Bakemonogatari #5 : Senjougahara fascination!


Nominee for Best confession/romantic moment of the Summer 09


The conclusion is that Mayoi hasn’t encountered an oddity, she is the oddity. The reason why Araragi doesn’t want to go home either either is because of her. A simple solution would be to stay away from her but Araragi doesn’t want to leave her alone like taht again. He understands that the reason why Mayoi pushes everyone away it’s because  she doesn’t want them to get lost because of her.




priceless Senjouhara’s “ehehehehe”

Senjougahara understands that Araragi won’t give up on Mayoi so easily so she tells him that there is a way to save Mayoi but she has something else to say to him before that..


An oh by the way, “I loooooooove you”

Me —> same moment, same side that I tilted my head, and same expression still processing what just happened. I’m still wondering how did he manage to evade that question at that moment? Senjou: “I love you” Araragi: “anyways…”


They “cheat” and get the snail loli by taking unnecessary long routes to get to the same place. I feel like Haruhi fans are like that snail unnable to escape E8. Is there a “cheat” to get Kyon out of the Endless Loop? Can’t Itsuki and his fabulousness do something about it? Is German the language to properly rant about anime?


dammit, Arararagi. That was obvious!


Good guys for once win


I never knew that the word talk would be so powerful. It sounds a lot more powerful in japanese.


massive bleeding


It was awesome that we didn’t have wait the whole season to get to this point. Now that that’s out of the way their relationship can progress in an even more amusing way. (if that’s even possible) The arc ends with Mayoi graduated from being a haunting spirit to being a wandering spirit and   Senjougahara and Araragi possibly becoming a couple in due time. Awesome.

Bakemonogatari still delivers. This great episode alone made me up Bakemonogatari a few positions. What surprises will Bakemonogatari bring us next week? Only god knows but it has already having me give the thumbs up once again. Bravo.


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  1. That confession was every guy’s dream: effortless. I can’t believe Araragi didn’t respond until later, but I have to admit his response was pretty cool: Senjougahara fascination indeed.

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