Bakemonogatari #3 : Nice disguise Matsurika!


“You maggots”

After watching the second episode I got the impression that Bakemonogatari was turning into some kind of Gai-rei Zero/Sayonara Zetsubou sensei/Maria Holic show. I do have to say that the Matsurika demeanor made this episode more interesting than it probably should have otherwise. I, however, wonder how long can Bakemonagatari last this way? Because, to be frank almost nothing actually happened in this episode so I have the chance of making this random theory that Senjou is Matsurika in disguise.


 Go on..

For odd reasons, I get the feeling that I would totally get along with Senjougahara. Can I just call you Senjou? Thanks. Most of time it would be when I feel matching wits for no apparent reasons with other people. You say something witty I say something witty, you fire back. Repeat the cycle. It all works out. Plus, it helps my the blogging brain storming process. Thank you people btw.

Too bad that Senjou isn’t an actual person because I would totally hire her for the position of co-writer of this fabulous blog. You got certaintly what it takes to some serious blogging around here, Senjou . You see, I can’t go keikakudoori moudo 24/7. Mine has a cooldown of 12 hours and someone needs to pick up the slack while I’m watching anime. Yeah, blunt as usual, you should be used to it by now.  


True. While it was amusing in its own way, the Maria Holic-like dialogues were slowly draining me down little by little (if the SHAFT animation didn’t put enough strain on my mind) then again maybe I shouldn’t watch Bakemonogatari so late at night. There’s a lesson learned.   

Moving on, I don’t think Araragi is normal. His behavior and actions are most definitely not normal. I understand that the incidents that happened to him before she met Senjougahara made an impact on him but I figure that he would be glad to be back to his normal boring life but it seems like that isn’t the case. Why did he attack poor Meru? Because she is actually one of the Selecao? Oh shi-. I bet you didn’t know that, huh? In addition, him laughing after catapulting her onto the ground makes me doubt his mental state. I’m probably overthinking this one. I did, however, find it funny that everyone hates Araragi or at least claim to hate his type. What type exactly is he? Zetsubou shita-Itoshiki sensei type?


 wait, look who is Senjou’s voice actor!

I find Senjougahara to be.. interesting. Can’t think of a better word to describe it. This whole episode she spent it flirting with Araragi. Actually, It was more like she was sadistically teasing him for her personal amusement only to let him know later than she wants them to be friends. That’s not completely true. Let’s try that again. In reality, I believe that she wants to be Araragi’s girlfriend. I consider this way of behaving to be the Matsurika approach. Yes, I’m dubbing that approach the Masturika approach. Unless there’s a better term for it because this is not a tsundere approach.

After watching this episode I still have no idea what is going on! The girl claims that she’s a snail.. never mind she isn’t one. I’m confused now. Bottom line, I want something to happen next episode please. More Matsukira is always fine though.

Oh yeah, I should be done writing that Minami-ke OAD review later today or tomorrow. Tomorrow morning it is. Bye-bee.


6 thoughts on “Bakemonogatari #3 : Nice disguise Matsurika!

  1. Few details – Araragi’s eyes turn red, and the little girl has naturally red eyes. Big hint at a connection between the two with relation to the supernatural world around them? Also, Senjougahara knew before anyone else that the girl was a snail, or at least snail-like.

    • You’re right. I dismissed the split second when his eyes turned as Shaft’s work. We’re seeing so much surrealism in Bakemonogatari that I can’t always tell what’s what sometimes.

      Right. That huge backpack she carried and her twintails (antennas) would be consider a representation of a snail. She most definitely isn’t a normal girl so maybe she’s a spirit, god or higher being like Crab we saw in episode 2. Good catch.

  2. just a quick note: the sub you’re posting from is pretty inaccurate. (the 1st opening line itself was way off meaning!) you might wanna pick up a different one for a much better translation, especially for a dialogue heavy show like this. just my 2cents worth.

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