Higurashi REI OVA 3 : Matricide nano desu. Nippah!!


Surprise matricide attack! ~Mii

Rika has been sent to this new word after she went over her head and got herself killed again, this time she was ran over by truck. In this world, since tragedy has taken place no one has gone crazy or died. In fact, both of Rika’s parents are still alive and so is Satoshi. After contacting Hanyuu, Rika learns that the only way that she can back to her world is to find the missing piece and destroy it or get rid of it somehow. This fragment doesn’t allow Hanyuu to enter the world that Rika is so she must find a way to get rid of their problem before Hanyuu can come to help her and fix things up. Lastly, she learns that since Hanyuu isn’t with her there is a high chance that if she dies this might be her last time.

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However, it’s not entirely clear how they’re supposed to deal with it. Nevertheless, Rika is willing to do anything to go back to the fun world she and her friends created even if that means killing her own parents or friends. Wait, didn’t someone already tried this? You know what you need, Rika? You need Nagato Yuki to get you out of this mess.


Rika: Mii, guess who it is

Rika’s mom: Rika?

Rika: No. Matricide time nano desu. Nippah! Nippah!

It appears that the Rika in the world isn’t the nicest Nippah! loli we all know. According to the description that Mion gave us, Rika does sound like a pretty snobbish brat in this world and she kinda sucks. Poor Rika, gotta suck being blamed for stuff she hasn’t even done. That’s why everyone is being mean to her D:

rei5 rei6

Rika sitting there all alone and with no one to talk, staring at Satoko and her new cool friends while looking sad. Satoko doesn’t like the attention that she’s getting from Rika and she snaps at Rika for staring at her saying that she’s making lose her appetite! Wtf Satoko? This causes Rika to go ~Nyoron mode. The good stuff comes the next later when Satoko picks on Rika the next day and goes too far pissing off Rika. Badly.


putting the smackdown on Satoko

On one corner we got Triple Nippah and the other one we got Shawn Satoko. Although, Rika finds herself is in a handicapped match against a four-man tag team but she isn’t going down easily ladies and gentlemen. No she isn’t! She grabs a chair that has been conveniently been left around the ring and she gives Satoko the beating of her life. I feel I should make a gif of this.


Thank you! It was about time someone said this to Satoko


Rena and Mion : Dang man cool stuff. I’ve seen those moves on TV.

Satoshi : Hey guys, have you seen the tebby bear?

Rena : Nope. (hides it)

Satoshi : What’s happening here? Did a miss anything?

Rena and Mion: yeah a whole season

Satoshi : well I was in a comma..

Mion : jeez, it’s only excuses with you, man. Meh, not much. Satoko is getting beaten up again.


Satoshi : Neat. I secretly hated her too. $20 that cries for her Nii. So about my teddy bear..

Rena : I don’t know. Ask Near.

After the referee breaks them apart they are taken to the nurse office. Rika apologizes to Satoko for beating the hell out of her and so does Satoko for being a jerk. Well, there you have it folks, chair beating solves the day. The whole scene ends up with Rika telling the new doctor the whole truth about her and the other world. The doctor probably thinks that Rika just as a girl who is simply feeling lonely because her friends are gone so she isn’t as awesome as those MTV kids. After that the guy calls Rika’s mother and tell her that her daughter is a nutjob. Well, that’s what you would expect of any normal grown up person to do. As you can see, this guy is not a soul brother.

rei11 rei12

The real juicy part comes when Rika comes back to the classroom and she’s confronted by Rena, Mion and Satoshi who are surprisingly not out for revenge for what she did to Satoko. This happened because Rena overheard the conversation that Rika and the new doc had. Instead of thinking that Rika is insane they took the Rika’s story figuratively. Again a rational choice, of course. The group actually want to find a way for everyone to get along which leads them to the creation of the after school club. Oh man, even when she is being friendly towards Rika you can sense that Rena is dead serious. You better believe that Rena is all business when it comes to her friends. Intriguingly enough, I’ve always found Rena to more captivating when she is angry or cover in blood. Is that too weird?

rei15 rei14

The last scene we see is Rika with her family having dinner like any normal family. The OAV ends with Rika learning that her mother is the current reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama and not her. Or maybe both of them are this time? The chilling moment comes when Rika sense the present of the fragment coming from her mother! She’s the fragment that Rika needs to get rid of!

rei16- rei16

  • Hmm, yangire Rika? +Respect to Rika for beating the hell out of Satoko.
  • I’m glad that they gave Rena more screen time this time. No omochikaeri yet though.
  • I seriously doubt that the doctor is one of the bad guys (though this OVA has no bad guys so far). It would make more sense to inform his superiors about Rika so they can deal with her quietly than to alarm her parents that Rika might be the reincarnation of Oyashiro-sama unless he’s gaining something else by telling them. Well, that’s what I conclude.
  • Looking forward to more development and chair fights.
  • Hoping that they will turn the OVA into a last man standing match very soon.
  • I like how everyone is assuming that Rika has to kill her mother in order to go back to her time while ignoring the possibity that maybe the that power that Rika is feeling is coming from an item such as a jewel or a feeling and not necessarily a single person. Although, this is Higurashi indeed I’m still skeptical to think that they would show Rika killing her own mom. We’ll find out next episode!

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  1. I do think that Rika’s mom destined to meet the Higurashi chopping block, but I would be surprised if Rika’s the one to pull the trigger. I’m thinking there’s going to be some sacrifice on Rika’s mom’s part, or maybe she dies by some circumstance. But then again, this is Higurashi so who knows.

    • Well, they’ve killed her before… a lot… like in every single non-flashback arc. This time they’ll just show the details! :D And, seriously, this is Higurashi. After that chair fight… It’s season one all over again!

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