotel. Funny he never mentioned it to him. Charlotte calls Teppei on his cellphone but he misses the call because he was talking to the new guy at that moment.


If there is anyone that I’d take advice from it would be Emperor Wakamoto. That being said, I wouldn’t listen to any of Charles Zi, Britannia advices on parenting though. Getting killed by your own son? No, thanks. His parenting skills are as bad as ones in the Higurashi world ~UU~! No crimes against lolis go unpunished in anime. Remember that.


She gets a call from Teppei telling her to meet him right now. She sneaks out of the mansion to meet Teppei in person. Her butler tries to stop her from becoming a mother at the age of –18 but Charlotte leaves the mansion anyway. Why the heck was Charlotte carrying that freaky charm anyway?

I’d like to hear what his background is. Did he fight side by side with a powerful vampire in the second war in Poland. In his younger days, was he known as the Angle of death? So many unanswered questions about this butler.


Revealing much?

Charlotte must be like the Nodoka of Princess Lover except with no penguin around. Maybe both of them are related after all. Hey, where’d that penguin go?

Charlotte enters the room but she doesn’t find Teppei waiting for her like she thought. She sits on a chair and waits patiently for him then…


There’s always someone trying to ruin your harem

Teppei receives a call from “someone” . Now that they already took out his family they’re after Charlotte.  What, it’s over already?


Oh yeah, we got ninjas!


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