Umineko : I counted over 50 ~uu’s then I lost count


I don’t blame Maria’s mother

~UUU this episode was good and~UUU.  I liked it ~UU..~UU too bad that there were too many ~UU. Yeah, ~UU and ~UU.  Maria, see how annoying that is? to put ~uu before and in between  sentences.



She’s been taking care of Maria for 9 years? Jesus christ, it’s been only 20 minutes and I feel that cannot stand her maddening ~uu another minute. You really don’t need to be infected with the Hinamizawa syndrome to snap like that after so many ~uu’s

What it boils down to is that ~UU’s isn’t like a Nypaa!, ~Mii or a ~Hau. It’s proving to be inferior on every level to them.  Maria’s constant ~UU’s was annoying enough in the sound novel but hearing it every single time is something that I’m going have to live with like it or not. Not that I hate her or anything but she and her ~UUness are really pushing it. Oh, don’t be surprised if you start to see anti-Maria post around here. You have been warned.


To be fair, she warned you, didn’t she?

Did I forget to mention that I watched Umineko right AFTER I unwillingly watched Endless Eight for the THIRD time. I know! It was so awesome that I had to watch it three times. Sugoi! Needless to say, this negative reaction towards Maria and the thrilling E8 episode are completely unconnected btw. I just felt like saying it ~UU.


9 thoughts on “Umineko : I counted over 50 ~uu’s then I lost count

  1. Maria sounds like a seagull, is that intentional? You think Ayu started out ~uu-ing~ before her mom smacked a g into her too? ~uguu~

    • That remains to be seen! However, I think that a connection between Maria and seagulls would explain a few things for me. You see, I’ve never liked seagulls. They annoy me when I go to the beach. Try to steal my food and things. Not to mention what they could do to your car. Not very friendly birds when you think about it. I prefer seals instead. Seals are a lot cooler than seagulls imo. Azarashi no Naku Koro ni has a nice ring to it after all, doesn’t it?

      I think that you just gave me an idea about ~Uu-ing

  2. *joins the Maria hate*

    I had tried to mute the video when she goes UU~ but apparently, just watching her do that was also annoying X_X;;;

    • I tried to do too but her ~UU kept resonating in my ears even when the volume was down :[

      I think that we may have a winner for who should get the axe first.

  3. The UU sound serve it purpose. It should be cute at the first time you hear it, and very annoying at the tenth time. That what make the sound acting of Maria perfects right now.

    • I hear that Maria becomes(later on) a better character. How long she will live or not, that I don’t know since I only played through the first chapter because I didn’t want the game to spoil the anime for me.

      Still, I can’t image how irritating it’s going to be to hear her say ~uu for the 15,500th time though. In any case, I wish they would tone it down a bit.

  4. well yeah. I played through the games and you know what… In my opinion she DID get better, but the more you learn about her the more you find her sorta bratty.


    i didn’t mind it when rosa went all out and destroyed maria’s stuffed animal friends >_>
    and the fact that she becomes a witch (which gives her the MARY SUE personality) makes everything much more worse >_>


    all in all, Maria’s clung onto my nerves and won’t let go

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