GA Geijutsuka Art Class #2 : This show isn’t so sucky, you know

ga2 - 01

So anyway, it looks like someone heard my request from last week and subbed this episode! I was really wondering when they were going to sub the next GA episodes. After I watched it I went Ayako-Fansubs’s page and thanks them personally. In case you’re wondering, I haven’t given up on GA.

ga2 - 03

When I saw this scene between the two birds I didn’t know what to think of it. Animals talking? What exactly is happening here? Plus, unusually crude humor in GA? Oh, I’m interested.

ga2 - 04

Seconds later it becomes obvious that the one making those voices was Miyabi. That image cracked me up so much.

ga2 - 05

That’s outright creepy. I’ve dreamt about old temples, citadel and ruins before where weird stuff happens but I haven’t had one where a statue was chasing after me. Have you? Would you look at that face and her arms?

ga2 - 06

 Banchos in GA

ga2 - 07

Pointing fingers sure is popular 

ga2 - 08

I was waiting for a confirmation of Touma I mean Tomokane’s gender. Well,  she was wearing a skirt but does not me jack in anime. 

ga2 - 09

Hey, we got it already. No need to pick on Studio DEEN anymore. And I thought I was harsh. 

ga2 - 10

Someone sure is having a little too much fun with one of her classmates. 

ga2 - 11

Kisaragi reveals to Tomokane that she works for the one pulling the strings in school. Damn it, they sure got me good. I knew that I shouldn’t trust people who wear gigantic glasses so easily. 

ga2 - 12

That moment when she shows him the logo was pretty witty too. Some people just can’t read signs until it’s too late. Like BAM, in your face when you least expect it.

ga2 - 13

I actually have that set :D 

ga2 - 14

 It’s nice to see them actually teach some drawing techniques and tips to the viewers.  

ga2 - 15

They got me there! I do the same thing. A great majority of the time I use only one pencil when I’m sketching. I know I shouldn’t but I still do. 

ga2 - 16

That’s also something that has happened to me several times before. Fortunately, GA taught me how to avoid those embarrassing moments. I’ll take note. 

ga2 - 17

Haha, gotta love those serious faces they make. Behold GA : When They Draw.  Abducted by the artists.  They can never be too many Higurashi references in this blog. 

ga2 - 18

Juice in anime is better than any Redbull or energy drink out there.

ga2 - 19

This was definitely a step up for GA : Geijutsuka Art Class. This second ep was made a lot better than the first one in my opinion. That scene with the chickens (is there a farm nearby?) and the glasses representing the “evil side” really cracked me up.

While GA doesn’t completely scream awesome, it is sure showing some promise. It’s not a bad show. Right now, it’s doing better than I initially thought. It goes without this show will appeal more to you if you’re at least a bit interested in art and drawing. It was actually funny to see that there were so many things here that I could easily relate to. That’s probably one of the reasons why I enjoyed it so much.

I wish they would sub more episodes of GA or that another group will pick it up soon. Maye it’ll happen, maybe it won’t. It’s already in ep 5 and it seems like a waste that there aren’t that many fansubs paying attention to this show. Until next time GA. Hopefully, it won’t be that long.