|That chill pill| ~Uu~ Maria credits fanartists


Maria wants to you show something out of her magical purse

~UU!~ This is Maria reporting.  I’ll be ~Uuing at this whole fanartists discussion and pinpointing the different arguments with the help of my trusty magical purse. Btw, since I”ll be revived by the witch this week (’cause I’m awesome) you’ll hear from me again. I know you all missed those ~Uu’s of mine. On I go.


Some fanart I got off the web ~UU! I’mma use it on my blog


Dr. Sanjou is already familiar with Kinzo’s seal. Well, but happens if I’m not, huh?

While I can understand Japanese words and phrases and I can read hiragana to some extent. It is beyond my abilities to read Kanji thus read Japanese pages. Even if I were to find a pic in a Japanese page unless they would clearly state state the name of the artist in romanji I would be unable to tell who drew it.


what’s the source, Maria? Who drew it?

It’s not always easy (at least for me) to tell if it was made by someone else other than the original artist unless it’s pretty obvious. For all I know It could be a page of the manga or a rare scan from a magazine. I don’t always assume that all pics are done by a fanartist. ~Uu.


There’s the source


We aren’t too sure of that though..


Opposition and people who don’t bother to credit the artist

“Even if I know who did it. I wouldn’t always feel like giving them credit every single time. How will it affect them that I don’t tell who the author is? I sure am not gaining anything from it at least not making money out of it. I’m using that picture because I like it and I think it fits whatever I may be talking about, even when it’s totally unrelated btw”


Those who wish to because it’s the right thing to do

I know that there are fans that know a lot of artists and mangakas that can tell who drew it just by looking at it. Well, I can’t unless I’m fairly familiar with the work that they’ve done has done. Personally, I cannot tell who did it because I don’t know the names of any famous artists. In addition, I don’t actually have a habit of collecting pics off the web (only those I need), not to mention that I am not that good remembering Japanese names. Blame my ineptitude to remember places and events but not names for that. Luckily, there are places that have categories for artists so you know who is who and what they’ve done.


others who don’t really care about this topic and rather avoid it


Everyone has access to it. You can’t exactly control it what happens in the web. Nevertheless, there is even a simpler way to help the bloggers… For example, I was browsing Minitokyo the other day and there was a Higurashi pic that I liked. I saved it to my pictures and I realized that the picture had the artist name in addition to the name of the file. That’s great. Now, I know now who drew it. Will this guarantee that I would remember it next time? Maybe or maybe not but after this I might remember the name of the artist next time I encounter it some of her work. Plus, I can now credit him/her in case in case I wish to. Type the name on the file and maybe leave it like that if you’re going to upload it?


There you go. Thanks to Maria now we know who is the author, source, and even intent ~UU. As you can see, Beatrice is pro. She was way ahead of everyone elsebecause she signs her work. See above.

Don’t enrage the Witch. Hanyuu will not be pleased!

On-a-totally-unrelated-note, this brings back memories about that hilarous misunderstanding by Lantis and Sunrise about anime screen caps. Ban on fanarts altogehter? In case anyone asks. Don’t tell Lantis.


2 thoughts on “|That chill pill| ~Uu~ Maria credits fanartists

  1. lol, this makes so much sense. I think I totally missed the point of that episode.

    • Kinzo also has that painting of Beatrice but he never credits the artist. What’s the artist name? We don’t know and we sure don’t know either what other pics Kinzo’s got of Beatrice off Sankaku complex. Why do you think he’s got his room all locked up 24/7, huh? Black magic. Yeah, right.

      > Beatrice has been working as the family advisor for years but she has never been giving credit for her work until that very day. It’s no wonder she’s pissed at Kinzo and the whole family. I’d be too.

      > She even has her own signature that it’s to use knives to mark her own work. BUT, Maria is the only one who credits her for the deaths AND when she does she gets slapped or hit. Where’s justice?

      > To top it all off, Battler will not accept her existence/give her credit even after all of that. Witches don’t exist. Beatrice doesn’t exist! The nerve of some people I swear.

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