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The OAD starts off with Hosaka wondering what he should cook next for Haruka. Hayami who knows what Hosaka is thinking convinces him that his food lacks something important. Love! This challenge  motivates Hosaka to search for that special dish to show how deep and true his feeling for Haruka are.

At the supermarket Chiaki who volunteered to buy some groceries for dinner meets Hosaka. You know that every time that they meet something awesome happens for example the last time they met the curry song was created. Anyhow, although she doesn’t want to buy carrots because she doesn’t like vegetables, her decision drastically changes when she hears Hosaka say that carrots are the symbol love.


You better believe that Hosaka is freaking serious when it comes to Haruka


I still find it hilarious that both of those times that they met, Hosaka hasn’t noticed Chiaki‘s presence and much less that Chiaki is Haruka’s little sister. Chances are the he will never know either.

Back at home, Kana and Haruka are surprised that Chiaki is eating her vegetables without being forced. The first sketch ends with Hosaka teaching Hayami a lesson by forcing her to have a taste of the ultimate dish he prepared. I still haven’t figured out why Hayami freaked out so much when Hosaka was making her sample the dish he made. Hosaka’s cooking can’t be that bad right? Meanwhile, Haruka is going overboard about implementing more vegetables in the meals from now on now that Chiaki is eating them. Poor Chiaki :(


Nice sweater btw Mako-chan. It brings out your eyes. Wait, that’s not right.

Mako-chan, as usual, is hanging out at Minami’s only that this time things won’t go his way. Kana makes Makoto paranoid by telling him that Yoshino knows about his secret. Sorry to break it down to you if you haven’t watched Minami-ke before but Mako-chan is a boy. Kana tells him that she believes that although Yoshino knows about his secret, she won’t tell on him because she finds it extremely amusing. Mako-chan voluntaries to clean the bathtub instead of Kana (well played Kana btw) so he won’t have to deal with the sadistic Yoshino at least for today.
It gets better because Yoshino follows Mako-chan into the bathroom and insists on helping clean the tub. This part was very well imo because I could feel Mako-chan’s paranoia already spreading to me by then. For a split second I thought that maybe Yoshino was evil for real. I kinda was expecting Yoshino get those piercing Yangire eyes and start to act like she’s possessed.

Yoshino : “Hey.. Mako-chan”
Mako-chan : Yes.. Yoshino what is it..?
Yoshino: “Mako-chan has been bad””
Mako-chan : Heh, Yoshino-chan?
Yoshino: “I know all about it Mako-chan… ”
Mako-chan: “What are you talking about…”
Yoshion: “Don’t lie to me, Mako-chan. I can tell what you’re thinking.. always. ”
<Yoshino laughs uncontrollably.

Then I remembered that this isn’t 07Th Expansion. Anyway, both Mako-chan and Yoshion fall down. Haruka comes in after hearing the loud thud to check things out. Tired Mako-chan goes back to the living room where Kana and Yoshino are waiting.

A few minutes have passed and Mako-chan can’t take it anymore. He finally asks Yoshino if “she knows” about it. Yoshino answers in a cool manner that she knows. Due to their precious conversation we are not sure what exactly she is referring to. In the end, we aren’t sure whether Yoshino really knows are she really doesn’t which made this last part even more enjoyable. My take is that she does know (maybe after this) but she rather play dumb. I’m seeing Yohino in a new light thanks to this OAD. Clap clap.


I wasn’t too happy that they recycled the same Valentine day segment from past seasons again. Nevertheless, it’s always entertaining to see Kana and her Bakayarou squad get together and strain a nerve.  Chiaki as usual is a bystander, I’m starting to think that the only reason she’s there is because she doesn’t want to move away from the kotatsu and so that she can come up with more ways to ridicule them later. That kotatsu must be quite comfy. I want one.

Kana deems both Chiaki and Touma’s opinions void about Valentine’s day because they either don’t understand it or uh, they don’t get it. Not that Kana does anyway. The irony of it, it’s that Maki herself doesn’t have any Valentine’s day experiences (at least positive) to tell her pupils lol. It is later revealed that Kana’s keikaku (TL note: Keikaku means plan) was to pump everyone up for Valentine’s Day so that she has plenty of sweets to eat when they make them. Her plan backfires and Kana realizes the demoralizing the members were a clear mistake on her part, just like picking up Akihan or getting a Crunchyroll suscription.

Haruka brings chocolate from different stores and gives them to bakayarou squad to sample them. Sadly, there can’t be a single episode where Fujioka doesn’t show up. Seriously, dude you either get Kana once and for all or give up. It’s been three seasons. I think that Harima will bag Tenma before you get Kana, bro. 


 Discrimantion isn’t a good thing. Wait till Welkin hears about this


I hope those aren’t Hershey

We skipped to the last part of the OAD where I unconsciously broke the pencil that I was holding in half after the first couple of minutes. It was rather disturbing than comical to me what was happening.  The Japanese can be very weird sometimes or maybe it’s something not everyone is cool with. If this last part of this post didn’t make sense to you then you haven’t watch the OAD.

Maki and just about EVERYONE except Kana knows that Fujioka likes Kana. Maki comes up with a simple plan so that Fujioka gets some chocolate from Kana. The plan is to make Fujioka earn his chocolate by trying to help Kana the next days at school with simple chores.

Each time he makes a fool of himself in front of kana who has no idea what is going on with him then again does she ever. After seeing him so depressed, Kana comes to the conclusion that Fujioka is sad because he hasn’t eaten or gotten any chocolate lately so she gives him some. Fujioka is ecstatic just like me when I thought the second season of Haruhi wasn’t a troll after all. Moments later after she did that Keiko tells her that she gave Fujioka chocolate on Valentine’s day! This creates a misunderstanding that makes Fujoka happy. It’ll be best for him to remember that he may have won the fight but he hasn’t won the war.

The OAD ends with Hosaka who figures that Haruka will give him something on this special day. It’s almost noon and he’s still waiting for her with a rose on one hand and a big smile.

I enjoyed the OAD very much. The OP took me back a few months ago when the third season aired and it brought some great memories. As you can see, there aren’t many things that I could complain about apart from no Hitomi, Natsuki or Atsuko but that’s fine because some of them did get some screentime although it was really limited. Lastly, there was plenty Hosaka in it this time which it’s always a big plus. In my opinion this was one of the best works that I’ve seen since the first season. Asread used the time wisely and didn’t waste a single minute when making this. Thumbs up. I don’t know when the next season will be due but I liked this one very much. I‘m giving the Minami-ke OAD an eight plus out of ten.


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  1. The OAD did not do much for me, though it was fun to see Hosaka’s pwnage of Hayami for once, and some of the laughs inside were fine. It was just average though.

    • I noticed that this is first that I’ve seen Hayami get a taste of her own medicine. She should’ve brought her some of that special juice with her that day. The OAD could’ve used more Chiaki and less Fujioka in my opinion. Still I’m going to miss this show.

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