Endless Eight confirmed to end : F-[Classified] you Kadokawa!! Incoming RANT. Cover your ears


Haruhi and anime , forgive them; for they know not what they’re doing

An early copy of the September issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Newtype magazine has confirmed that the current Endless Eight arc of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya television anime series will end this week. The Newtype issue will officially ship on Monday. The Endless Eight arc recounts a short time-loop plotline from Nagaru Tanigawa and Noizi Ito’s original science-fiction comedy light novels. In the anime version, the same story was used for several episodes in the row, with minor changes from week to week. The anime has been in this story arc since June 19.

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The day I finally snapped. I’ve been ranting so much about it that I thought that I was going to need a new liver. Endless Eight makes me feel like grabbing one those dangos and stab it right through the heart and set it on fire. That’s a vivid representation of how I feel about it. Trust me, I’m not afraid to make a dango an orphan. However, all of these were originally suppressed by forced state of ennui that partially countered the travesty that Endless eight is. I expected E8 to end soon but it didn’t end in ep four or five. I stopped watching E8 back in episode 4 and I had to resist the malicious urge to drop the show after seeing that it was still on. I had to remind myself that there might still be a slight chance that maybe in the next episode E8 will be over but that never happened and we’re already in episode 9 god-knows-what-episode-really and now we got this news.


Maria go face the wall, cover your ears and sing a song. Beatrice and I will be ranting about Endless Eight

Back in 2006, I used to look up to you, Kyoto Animation. I praised the way how you combined cheerful moments with drama along with visually pleasing animation resulting in a well executed majestic product worthy of everyone’s admiration. I thought that if there was a studio that I like at this moment this was it. I firmly believed back then that that was what Kyoto Animation was about but I was greatly misled. As the years went by, I started see the new shows only increasing on the animation department and madly decreasing where it matters most to me, quality. Sure, I was still dissatisfied with KyoAni not releasing news about when the next TMoHS would be but I put up with it. Years later it became more evident that they had no intention of doing it and instead they want us to glorify them for their newfound trolling skills.

Year 2009 Kadokawa and Kyoto Animation gave us the middle finger while expecting me to like every piece of mainstream shitty shows they produced. The truth was that Kyoto Animation became a useless company manipulated by their pimp Kadokawa. The pander knows how well how predictable otakus can be sometimes and he knows how that they were going to drool over their products as long as they give them want they want no matter how mediocre they are. And surprise surprise! It worked. I hope you’re happy.  Way to prove them wrong guys. It shows how much you care.

You’ve been beating on a dead horse, KyoAni. Your diseased mad cash cow has already been milked enough times for 15,oooth generations. It’s not funny or amusing  as much as you’d wanted us to believe. In fact, if never was unless you either hate Haruhi, really don’t care or you posses an at-will apathy syndrome for such cases like me but even with it, it was not enough. Endless Eight seriously makes me want to shove a thousand years old moldy smoked cheese down Kadokawa’s throat for doing this.

Why should I show any bit of respect to bunch of sellout bitches anyway? It even got  to Hilter. It goes without saying that I’m not buying shit from you. In fact, I’m encouraging people to not buy from you. In case, ANY of you like the atrocity that Endless Eight is. Before anything, I have to say that I have to ridicule you for liking a third rate product born from idiocy of a bunch of assholes. Whatever, if you like it do not buy those goddam dvd’s. If you like so much that piece of cheese, go and download. KyoAni and Kadokawa don’t deserve a damn cent from any of us. Your money is better spent in just about anything else rather than by giving it to someone who enjoys mocking its loyal fans by copy-pasta/rerunning the same crap all over again while expecting to make huge profits off it. Good luck selling those goddamn dvd’s you care so much about. Is this what the anime industry is becoming? A bunch of spineless imbelices who answer to a bunch of greedy fuckwits who do whatever the hell they please?

