Impressions: Passing down divine Judgment on Needless


I was going to avoid this show but since I didn’t have anything else to watch that day (waiting for subs) I thought “what the hell, let’s give it a try. I may be wrong sometimes, right?” I even gave it another chance to redeem itself on the next episode but it was the same thing. Here are the charges :  Injecting me with a serious dose of both boredom and predictability. Mr. Needless, how you do you plead?


I do not remember a cool male character that has green hair. Do you? No, I didn’t think so.

(Please do tell if you know of one)

I’m Cruz. I’m so useless and I make emo facial distortions every time I screw up so you’ll pity me. Someway somehow I will get uber super powers in the last episodes and defeat the bad guy with one punch. I will get to meet with my nee-san because she didn’t die in the first episode. They just never bothered to show where she was so I have an excuse to blame everyone. If I wouldn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know I’m the main character.


Actual text

The HUGE letters indicate that this is a COOL show. They are in english ’cause English is the coolest language eva and everyone should know what this means, even better than Japanese and latin. This must be true. The letters are also used to emphasis how powerful and cool this character is, no matter how uncool he really is in reality.


I’m the scientist guy. Can’t you tell by looking at me?

I’m the old man who explains what shitz is happing here peeps! I know everything there is to know and I like to work behind the scenes where people aren’t getting killed, getting their clothes ripped apart or groped! Because I’m a guy with higher I.Q than any of these morons, it’s a given that I have no supernatural powers.  I will never die unless the bad guys are smart enough to launch a direct attack to our base and my shiny forehead.


Kids, steroids are bad

My name is Blade and I may be part saiyan but that’s not proven yet so why don’t you give me the benefit of the doubt?  I represent an older brother figure to Cruz who believes in the me who belives him! Ha, see wut I did there. I know that Cruz wishes not to be wimp so he looks up to me. I am cool, aren’t I? Btw, I’m on steroids and I enjoy spoutting pseudo GAR lines so GAR fans are tricked into thinking that show is awesome. Ultimately, I will beat all the Needless guys with some of Eve’s help but I’ll be taking all the credit. We will protect Cruz so he gets to live and make it to the last episode safely. I may be or may not die in the last episode saving that useless green-headed brat. You’ll remember me by cool sunglasses and because unlike other people I’m not afraid of going shirtless in public.


Oh, I’m not falling for that line again

I’m supposed to provide fan sabisu for the people who don’t care about quality as long it’s 2-D. My clothes are ripped apart each episode so the guys with special preferences get a rise out of it. I, do however, provide some ass kicking in some episodes when the priest dude isn’t present. I may or not fall for the useless little brat so he doesn’t look as much of a loser as he really is. I am a “doppelganger” even though I’m more like a homunculus!


You betcha. I also think this anime is hella WEAK btw

I’m the bad guy and final boss. I only get 30secs each episode, my monologue is limited to sending other Needless to kill Blade and Cruz. They, however, will ultimately be defeated one by one until I’m forced to go into action. Ha, you’ll never know much about me until the last episode and it’ll be too late for anyone to care by then. You can tell that I’m pure evil because I like to taste blood of total strangers and say rehearsed lines while doing it. Only bad guys and vampires drink blood so I must either one or the other.  But I’m cool and I have gray hair so I can even be both of them! Take that anime.


this was as funny as it got


Needless is the kind of show that I feel like I’ve watched it a hundreds time in the past and every time it’s done worse than the last one. The first time might’ve been fun, the second it was fine, and the third and the next ones just did not cut it.  Well, there goes the first show that I’m dropping this Summer. Bye-bye.

– Prosecuted-


3 thoughts on “Impressions: Passing down divine Judgment on Needless

  1. I do not remember a cool male character that has green hair. Do you? No, I didn’t think so.
    === there’s a male character that I like that has green hair, but he’s not exactly the cool type x_x ah, there’s one . . but he’s not in an anime and not exactly human either. I can’t recall the title of that manga x_x

    but females with green hair are cool =3 at least many of them. ohohoho~

    anywayz, this post is amusing. there’s so many to ridicule with this show xD but I find it funny for being so stupid on purpose. haha!

    • Cruz was already off a bad start by having green hair before the show even started lol

      Totally, female characters with green hair are indeed cool. Guys, on the other hand, don’t do so well with green hair (kinda looks weird), not that I remember any right now. In any case, they look better with gray, red or dark hair imo.

      In my opinion, I think that Needles might’ve stood a better chance if it would’ve aired in the Spring where a over-the-top show was needed.

      • I had hoped Cruz would be like Simon of gurren-lagann, but he turned out to be a total loser =_=

        Haha, yeah, most of the cool guys have such hair colors xD

        I think needless wouldn’t stand a chance if it aired in spring either. It’s somewhat of the same type as basquash (shounen-ish), and I don’t think fans would prefer it more than basquash o_O

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