Sora Kake Girl – It’s tough to be King without a crown. A Sunrise appreciation post.


I finished The Girl who leapt through space  the other day and I figured that since Sora Kake didn’t receive much love from the fans (if any) I’d write my thoughts on Sora Kake.

You know how sometimes you watch some shows for deep story, while other you watch it because of the interesting characters or just because it looks like a high quality product. To be frank, Sora Kake is neither of them. Yet, it is quality. Quality indeed, but on a very different department.

One crucial thing that you must understand is that in Sora Kake things just happen. You don’t wonder about it and much less question it. It just is. The Girl who leapt through space is a show filled with idiocy and ridiculous situations leading to more ridiculous events ultimately leading to some conclusion. However, Sora Kake is a special case you see, because in here being that random it isn’t a bad thing after all.  You can say that it is one of those times that you may call a show stupid yet enjoyable.


In Sora Kake, we are presented with several anime references such as Code Geass, Gundam, Gainax, and to name a few. In fact, “Inazuma kick” and some TTGL are featured in the last episode if you’re interested. Even Hatsune Miku appears in the background who knows why in the last episode.  In addition, Sora Kake is filled with common anime clichés which are all over the place for example: girl with superpowers, the chosen one, friends who later becomes foes, evil villain who wants to act as god, mentally disturbed teenagers, and even coming from the dead to list a few. But you know what? That’s not such a bad thing. Just think back on those “oh no Sunrise” moments and slap them together in a typical mecha show set in space featuring girls with tight suits, people with funky hair styles and deliberate use of English language which would make any non-Japanese feel uncomfortable. Mixed them all up add Jun Fukuyama and you get Sora Kake.


It should be clear that the major attraction is a megalomaniac AI named Leopard after Lelouch. His innumerable rabid rants, rambling, delusions of grandeur and his epic Lelouch-like lines always made my day. So don’t be misled by the title. The show is really about Leopard. He makes the show entirely, without him there is no Sora Kake. LEOPAAAARDO

For obvious reasons Sora Kake is categorically a hit or miss. Simple as it sounds, you either like it or you don’t. The chances of you liking it will be slimmer if you aren’t a fan of randomness and close to zilch if you are unfamiliar with Code Geass which is a must before Sora Kake. I strongly recommend you stay far away from Sora Kake if you are unfamiliar with those titles because regrettably you won’t’ be able to enjoy it in the least.

If for some inexplicable reason you’re looking for something deep, amazing character development, and complex story in Sora Kake you aren’t watching this show correctly. In fact you are looking in the wrong place and even the wrong planet and even galaxy.


Things that we weren’t so great :

  • Random as Sora Kake can be, there were also some pseudo serious episodes attempts to explain/give Sora Kake some meaning. I felt that it was not needed.
  • There was a lack of Leopard and his awesomeness in a couple of episodes, thing that I didn’t like one bit since he is the only reason I watch Sora Kake.
  • Too much Imou-chan and Akiha moments: “Ojou-sama. Imou-chan. Ojou-sama! Imou-chan! ” etc etc. Please get a room seriously.
  • Too much engrish.
  • Loose ends

Final Verdict:


Story: 6 – Not something we should care much about
Art: 7.3 – Not thanks to the charcter design but to the battle sequens.
Sound: 7 – thanks to Ali Project
Character: 7 – Four out of the seven points belong to Leopardo, two to Itsuki and one to the robot dude.
Enjoyment: 7.5 
Overall: 7.8

I see Sora kake as Sunrise’s way of making fun of themselves and of anime in general so I welcomed it with open arms. To be frank, I rather laugh with them than at them. Thus, I believe that we should all deem Sora wo Kake Shoujo as Sunrise going all out.  I see it as a way of challenging by creating a show about absurdity and pure LULZ to see if we enjoy it. Basically, you make fun of us. We make fun of you. After all, you’re watching Sora Kake for laughs, the randomness, fanservice and to see how far they can push it while still keeping the show as amusing as they can. I, for one, enjoyed the ride.



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