Princess Lover #3: -Tsundere chew out- Sylvia is just remarkable


Teppei is going have to have a duel against Sylvia. Yuu brings Teppei the sakabato special sword he uses for practice. The battousai gets ready cross swords with Sylvia who feels impatient. Contrary to what the first episode made us think I think that Teppei might be stronger than Sylvia after all. For some reason, Teppei wins the fight but he lets Sylvia have it. I’m surprised that Sylvia acknowledges Teppei defeat so easily seeing how prideful she is. I was expecting her to put up a fight. Maybe Sylvia thinks that she is stronger than Teppei? I guess that  Sylvia needs Avalon to unclock her your true powers after all.


With Teppei’s words he made Sylvia acknowledge him not a fiancé but as a someone who wants to comes in peace and get to know her better. Now that they made up Charlotte is overjoyed.


And the prediction that I did last week was right. Charlotte once again ends up ridding Teppei. No, I’m not saying that one wrong. This is not some innocent Sora no Manimani type of riding. I doubt that Charlotte is even as innocent as she claims either. This looks more like reverse raep to me. In any case, her lack of common sense always manages to provide laughs every episode so kudos to her.

So this is her plan to steal Teppei from Sylvia! And it might be working after all. Grr. Needless to say, Sylvia is traumatized once again by their indecency. ~Nyoron.



 I demmand to know nao

Sylvia and Charlotte want to get Teppei into the social club where only the elitist cool VIP kids get in. They arrive at the place and a certain someone who doesn’t want to see Teppei around, god knows why comforts them.


 -You’re hiding behind the class president representative title I see-

The president is Seika who is acting excessively like a jerk at Teppei now that she’s found out that he’s an Arima. There must be a dark history between her family and the Arima that we don’t know about yet. You know something like Arima ran them out business, burned their house, slayed their servants, poisoned their cattle, forced her to watch Endless eight every week week. Very sick. I’d hold a grudge too.


 Keep it up and I won’t have to watch Aoi Hana after all

Seika tells Teppei that he doesn’t belong here. She reminds Teppei of his past before he became an Arima when and when he used to like Pokemon and watch Naruto.

Teppei is furious that she disses his dead parents in front him because they were hardworking people (-cough- poor) who didn’t earn a salary as huge as Kadokawa’s. Teppei accepts her challenge to improve himself as a person and proved her wrong. Seriously, I don’t like you anymore Seika. Lay off.


 OBJECTION there is no 19th person on Rokkenjima island. The witch does not exist!


-The reaction-


Both Sylvia and Charlotte decide to help Teppei become a well mannered gentleman (requisite to join the club) the other requisite was to be part of the A-Laws where since he isn’t one Teppei has to learn about etiquette rules such as dancing, walking properly, crossing your legs in a sex manner while drinking tea. What was this show about? Right. Revenge for dead parents. Ok, I’m lying.  It’s about melonpan. Technically, it’s more like a bakery by now.


Wrong answer. And you just might evade the Yuu route


 Nice one Kinzo 


One of these days Teppei is going to get a heart attack

I knew that Charlotte wanted to steal Teppei from Sylvia but she is really trying! Even though she knows that the two are engaged. Not that Sylvia would care that much anyway. I’m getting the impression that she sees Teppei as a friend (at least for now) after she learned a bit more about him. 


 Charlotte is sad


 Is that what martial arts are supposed to be about..?

Yuu, who also wants to be of help to Teppei, explain to him that it’ll be easier to learn all of this if he compares to something he already likes. Martial arts.

And there goes Sylvia’s precious screentime. Thanks Yuu! Grrr. Saber just wants someone to work a sweat up with. <raises hand> I think I’m qualified. I watched Bamboo Blade.


Charlotte and Teppei resume the dancing lessons. A few days have passed and it’s three of them make of come back to the Social Club to show to Seikia all of Teppei’s hard work. To her surprise Teppei has improved tremendously in a matter of days. Then again he had plenty of motivation around him. The things that men can accomplish… 


– ” Baka… ” –

I still find it hard to believe that Seika would for him that easily. I mean what exactly did he do to her? Let’s review: He bumped into her, talked to her a bit, became enemies for a bit, partially beat her challenge. Is that all it took? How the hell did Misaki fell for the siscon Arihara. And there goes my questions of the week for the Princess Lover.

I can understand Charlotte falling for him and all because he saved her and all but Seika liking Teppei is just too sudden. Are there supposed to be some scenes in that game that haven’t been animated that might explain this? Anyhow, we can expect Seika to be all tsundere about her own feeling the next episodes. 

Although she doesn’t want to admit it she congratulates Teppei for his harwork but she tells him that its’ not over yet. Seika tells him that his last test will be two weeks from now on. The challenge? To throw an elegant party for everyone. If anything this episode accomplished is that I don’t like Seika that much anymore. It also made me curious of what’s the reason for her hatred for the Arima family. Possible answers next episode.


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  1. lol @ Teppei’s large pack of gum. Maybe he needs to invest in a cup >_<

    Yeah, Seika falling for Teppei was really random, but I still like her the best. Twin tailed tsundere FTW!

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