[Objection!] Former Haruhi Suzumiya Director Yamamoto apologizes on behalf of KyoAni. We get some answers!


Hold it!

Former KyoAni director Yamamoto Yutaka apologies on behalf of Kyoto animation’s incompetence in the second season of Haruhi Suzumiya. In this video he tells that that KyoAni has already considered to do this with the Endless Eight a year before when he was part of the team.  Although he isn’t part of the team anymore, he feels that he needs to apologizes to the fans because he feels somewhat responsible. Quotes and thoughts follow.

Yamamoto: “To tell the truth I knew this was going to happen a year ago”

KyoAni was already thinking about such retarded thing a year ago. They knew that the fans were going to be pissed yet they still did it anyway. Shows how much they care.

Q: Why didn’t you warn us?

Yamamoto: “I’d think that I would be in trouble if I did”

Yamamoto was sworn to secrecy back then. Now that he isn’t part of Kyoto Animation he’s free to speak his mind.

Yamamoto: “The concept of this idea was already floating around. I was against it. I thought two episodes was the limit.”

Two episode was what everyone thought this Endless Eight fiasco was going to last but it didn’t . The saddest part is that they might make rest of the season only about E8. What’s the point in wasting almost a whole season re-running the same crap over and over again other than to piss off people for no apparent reason?

“But as a person who left Kyoto Animation at his own volition I can’t feel but feel somewhat responsible for the way Haruhi is now.”

As we all know, Mr. Yamamoto was removed from the position of Lucky Star’s director after only four episodes in 2007 after that he quit the company. Later he became the director of Kannagi in 2008  which I think that he did a superb job. Now is he is in everyone’s mouth this year with this controvercial video.

“So I’d like to say as an SOS production committee, I apologize.”

–Yama-kan corrects himself on his blog with his on behalf of the SOS Brigade production committee remark. It may appear misleading and should instead be correctly expressed as, as a former SOS Brigade member– update

Speaking from the heart or just out of despite? Yamamoto apologizes to the fans for the nefarious thing that Kyoto Animation is doing to Haruhi Suzumiya right now, the endless re-runs which take fillers on a whole new level. Thanks to his testimony some questions that Haruhi fans have for a long time have been answered. It’s up to us to consider this as either a sincere apology or a merely a well disguised revege on Kyoani because he still holds a grudge against his former boss. Personally, I think that this is a combination of both.  Feel free to draw your own conclusions.

<Important Yamoto’s testimony recorded>

4 thoughts on “[Objection!] Former Haruhi Suzumiya Director Yamamoto apologizes on behalf of KyoAni. We get some answers!

  1. Well, he’s got as much right to criticise as anyone else, but some of the stuff he put in Kannagi smacked of sour grapes.

    • Amusing as it was to see some Lucky Star references in the show. It was obvious that he still hadn’t gotten over it. Not to mention he even made an appearance in Kannagi saying something about Nagi giving him the chance to be a great director. I think that did it for me. ZSZS even makes fun of him (pretty sure it was him) in the second episode for making those things. Coincidence?

      We still haven’t heard KyoAni deny his testimony so as far as we know he’s speaking the truth.

  2. HOLD IT! It still won’t work. You need more evidence and apologies. TAKE THAT KyoAni! I’m hoping the references were from the right place.

  3. KyoAni figured that since most everyone bought into their scheme for scrambling episodes, this time around they’d try a whole new “brilliant” thing to do. This time it failed.

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