Saki #14 : what it feels like to be a supporting character


Some people call it cheating.  Others call it mad skillz. I call it Keikaku doori

This episode features another peculiar and somewhat interesting Mahjong player, someone who is so easy to miss that you can actually forget that she is in even there. In fact, she makes good use of this ability to turn the tables around in her favor. Go! I-don’t-know-what-your-name-is-chick. Go.


What’s with that look?

Meanwhile, Nodoka seems to be in her own world too, probably fantasying about the things that she did to Saki while she was sleeping. Ok, I’m lying but I do have a feeling that this theory isn’t so far off. I’m getting a kick out of Touka’s wild imagination. Touka is too in her own world fantasying about fighting Nodichi like they’re in some crazy Magic Shoujo show. However, not everything is going to go as Touka is expecting. A mysterious figure appears before them and pwns both of them.


Now you see me….  now you don’t

Meet this girl who spends most of the life without being noticed by anyone. She reminds me of that SZS guy who no one ever notices or cares for. It’s true! He is so easy to forget that I don’t have the faintest idea of what his name is even after I just linked it. To be fair, I could say same the same thing about the supporting character in the second season of Gundam 00 but let’s not go there. Other examples would be those anime that we have every season that we have to drop  and the other shows that no one watches like Slap up party, Phantom (I don’t know why) Guin saga, that t-shirt you only wore once, and to some people even this very show. Come back Sunrise I miss you. We all miss you. No, seriously come back. I promise I’ll cut down the sarcasm in half for the first month.


Mandatory Saki quality pic. Guess which one of the two is

I found her story unbelievable enough to make it funny. No matter how unpopular you are, I doubt that it could get to the point where you cannot see a person of flesh and blood in front of you. That’ll be too crazy. A very possibly explanation for why we never noticed this girl on the show before might thanks to the camera guy who seems to only enjoy taking shots of Mahjong table, that penguin, and Nodoka’s breasts.

Her ninja ways are giving her an advance over the obviously superior Nodoka and Touka. She’s SO easy to miss like the Anime 09 Spring session was for me, that the others don’t notice her presence or even hear her until it’s already too late. Genius! What is most ironic about it is that she’s and I quote her “sitting next to someone whose stands out like mad and another one with parts whose existence is quite obvious” making her a ghost to anyone around her.


Touka is pissed, the fat chick is still failing and Nodoka still has an unexplainable perverted smile on. The outcome of this round will continue next episode. Hopefully, there’ll be more Koromo and the Geass Girl by then.


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