Umineko no naku koro ni #7 : Bipolar mothers suck


This is how you say “I looove you” in Higurashi

They say mother knows best. Rosa doesn’t have a problem with hitting Maria in public places. She even takes away the candy the old lady gave Maria. Yes, it’s a mother daughter bonding time. What already? Rosa slaps Maria again and again till she realizes what she is doing to her daughter. It was more like she realized that everyone is starting at them if you ask me. Rosa if you’re reading this. Please seek help.


George is preparing for to propose to Shannon. Rudolf overhears him but he is cool with George being interested maid. Maria and Rosa meet with the other family members at the terminal before heading to Rokkenjima Island for the family meeting. Rosa’s bought Halloween candy for her little daughter and because of it Maria is happy again. It goes without saying that no one knows about the abuse that she is suffering. Btw, no bruises whatsoever? Fortunately, that’s over. Surely, Rosa is feeling sorry for what she’s done to Maria, right.. right?



Wrong. Moments later after they arrive at the island, Maria sieges the opportunity to talk about Beatrice once again. Oh, Maria no. What happens after this left me speechless for a few seconds. Rosa waits that everyone is far enough to not hear Maria’s crying and starts to deal vicious beating on Maria for talking about the witch. She viciously hits her like a piñata until her cheeks are red and she throws her into the ground after that. If it wasn’t bad enough, she relentlessly steps on that candy she recently brought Maria. Seriously, wtf?



Ladies and gentleman, Rosa is not feeling sorry at all! What is wrong with this woman?! Stop hitting Maria for Haruhi’s sake!

Maria thinks that her mother is being possessed by an evil witch that’s why she is doing this to her. Whether that’s true or is just something she wants to believe is arguable, however, what is true is this: Maria wants her real mother to come back to her so they can both be happy once again. Rosa leaves her daughter in the middle of the garden before the typhoon hits the island just like in the first arc.


I’m beginning to understand Maria better thanks to this arc. The reason for this persona she’s developed. This creepy version of herself helps her get through all the bad times she is through. Kannon who has been witnessed all the abusive Maria is suffering cannot do anything for her except for dusting off the candy that Rosa just stepped on. Maria puts on her crazy face and tells him that she’s alright and that this could easily be fixed by Beatrice. She also claims that she is friends with her that’s why she knows so. When did she meet her? Isn’t all of this something that she’s making up to make her feel better?


Oh Maria..

This time Maria stays in the garden waiting for her mother to pick her up instead of looking for that stupid flower. Poor Maria.. she didn’t deserve that beating. There weren’t enough ~Uu this time. I actually feel sorry for her.  Also that mama daisuki at the end killed me too because there’s a high chance that Rosa isn’t all that sorry and she will brutalize Maria again.



That’s some logic you got there, Shannon




The most crucial part of this episode is the appearance of Beato in the mansion. As she says, the reason why everyone denied her existence in the first arc was because she never showed herself to them. Now that everyone (except Battler I’m sure) that will it become of them? Are they all cool with being killed by her? You know it’s coming sooner or later.


  • The part where Maria is being hit by Rosa was even more dramatic than when the Shanon and the others got killed in the storeroom. I also liked how more realistic it was than just Maria crying for some lousy flower.
  • Does this evil witch who is controlling Rosa really exist? Or will she prove that she’s only a lousy mother? I know that there are other witches out there but that doesn’t mean that they’re on the island right now.  Let’s not forget that they can be lurking around but we just can’t see them.
  • What about Bernkastel? She says that she’s going to “help”. I”m curious what kind of help she will be providing. Maybe she’s waiting for the Higurashi Rei ova to be over to go help them.
  • For a furtinure Kannon has some pride.
  • Jessica sure got over Kannon quickly
  • Battler is a damn liar and his logic does not make sense to me.
  • Beatrice on knee high stockings and skirt is fine too. She is sugoi after all.
^edit – Rosa is awesome. It’s the anime version that sucks.

3 thoughts on “Umineko no naku koro ni #7 : Bipolar mothers suck

  1. Shannon’s logic is sound; trolls should be ignored.

    It’s “bipolar” btw.

    • Oops typo.
      The thing is Shannon is that she’s going to get killed by Beatrice no matter what she does. It’s kinda funny how she thinks that Beatrice will just eventually go away if she ignores her, much like a troll. Sadly, the only thing that Shannon might hope to ever accomplish is to not give Beatrice the satisfaction of seeing her suffer. Well, in her defense she doesn’t know that this is something that’s going to repeat over and over so. Maybe after +600 years of trolling the witch will get tired of making them on endless loop and decide to end it. They do say the witch is fickle.

  2. The train beating scene was excellent, and I don’t mean that in my usual sadistic manner. Most people these days have no clue what it looks like when a child gets beaten, but as someone who comes from a background where beatings are the preferred method of disciplining children, I assure you, that scene was pretty much exactly how it goes down.

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