Anime Parenting v1. Ft. Mother’s Day


better belive it

Alive and well

In the anime world, mothers or okazan would be supportive and an ideal housewife. In some cases, her levels of caring and loving would be in sub par with the mother Theresa.

sub category : KEY / Kyoto Animation idea of the perfect mother


Jamu before Bread

Separated – breaking point

We don’t always get to see the face of a character’s mother. Why? Because it wasn’t meant to be this way. Instead we get some dark shades where her face is supposed to be. In some funny cases only hear her voice around the house either when dinner is ready or the main character has a phone call.

Getting a divorce is very bad move in anime. Anime statistics, and by statistics I mean stuff that I make up, show around that 50% of the anime character develope some sort of mental disorders.

Mom is gone


Mothers aren’t always around. She and dad left who knows where and left the kids back in Japan. They rented them a cheap apartment near your childhood friend (if it’s a harem show)  or near a school if this is a slice of life or school anime. Although we never get to see them, they send you an allowance every month.

Possible places where she could be :
# 1 – Mother is in Africa or South America doing some research. Heck we don’t even know what country exactly she is at but as long we say that she is in some continent everything is cool, amirite?
# 2 -She’s in Europe shopping for the past 3 years.
# 3 – She and dad are some big shots in America and by America I mean the U.S.

If you’re going to be living overseas then out of considerationg please leave a maid on your way out. Here are some possible candidates.

Mom is gone. For reals


In case that she isn’t in this world anymore. Car accident anyone?
The daughter would have a shrine with a picture of her late mom. She would greet her each day and tell her about her problems when she comes back from school.

However, this isn’t the case for guys. Instead they are the ones who play it cool. They’re the sole wolves that loosing their moms gave them the chance to act as they please. Sometimes they get superpowers other times they are the main character of some harem.

Evil Okaasan.


What better example than this woman? Even cruel to her own daughter.

Back from the dead Okasan


What could be worse than an evil mother? A mother that tries to kill you after she comes back from the dead. Grr.

Guess what? I’m a mother now


Exactly. You did not see it coming. You, miss, are getting the I’m a mom ending.



You still cannot believe that this is a mom.