I really think that Kyoto Animation should start asking KEY for new games to animate and picking up 4-komas no one ever read before and make them into huge hit shows ‘cause that’s what you’re good for KyoAni. Go back to being what you originally were and stop being the piece of shit assholes you’ve become already. You well know that you should’ve stopped pulling this crap a long time ago but you didn’t. “He is not part of our company anynore” Gtfo.

Added: The worst thing is that there are still people missing the point. They’re quick to forgive and they’ll forget about it by the next KyoAni’s hit show. I believe that that sort of thinking is what initiated this E8 stunt. They knew that they could get away with it so they did and they are. They are going to walk away like nothing ever happened. In a way, maybe KyoAni should go be the one facing bankruptcy instead of other studios. They’re the only ones at the moment that I think actually deserve it. Maybe then they will learn their lesson that way. This is just not just about E8. It’s this trend that is becoming more and more common lately. Anime that only aims to certain audiences otherwise they don’t make it big, bad adaptations and studios making poorly executed second seasons that give you the impression that they do it on purpose.

Even if they were to finally end Endless Eight I still would not pleased. It’s impossible now. The way that they completely fucked up the show and the damage they dealt to the show it’s irreversible. I will not believe the Endless Eight is over until they air that “new” episode and I see it with my own eyes. Even if they were, it wouldn’t matter that much now I will never ever be able to see it like I did before without remembering all the crap they put us through. I don’t care how good the rest of the season is I will not be able to rate it as high as it would’ve originally deserved. It is over. This season is dead. I will watch it if they put the new episodes but I will not expect anything from it. I just want this cursed second season to be over. One last thing, Piss off Kadokawa. Piss off Kyoto Animation.

Btw, KyoAni. I’m still waiting for that liver transplant. You haven’t called back.


7 thoughts on “Endless Eight confirmed to end : F-[Classified] you Kadokawa!! Incoming RANT. Cover your ears

    • Just telling it like it is. I’m showing the same degree of respect to them that they show to the fanbase which it’s practically nonexistent. No need to go easy on either of them. Too bad for them that Maria ran out of chill pills and 3 years worth of Kado/Kyo trolling ones just when I needed one.

    • I’m sure they haven’t even started working on the sequel of FMP! and whatever other shows they should’ve been working instead of this. I repeat myself. Just about any VN would’ve been better than the abomination that Endless eight is. At least if it’d been a real show and not a shameless copypasta that only brings disappointment and further shows how complaisant a part of the fanbase has become.

      I’m sure that a few weeks or days after this a fair amount of fans will be back majorly sucking up to KyoAni like usual, calling E8 a work of genius or whatever they chose to deceive themselves into. I’m just dying for them to prove me wrong.

  1. Ok… we wanted a second season, and after we put up with Haruhi-chan and Churuyu-san, they further destroyed their reputation by making Endless Eight. What’s the point of making 160 minutes of new animation, and not even ever bothering to change the story or dialogue? I had faith in you, Kyoto Animation, but now I realize that you’re just going to announce new projects, and procrastinate until you finally manage to release some crap that will only please the mindless idiots that make up the modern general populace. TV has long-gone to crap, and anime was the only thing left. Way to ruin that.

    • Note: rant updated.
      Of course there are still people who rather dismiss E8 as something that something we should all laugh about but I don’t feel that way. Even if this was supposed to be taken as joke or harmless prank. It already went past that point a long time ago. These people actually get paid for what they do. Are we reaching the point where it is too hard to expect anime studios to do their job properly? Praise them when they do something good and also praise them when they do bad?

      I probably ranted enough for every dissatisfied anime fan out there who aren’t buying into their crap. It felt good to get that off my chest though. Is this the last time that we’ll hear from Kadokawa and KyoAni? Probably not. They aren’t done with us and I’m not done with them either. However, I probably should pursue this matter in a more laid-back and satirical way like I’m more used instead of this serious tone that I’m using right now. Maybe by it I’ll raise some sort of concern for whoever is passing by. There are still four more weeks left after this “second season” is over after all. Stay tuned.

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