The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya # 19 : It’s August 8. Mandatory Rambling. Endless Eight Aftermath. Also PS3’s are too expensive [censored]


Ironic picture for an ironic entry for an ironic blog for an ironic day for an ironic endless trolling arc. I didn’t find it pretty or funny. Actually, yes in that exact order.

Yeah, it’s over. I saw it with my own eyes. Endless Eight is over. This stunt pulled by Kadokawa and KyoAni reached its end this week. I can’t believe I watched this.


I got the power!


 If only you would’ve stopped being fabulous for a bit and stop and THINK about a solution

Apparently, Kyon is witty enough to have a comeback for just about everything but he’s oblivious to everything around him. I know that this isn’t his fault and it’s KyoAni’s but I stopped liking him and the others SOS brigade like I used to. Maybe with time.. I don’t know.


 Nagato still does not give a [censored]

She’s just observing. Why would it happen if Kyon hasn’t done anything at all or not realize what was happening, huh?

I know that there are plenty of Yukists out there but this “arc” made me think less of her. Why? Because, Yuki didn’t do anything at all. I greatly got on my nerves that “she is just an observer”. It seeme like an excuse for being lazy. Instead, she rather just sit in a corner reading books or checking out yaoi manga and erogames according to Haruhi-chan. God knows what she is really thinking. This is the last time I’m trusting aliens.


At this point, I was really wondering that was Haruhi so mad about. If I was Kyon in this same situation I really doubt that the next words that would’ve come out of my mouth would’ve been kind or proper to Haruhi. I’d be so fed up with [censored] E8 that I would’ve snapped at the smallest provocation to just about anyone especially Haruhi at this moment. Yes, I went that far thanks to KyoAni.


 Haruhi stop it. You aren’t auditioning for Umineko. The cast is already full

Amplify that effect at least 100th times and you get my reaction for Endless Eight when I found out that it was a troll after all and when I heard the news that it was ending this week. What a slap to the way it was. Gee, thanks?


That dumbass of Kyon was not planning on inviting Haruhi to his home after all? If anything, at least something good had to come out of it by inviting her to his room.  Fortunately, Haruhi had to intervene and invite herself otherwise E8 might have repeated once again if she didn’t. Also, green does not suit you Haruhi. I can’t believe I said that.


Kyon still has a PS2. High five

I’m not sure what the price of the latest sony console in Japan is but PS3 are so damn expensive around here. It’s so pathetic that that PS2 sales are still ridiculously higher than the PS3. It goes without saying, that I still have a PS2 and not getting a PS3 anytime soon. Also Kyon.. clean your damn room if you’re having guests and hide those [censored] Mikuru pictures you dl’ed off Sankaku Complex especially those with Mikuru in meido suit. I thought you were a SOS member not a Genshiken member Kyon.


 More like a nightmare

Everything is solved. Kyon gets out of E8 by “guessing” (wtf?) what might please Haruhi and everything is back to the way it was. But not for KyoAni and Kadokawa. This stunt


If anything I must congratulate KyoAni and Kadokawa for getting under my skin and make me write a huge classified rant post with so many four letter swear words that made me seemed like a suffer from tourette syndrome. I really haven’t seen that many shows who get to me in a long time. This cancerous [censored] you came up with was enough to make me snap like I haven’t done in a long time. I don’t feel any regrets about writing that though. I’m through being lenient to them. Crude as some of you might’ve found it (I’m sure there were) what I said was the truth and there is no place for apologies. Kyoto Animation and Kadokawa deserved that and probably more.

After that yangire episode I had that day. I’m dubbing this blog: “[Just as Planned] : Oh snap!” It’s too fitting right now. Hey, you were of help after all E8! <here insert forced laughter>

With only 4 more episodes left. What could they posibly make to make to us like this season anymore? It’s virtually impossible at this moment. Will I be blogging about the rest of TMoH S2? Possibly, but it’s not going to be the same when I hardly can stand watching this show because it reminds me of E8. Not to mention that rhere are plenty of better shows right now not made by KyoAni. Bottom line, this was a loss to KyoAni fans, the Haruhi fans, and to the animebase in general. Kadokawa and Kyoto Animation made their point clear. They never intented to please the fans or to make a proper second season. They could really cared less of what we think and possibly they still don’t. It was never about us. This was about THEM. This was not a war when no one could do anything to stop their madness. This was a massacre. There are no winners here. There aren”t supposed to. Good job both of you Kyoto Animation and Kadokawa. You accomplished nothing.