Umineko SN. Someone went Higurashi crazy here but it wasn’t a loli. It never rains but it pours. Legend of the Golden Witch (2/3)

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Battler and the others go to beach and they have a chat with Shannon about the legend of the Golden Witch, although they aren’t exactly doing for the money, they are getting a bit excited about solving the mystery themselves. After a few hours, they are advised by Sharon that they should go back to mansion soon before the typhoon that is coming tonight comes. Just as they are approaching the mansion, Maria notices that the small rose that she liked is nowhere to be found (see first part) She completely freaks out and she says that she will not move until she finds the darn thing. Her mother comes out of the mansion to find her daughter after the friendly chat she had with her brothers ended. However, Rosa is in a foul mood thanks to her brothers right now.  She’s just about tired of Maria’s childishness (apparently Maria doesn’t get along with her classmates either) which has cost her mother plenty of grief already. Rosa is fed up with it and slaps Maria to shut her up. Although, they try to help Battler and the others come to the conclusion that it’s better if they don’t interference in family matters and they leave both of them alone. In the end, even Rosa leaves Maria alone in the garden and goes back to the mansion furious.

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A few hours have passed and it’s raining heavily now, Rosa is woken up by Genji. She becomes worried after she asks for her daughter and she learns that her Maria hasn’t come back to the mansion yet. At the same time, Battler and the others have realized the same and they all go outside to search for her. They do manage to find Maria who is btw STILL looking for that flower. Her mother hugs her daughter feeling both happy and ashamed of what she did to her. The only thing that makes feel a bit relieved is that Maria at least had an umbrella with her.


So Rosa wants to give her thanks to the person that gave it the umbrella to her daughter once they return to the mansion because she doesn’t believe that Beatriz actually gave her daughter the umbrealla. She’s in for a surprise. ~hihihihi

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However at the mansion, she’s shocked when everyone there denies ever giving Maria the precious umbrella. Not a single one of the family members or the servants claim doing it. The room falls silent after Maria claims that the one that gave her that umbrella is no one else than Beatriz. They all laugh at the thought that someone like Beatriz actually exists, however they all stopped laughing after Maria shows them a letter that Breatriz gave her. This letter has the family seal on it and the only one that has access to this seal is Kinzo himself. They all feel terribly uneasy thinking that : there is someone in the island they don’t know about, someone is playing a very bad joke on them, or worse yet someone this has to do with inheritance money. Maria opens the letter and read content to them. The letter says:

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After learning of the contents of the letter Ginzo’s sons are disconcerted of who exactly sent this letter since it’s way too difficult to be prank by Maria. So this must in some way have to do with their father and the Ushiromiya fortune. The brothers argue even more aggressively about the money openly without caring who’s there to hear them. Battler and Jessica grow even disgusted seeing their parents only think about the money at times like this. Although George isn’t so happy either he reminds them that the world of adults isn’t pretty and that sometimes they must do what they must even though it’s always not pretty. He also tells them not to hate their parents because they’re doing it thinking of their children too.

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Before Battler goes back to guesthouse he is stopped by his father who tells him that he wants to have an important talk with him and Kyrie later. Battle and Kyrie ever see Rudolf act this way and they urged him to tell them what is this really about. So Rudolf comes out and tells them that : there is a chance that he might die tonight.  Death Flag alert.


Meanwhile, back at the mansion Krauss has left for a moment to see his wife. He takes her to a secret room where he shows her the real reason why he was acting that way he was in front of his other brothers. He shows Natsuhi a gold bar. But not any gold bar, this bar has no inscription or mark of being part of any bank of the world. He has come to the conclusion that this is one of the gold bars of the Golden Witch Breatriz. He might not think that a witch actually exist but someone who have amount of money actually exists and so does the treasure.

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That’s why he’s even more agitated by the letter than anyone else in the room. At any rate, this isn’t comforting Natsuhi at all as this is further proof that her husband never truly trusted her and she cannot understand why. Once the story is over, she leaves the room in tears and goes to sit in the corridor alone weeping :( Jessica, who is on her way to the guest house too, finds her mother looking all depressed staring at the window. Although, they don’t get along very well due to the Natsuhi’s super strictness, she tries to have a talk with her mother (and maybe cheer her up) after she was lectured by George about their parents doing the best they can for their children. After they have their chat, Jessica gives her mom the amulet the Maria gave her at the beach (as well as Battler) to ward off evil spirits. Natsuhi who feels a lot better now thanks her. She goes to her room and she  puts the amulet on her doorknob before going to sleep.


More things happens. George meets with Shannon who apparently he’s in love with for a while now. He confesses his love for her and gives her a ring. Shannon doesn’t know how to answer him. She understands very well the difference of the status between them. George tells her that he can have his answer tomorrow.. that  if he sees that Shannon’s put the ring on her left hand it means that she accetps to be his girlfriend.  She bashfully accepts the ring and she tells him that she has to go back to the mansion and do her usual rounds (she’s lying)


there is something about doors..

