Wtf anime studios? Stop doing this. Just stop


lol R.I.P Wolverine

Wtf is up with the anime industry animating american cartoons, huh? The news are that Madhouse is going to be animating Wolverine and Ironman into anime shows. Why? What’s the point in doing that? Seriously. Let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time that they’ve done it. They’ve done it before, again then again.

Frankly, I can’t help but feel satisfaction in seeing the comics fans raaaage over the “sacrilege” that the “Japanese “are doing to their idols. It’s not much but it’s little payback for every 4kidz, dubbed-anime, movie-adaptation RAPE that they do to all anime all the time. Pisses you off, doesn’t it?

Wolverine anime Trailer

Just call make him a trap, iamrite? Some theories on what this anime adaptation should be about instead of whatever they’re trying to do here. They should an additional comical element to the anime that they’ll be making.

 1) He starts a band. At the beginning he majorly sucks but as the eps go he miraculously gets better. The last episode he and his band debuts at a local school and the anime ends with him and his crew dancing Mokette sailor fukku . He’ll be one of the fearful candidates for the next SAIMOE.

2)  “Slice” of life. How wolverine spends his day with the X-Men and the other super heroes.  

3) Make him a chef apprentice. With his adamantine blades he’ll make the most delicious dishes that will rock japan.

4) Make him a socially awkward and give him a harem. It might end badly when he accidently pops out the silicon of one of the haremettes. That’s gotta hurt.

Ironman anime trailer

Ironman looks a lot more promising than Wolverine’s anime. Visually stuning and possibly more entertaining then again animating robots and mechas is cake walk for anime.  It’ll be like watching any other mecha show so I expect it to be less mediocre than the other two.


And don’t get the right wrong idea. I’m not a comics fan so my reaction to all of this is isn’t of rage but of a combination of both contempt and ridicule when seeing the stupidity of turning one product into another. Do you really think that the fans want to see that? Sure some people might be ‘’curious” but I highly doubt that hardcore fans of either side reallly want to see that. Bottom line.  STOP MAKING TURNING COMICS INTO ANIME AND ANIME INTO THIRD RATE MOVIES. They are polar opposite. We don’t like adaptations. We don’t need it. Neither of us want it. Let’s keep it that way.

Some insightful and lulz worthy quotes to end this entry:

“Well, i only complain about the hair, mostly because it makes this look like Ninja Scroll.. but i don’t think this is a bad idea, can’t tell by just watching the trailer””

“I love anime, i love DC, but i don’t like wolverine turning into a skinny tiny panzy. Wolverine is a man, not some sissy mullet teenager.”

“Anime is kick ass in my opinion and the same goes for DC, but to put wolverine in this situation. It’s like making wolverine into a woman, sooner or later there going to start making girl version of wolverine from this anime. ”

“God people are so fucking idiot, they just want money.”

“Marvel has been watching way too much Japanese anime. “

 “Bout time Vega got a movie, but I didn’t know he was a demon hunter… “”

“I still say that it’s so nice they gave him his own anime. I mean, he really needed this”

“Logan isn’t a girly man. Screw this shit.”

“I love watching the “fans” freak out over this, considering how terrible the Wolverine: Origin movie was.

“They’ve already let Logan be played by a tall, thin, dancing Australian; how could this be any worse? At least it looks kind of original and fun to watch, unlike the majority of the products that get stamped with the “Wolverine” corporate logo:

”Oh I get it – it’s just a random anime with Marvel logo glued onto it?”

“The Jap’s have done it again! This looks stupid! This isn’t even anime. This is americanime. Terribles.”


5 thoughts on “Wtf anime studios? Stop doing this. Just stop

  1. Wut? Is it that blasphemous that western material is adapted into anime? Heck, the World Masterpiece Theatre has been adapting western literature for decades now; Witchblade turned out to be pretty decent, so why is Marvel suddenly blasphemy.

    And besides, the Gotham Knight had quite a few good parts and Power Puff Z turned into a hilarious mahou shoujo parody, so I really don’t see the problem here. Out of the examples you mentioned, only Stitch! was mediocre.

  2. Yeah Wolverine justs looks disastrous. I mean I like Madhouse and the fact they try to do experimental shit but Wolverine looks like a rejected One Outs character design

    However Ironman and Halo Legends look pretty cool

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  4. @Wolverine adaptation: It looks like they are deviating completely from the story and character design of the original. The character in that trailer looks like a 16-year old, be-mulleted man-child, not Wolverine. I don’t think this will please either the comic fanbase, or the anime fanbase, so this is generally kinda pointless. BTW, I just loved the generic sounds and music in the trailer, and the crappy web-toon style animation it had. Looks somewhat mediocre, so far.

    @Iron Man adaptation: …hard to say right now. At least the Iron Man suit doesn’t have random spikes and layered pauldrons and shit; they actually kept it looking the same. Pepper Potts has green hair, for some reason, but there’s nothing to be said about Tony Stark yet, so this could go either way right now. The animation was pretty nice, so that’s a good thing. This adaptation might actually amount to something.

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