Impressions: Princess Lover is doing it right


I didn’t have much expectations for Princess Lovers but I was still waiting for this to be subbed very soon but I was not expecting was that PL was going to be this good. I was expecting this anime to have terrible pacing, boring characters,  horrible music and so many non-stop pantsu shots and ecchi moments that I would be  forced to stop watching.  However, this was not the case. What I saw was an anime with potential to be a great show instead.

 Hurray, I’m glad to see another potential show to put on my watch list and maybe blog about. Now, let’s go over all the +Pros that Princess Lover has.


++ Not a wimpy main character.

+ A guy who can defend himself.

+ Parents are gone in the first episode.

+ Wow, not a single noticeable pantsu shot. Sir, I am impressed.


+ Kickass buttler

+ Bad guys died (assumed)


Alert! This is the part where unfairly beaten to death by a raving girl

++ A Cool, not-bitchy female character type. She’s not a total bitch like the usual anime girls who make a deal out of everything. I mean the guy did save her.


+ Revenge theme

+ + +Wakamoto

+ Lelouch cameo? (above pic)


+ Quality meido. She’s real maid and PROUD.


+ Keeping the number of lolis to a minimum


++ Koyasu!


++++ Saber clone. WIN!

Let’s review all the pros:
Nice pacing, good action, attractive character designs, good music, great cast, funny and not too ecchi. It’s great so far

I have almost nothing negative to say about Prince Lover aside from its silly name. Yes, it was almost flawless. Only basing it on the first ep I can say that if the rest if anything like the first ep I will keep watching Princess Lover. Keep it up.



3 thoughts on “Impressions: Princess Lover is doing it right

  1. No pantsu shots, because they were all mysteriously censored out. Overall, I liked the story, the design and the characters like you mentioned. I cant wait til the Tohsaka cosplayer joins the cast. I thought the animation was sort of shabby though, and I didnt like that half the girls had balloons for breasts. More normal proportions would’ve been nice. But yeah, this could be one of the better ecchi harems. And Koyasu + Wakamoto = WIN.

  2. Hopefully, it won’t reach Queen’s Blade’s levels of absurdity.
    Look on the bright side, they might come in handy in case the main character is ever in a car crash. Like they say, “it is better to be prepared than to be sorry” or is it the other way around in anime? I’m not so sure.

    So Wakamoto’s daughter is Saber. Hmm, an emperor and a King, I’m seeing a connection that catches my interest.

    Better hold on tight because it’s going to be bouncy ride.

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