The morning comes and Battler and the others head back to the mansion to have breakfast with the family. They are surprised that see only Genji, Kanon, and Kumasawa there. So where’d the rest of the staff go? Since they must make breakfast anyway, Genji goes to wake up Natsuhi and inform her that they cannot get a hold of the rest of the staff. In addition to that, he tells her that he cannot get in contact with Krauss or any of the masters either. What the hell?  Natsuhi wakes up and she opens her door to see Genji but as soon as she does this, she spots something weird sticking out on her doorknob on the other side. It’s a sticky red mark that  appears like  a someone was trying to open the door. After what happened the other day, Natsuhi dismissed it as one of Eva’s distasteful pranks and orders Genji to have it removed as soon as possible.

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Eva tricks Natsuhi into talking to Kinzo to have breakfast with them for the last time and maybe ask him if he knows where the others have gone too. Natsuhi isn’t feeling like having a fight with Eva right now and she reluctantly accepts the challenge. Genji  is watching this gives Natsuhi the key to Kinzo’s room so she can get inside. Natsuhi enters the room and her presence is quickly noticed by the Kinzo who was wide awake already. However, strangely enough Kinzo is not angry with her. Something weird is happening.


They actually have a nice conversation where he tells her that she is a good Ushiromiya member, maybe even better than his own sons and that she should be proud to wear the Ushiromiya symbol in her heart. In addition, no matter what anyone else tells her, in his eyes she is a truly Ushiromiya member. These are the words that Natsuhi has been craving for so long–acceptance. She finally feels that everything that she’s been through wasn’t in vain after all, that even though that her own husband or the others don’t treat her right at least the head of the family understands her. This is enough for her.

Meanwhile, Battler and his cousins are watching TV without any idea of what’s happening around the mansion. Kanon comes back to report that he couldn’t find the masters however.. he’s feeling uneasy and doesn’t wish to tell them that he saw something that he cannot explain.   So he dashes off to storehouse to show them what he found, he is followed by Genji, Eva and Hideyoshi.


All of them immediately noticed the strange symbol painted on the storehouse (which it’s locked). Although they feel hesitant to see what’s inside,  in the end they order Genji to go get the key to open the storehouse.  What do you think they’re going to find? They go inside and find the massacred bodies of six people, all with their faces using garden tools. They cannot believe what they’re seeing and even less who they are. After the huge shock, they figure that the best thing to do is to go get Natsuhi and Doctor Nanjo.

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Genji heads back to the mansion and discretely whisper something to Dr. Nanjo and Natsuhi whose faces turn white as they hear the news. They run outside but they’re followed by the young masters who have now noticed that something is wrong here. Maria has no interest going outside and she stays watching TVwhile the others go outside to check out what’s happeing. They arrived at bit late after loosing sight of Natsuhi and Dr. Nanjo, they see all the other members of the mansion standing outside of the stourehouse with a grim expression. They try to get closer fearing the worst but they are stopped by Natsuhi and Eva and they’re told to stay the hell away.  Unfortunately, no one is there to stop Battler who is able to see what they’re trying to protect them from– the bodies of the six people inside the storehouse.  Although their faces have been massacred probably using the gardening tools and who knows what else, he’s able to tell who they’re by the clothes they’re wearing.


Battler is shocked to recognize his stepmom, Kyrie and the bastard of his father, Rudolf among the bodies. The emotional shock is enough to break Battler, who starts crying because of the death of his family. George and Natsuhi also start to cry uncontrollably after Battler blurs out in the heat of the moment that not only Krauss and Hideyoshi but also Gohda and Shannon are among the bodies.  All of them brutally murdered inside that locked room.

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George who was waiting for Shannon’s response yesterday after he gave her engagement ring is devasted to know that Shannon is now dead. He wishes to see Shannon one last time but he’s stopped by his father who tells him that it’s best to remember her as he saw her yesterday. Smiling. He tells this to his son because he knows that half of Shannon’s face has been destroyed and he doesn’t want him to see her like this. George asks his father to check if Shannon has a ring on her left finger right now. He tells him that, in fact, she does. George is at least happy to know that Shannon accept his preposition. He bids her goodbye. Kanon is also sad to see Shannon dead however he doesn’t shed a tear for her. He just stand there.

After Krauss’s death, Jessica finds herself in despair too. To know that your own father has been brutally murdered is a fatal blow to anyone, even to Jessica who is very strong person. Even though, she didn’t like her dad very much she can’t help but feel sad. She is comforted by her cousin George who is feeling a bit better.

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I think Battler spent the most time crying but even him got over it after a few minutes. Even though, he really dislike Rudolf. He didn’t wish for something this horrible to happen to him or his stepmom. In addition, he feels sad for Kyrie who he thought of as a cool older sister. After they all regain their composture, they decide that the best thing to is to lock the storehouse (get a new lock) and don’t let anyone tamper with the evidence.  After the storm is over, they should contact the police by boat (the phones aren’t working) so they can investigate and find the killer. They all head back to the mansion where it’s safe without knowing of the future that awaits them.  It never rains but it pours, you know.


[status = 12 alive] Battler, George, Jessica, Maria, Natsuhi, Eva, Hideoyashi, Kinzo, Nanjo, Genji, Kanon, and Kumasawa.
[status = 6 dead] Rudolf, Krauss, Eva, Rosa, Shannon, and Gohda.

-End of Part two-