Fine, fanboys I’ll play along. ISML picks

I don’t pay much attention to events such as Saimoe but since I got a message from a MAL user and I did get a similar message the last year too. I figure that it couldn’t hurt to play along.  So ever interested what I’d consider moe? Favs? Who would I choose if I had to choose? Maybe you’ll find something you wouldn’t expect from me or maybe not. Well here it is.


ARENA 01: Illyasviel von Einzbern [Abstained] Patchouli Knowledge

First pick abstain. I cannot say that I ever considered Illyasviel to be moe. I have no idea who is the other girl on the right either so was pick is abstain.

ARENA 02: Vita [Abstained] Louise Vallière

Ok this one is different. I know who both of these are but I can’t consider any of them to be moe enough. Vita was an ok character but definitely not a favorite. Meanwhile, we have Louise, the overly aggressive baka inu calling tsundere. While, I don’t consider Louise to be bad character, she sometimes can be so irritating.

ARENA 03: [Mizunashi Akari] Hakurei Reimu

Finally, I can vote. Akari is great I’m starting to think that it’s impossible to dislike her. I don’t know who the girl on the right is. Nevertheless, I got a feeling that even if I hadn’t watched Aria I would pick Akari anyway.

ARENA 04: Hiiragi Tsukasa [Abstained] Sanzen’in Nagi

Tsukasa? Err, no thanks. Moving on, the blonde girl on the right. I know where she’s from and a rough idea about her. However, I do not have sufficient info to make an informed decision. Abstained once again.

ARENA 05: Kawazoe Tamaki [Minase Nayuki]

Crap, they’re rising the difficulty level on this thing, aren’t they?
Normally, I would dismiss the girl on the left as a ‘weak’ character right away but after watching Bamboo Blade you would know that she isn’t weak at all. I would vote for her but look who is on the right. Yes, that’s right. Sleepy head overly kawaii Nayuki from Kannon 2006. I’m sorry but this one has to go to Nayuki.

ARENA 06: [Ryūgū Rena] Fujibayashi Kyō

YOU ARE KIDDING ME, RIGHT? Please, tell me you are. Why ISML!? Why!? What I have done to make you do this to me, to me? Omfgbbqepicusovsdangodaikasoku. For evident reasons, this is the hardest decision I had to make for this round. As much as I’d like to vote for Kyou, you know where my real loyalty lies with —Rena Ryuugu. Ooh, btw, Kyou is getting an OVA soon!

ARENA 07: Furude Hanyū [Kōzuki Kallen]

Sorry Hanyuu. This one is going to Karen even after R2.

ARENA 08: [Kamio Misuzu] Tsukimiya Ayu

Air > Kannon > Clannad :)


ARENA 09: Ibuki Fūko [Abstained] Kasuga “Ōsaka” Ayumu

Moe? Either me or these guys are getting what moe means wrong. I do not find any of these moe. Abstain.

ARENA 10: Sakagami Tomoyo [Abstained] Furude Rika

I don’t know. For some reason I couldn’t make up my mind. Abstain.

ARENA 11: Index Prohibitorum [Abstained] Shameimaru Aya

I know that I should have picked Index but I didn’t. I’ll vote for her next time if the conditions are right.

ARENA 12: [Holo] Nagato Yuki

Not a Yuki fan. I have to say that Horo > Yuki.

ARENA 13: Misaka Mikoto [Abstained] Maria

I haven’t finished up Index and I haven’t watched HNG either. Abstain.

ARENA 14: Kushieda Minori [Abstained] Shinku

I would’ve voted for Midori but after watching Toradora! I can’t bring myself to vote for her anymore. She sucks. Abstain

ARENA 15: Suiseiseki [Suzumiya Haruhi]

This way too easy. You already know the outcome of this one. Haruhi is my choice of course. You do not go against God unless you’re a killer loli imo then that would her a God killer?

ARENA 16: Kirisame Marisa [Asahina Mikuru]

TMoHS wins again. Mikuru hands down.


ARENA 17: Izumi Konata [Abstained] Hiiragi Kagami

Unlike many, I don’t find Lucky stars to be moe. I know. Weird, huh?

ARENA 18: [Saber] Anya Alstreim

Saber is awesome. She has earned my vote.

ARENA 19: Nagi [Chiba Kirino]

Sorry Nagi fanboys. Kirino owns you.

ARENA 20: Kurata Sayuri [Alice Carroll]

Alice wins. Undines are on a fire.

ARENA 21: Katagiri Yūhi [Kawasumi Mai]

AISS? That was one of the worst shows of the Fall, wasn’t it? KEY girl wins this one.

ARENA 22: Suigintou [Fate Testarossa]

I’m voting for Fate this time. However, don’t expext me to vote for her if she goes against Rena, Kyou or Haruhi.

ARENA 23: Katsura Hinagiku [Abstained] Kinomoto Sakura

Once again, I have to abstain.

ARENA 24: Aisaka Taiga [Abstained] Ryōgi Shiki

Either of them moe? Nah. 


ARENA 25: Shana [C.C.]

I’m sure that a lot of people are going to vote for Shana.  I’m a Code Geass fan so I’m voting for C.C. plus I haven’t watched SNS yet.

ARENA 26: Misaka Shiori [Sawatari Makoto]

I got my doubts.. I’ll give this one to Makoto.

ARENA 27: [Konjiki no Yami] Chii

The girl on the left has my vote.

ARENA 28: [Takamachi Nanoha] Furukawa Nagisa

The white devil wins over Nagisa? Omg.

ARENA 29: [Kawashima Ami] Hinamori Amu

SC? Maybe if I was thirteen or something. Ami ftw.

ARENA 30: Remilia Scarlet [Abstained] Yagami Hayate

Can’t really say. Abstain.

ARENA 31: Evangeline McDowell [Abstained] Sunohara Mei

Mei? lol you serious? Unfortunately, I don’t know who the other girl is.

AbstainARENA 32: [Tōsaka Rin] Ichinose Kotomi

This one was a hard decision to make. I’m sorry Kotomi but I’m giving this one to Rim. If you whould’ve gotten more screen time I’d vote for you.

– ISML round ends –


4 thoughts on “Fine, fanboys I’ll play along. ISML picks

  1. Why did you abstain between Taiga and Shiki!? Im disappointed.

    • I wouldn’t vote for the Taiga before ep 17 but after ep 17 I might have. I couldn’t make up my mind. Same deal with Tomoyo vs Rika.

  2. ARENA 08: [Kamio Misuzu] Tsukimiya Ayu

    Air > Clannad.

    Ayu is from Kanon! D:

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