Higurashi REI OVA # 4 – Very late review


*Sniff* One more OVA to go

Rika asks Hanyuu for advice on what she has to do after finding out that her own mother is the key they’ve been looking for. Does she have to kill her own mother to go back to her own world? Does she choose this world and lives like a normal girl even if it means saying goodbye to her friends?

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Hanyuu speaks up and reminds Rika that she is only using her as an excuse to not make a decision herself. Hanyuu knows that Rika is asking her for advise so she can place the blame on Hanyuu. She reminds Rika that, in the end, it’s up to her to choose between the world that she and the others made possible with all their strength (Kai) or choose this ideal world instead.

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The next scene we see is Rika waking up in the hospital bed but the doctor this time is Dr. Irie which means she’s back. Rika asks Irie about her mother but he avoids the question and tells her that her memory is still fuzzy from the accident, letting us know that her mother is dead. When she’s alone again Hanyuu appears before Rika, confirming that what Rika experienced all this time was a dream. Rika despairs because she thinks that she chose to kill her mother to come back to this world and that Hanyuu is only telling her it was a dream to make her feel better.

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Rena and the others march into the room to see Rika. They have been visiting Rika since the day she was hospitalized, waiting for her to wake up from the coma. This implies that Rika was either never killed by that trailer or that the world she was real after all, however, she is back because she chose to do so. Rika tells her friends about the strange dream she had and asks them if they could, would they choose to live in such happy world instead of this one?

They all explained that they wouldn’t because even though they all had crappy moments in the past, they wouldn’t be who they are if it weren’t for them. Good and bad things are something we have to accept and move forward. Let’s assume that we’ve always have a perfect life for example. Exactly how are we supposed to know about tragedy and bad things? How are supposed to understand others if we don’t experience what they feel at least a bit. Let’s go even deeper with this. We don’t appreciate things until we lost them. We appreciate peace when there isn’t war. Similarly, we appreciate joy when there is sadness. The problem happens when we get excessively greedy and mess things up. It’ll be ideal if we could appreciate such things without being deprived of them in the first place except that isn’t the human mind works. We should all watch ARIA.

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Conclusion: Rika learns her lesson that she should live as a human from now on and not as Oyashiro-sama or a witch. That she should be happy with the decisions she chooses in life regardless they’re good or bad after all it’s her life. In a matter of seconds, Hanyuu shoots down all our theories by stating that all of this was an illusion. A dream that she made for Rika so she could atone for the things she did in the past. Mainly, Hanyuu did this out out of spite because she felt that Rika needed to learn that lesson.

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Possibly something we (myself included) all forgot was that these OVAs aren’t supposed to change anything about the Higurashi we all know. Still, it was nice that they explained a few questions that I had about Oyashiro-sama, Rika, her family, and what Higurashi would be like if there was no tragedy in it. Not so great as you can see.  Here ends the short Killing Dice Chapter, even though there was no actual killing I had fun. The OVA also gave us a small hint for Rika’s identity for Umineko… maybe.  Good news is that the next and  OVA (sadly the last one) will focus on Rena again. Yes! The raw is already out but I’m sure they’re waiting for the dvd-release to sub it.