Bakemonogatari #4: Colors of Senjou. Matsurika-gahara is too much win


More Senjou-ness 

Bakemonogatari is an unorthodox show that doesn’t exactly revolves around action but it relies heavily in a dialogues and interaction between the unusual main characters. Watching it is like having a hand up your brain that fiercely stirs everything inside it. It surprises me and assumes me in strange ways. One moment you’re looking at something then you’re getting something else.


After watching new OP for a moment I thought that I dl’ed the wrong video. Are we getting a new OP each week? or is this one time deal?


Senjougahara and Araragi are helping Mayoi to find her way home. Without them knowing they are lost and they walk aimlessly trying to find Mayoi’s house. Note: I find it strange that there are no people walking on the streets. this reminds me of a certain show.


One of the funniest moments was Mayoi calling Araragi an “underage civilian with no authority”. It was enhanced by a light effect that they used on this part to make it look more dramatic.


Does it start with K and ends with A?


I’ve noticed that Senjou was turning her head with a displeased look on her face looking back at Araragi every now and then. He’d probably caught it if he wasn’t paying so much attention to the lost snail. 


 He missed it again!

Only once in this episode, I saw Araragi make a decent comeback when she called him an idiot. I think that he can do better than that but I’m seriously starting to doubt that Araragi can keep up with her. I feel like we’re comparing rabbit to a turtle. I’d nominate myself to replace his role if it were possible.


Come on, man. She’s telling you to blame her. So do it already! Senjou’s brain already registered that Sararagi already made a comeback. Thus this time she was expecting him to make another one. In case, there was no comeback the first time this would create another opening for a possible comeback. Failure to recognize this opportunity would lead Senjou to making that face you’re seeing right now. She does seem unusually depressed in this episode.

Lost still loli wants to find her way home. Araragi’s complex must’ve already began to deteriorate his brain little by little to the point that he cannot understand Matsurika-gahara’s train of thought. Surprisingly, he responds more to Mayoi than to Senjou. What a waste. He shouldn’t have hung out that long around his sisters after all. ~Oni-chan.


This pic screams sanity

Senjou goes to ask Meme for advice instead of Araragi who going to be staying with Mayoi for the meantime. It hasn’t been that long and he is already acting weird again…..


This just screams dangerous Blade priest

He once again beat the crap out of the snail loli. Seeing lolis get beaten every episode are almost reminisce of Elfen Lied. There’s a possibility that Mayoi hides behind that pink backpack are a pair of vectors. I doubt that Araragi will miss his head that much seeing how often he’s lost it. Last time I checked it isn’t acceptable to beat up kids in real life unless they’re cosplaying as naruto. Don’t worry they’ll thank you someday.


Hanekawa (mysteriously) shows up moments later at the park where Araragi is. She witnessed the moment when Araragi punched Mayoi’s lights out who is strangely violent for a kid. I mean she bit a good chunck of flesh of Araragi’s hand. If he didn’t have that strange ability to regenerate himself he might’ve been in trouble.


I noticed something odd about this part… where have I heard this before? Where? Where..? Oh, that’s right.


I didn’t think of it that much but Hanekawa looks a bit like Senjougahara only with glasses and a different hairstyle. They both claim to know “everything”. Plus, we have never seen interact with one another. This theory can be easily disregarded as it’s highly unlikable and the only connection between is that they serve to show their polar opposite personalities. Just an observation that I can link back to in case I’m right.


Ok, Araragi is definetley not normal. Sometimes, he has this apatethic and layback personality then other times he gets unusally emotional and goes on short episodes of lunacy. Is he biopolar? Furthemore, is anyone in this show even sane?


As I said previously, I still think that calling Senjou tsundere is not the right term. However, Bakemonogatari insists that we should call her that. You see, I don’t recall ever seeing any tsundere to be that witty and sharp-tongued. As we all know their abuse is mostly physical rather than verbal. In conclusion, blatantly calling Senjouhara tsundere wouldn’t make her justice as it ignores other key traits that make her more attractive than the average tsundere.

I wouldn’t call her yandere either because her odd demeanor isn’t due to a romantic history. Yangire is not out of the question yet but we’ll have to assume that Senjou wasn’t always this way to start with. So I’m just going to go ahead and call Senjou, Matsurika-gahara just cause I can. People have been wrong before. They called Sylvia tsundere and it turns out that Seika was the tsundere all along. Sorry, I did my homework.


Hell yeah. Stapler-chan is back. If it were considered a martial art than Senjou-stapler-style-school would be king among drawing materials users. Needles to say, if she’d have her own dojo I’d sign up for it in a heartbeat.  To tell the truth I’m more of a fan of compasses and scissors but Senjou has opened my eyes to the multiple uses that staplers can have. I swear I’ll never look at them the same way again.

If she had her own show where she teaches viewers to draw it’ll be called GA: Senjougahara. It’ll be epic. Btw, is the  Geijutsuka second episode ever going to be subbed?


What exactly is this peculiar frame supposed to indicate? I’d seen it more than I wished to in the last episode and it bugs me greatly. More far-fetched theories to end this entry:

A) That’s the black mist of death in Princess Lover that won’t let the viewers get any clean shot from ground and up.

B) This is the “Lag” that Itoshiki-sensei meant in episode 2

C) The big next moeblob.

C) Kadokawa’s heart.

D) A GAINAX ending.

E) It indicates thinking process of the person who is talking.

F) SHAFT is just lazy.


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