Higurashi REI OVA 2 Dice Killing Chapter. It’s a whole new world. What have you done? done?


Not quite right this time, cleaver girl

Rika and the gang are happily riding on their bicycles through Hinamizawa’s streets. Rika recalls that this only became possible after they were able to defeat fate by working together, meaning that originally this OVA is meant to take place after KAI. Rika makes the worst mistake of her life by getting unnecessarily cheeky and reckless. The worst possible thing happens to her happens, she gets hit by a truck. That’s another transportation vehicle that I don’t like that I’m adding to my list. First boats and now trucks, who knows maybe tomorrow it’ll be airplanes or trains.



Later, she wakes up and finds herself in a bed at her school. It seems that she was hit very hard by a ball threw by Satoko leaving her unconscious. Satoko is scolded by her older brother Satoshi who tells her to apologies to Rika. Wait that is not what happened, was it? Unfortunately, Rika was indeed hit by a truck but she didn’t make it and she died thus the World reset took place once again.



Chie sensei has called Hinamizawa’s doctor to treat her just in case. Rika is rejoiced that she’ll see “Irie” sensei but it turns out that this isn’t Irie but a different doctor she’s never heard of before. After a quick check-up, the doctor tells Rika to come to the clinic for a quick scan just to be in safe. Since Rika is feeling better now she goes outside the school, there she spots Rena playing with Mion that means that it’s short internal where both Rena and Satoshi met, meaning this is BEFORE Satoshi goes missing, Keichi’s arrival at Hinamizawa, and before BONES gave Soul Eater such a crappy ending. Good times.


Is it me or am I sensing some hostility towards Rena?


Rika enters the clinic but she quickly tries to run away after she sees that the name of the clinic is “TAKANO” and not Irie out of fear that she’ll be killed by Takano’s goons. The doctor comes out to get her to come inside the clinic, although Rika is still worried about what may happen, she is even more curious about what exactly is happening in this world. After her check-up is done, Rika asks this new doctor if he knows about a doctor named Irie or a nurse named Takano which he assures her that he doesn’t know anyone with those name.


Rika goes DEATH NOTE for a bit and she figures out that if there is no Irie or Takano in this world then TOKIO organization might not exist here, either that or this new doc is someone sent by TOKIO. So Rika quickly asks the doctor a few questions about the Hinamizawasyndrome and other things that only people related with the organization would know. After hearing seeing his reaction Rika figures that indeed he doesn’t know anything. So what is happening here? No evil organization, no Takano, Irie, and possibly no Tomitake, and no Mr. Delicious either?



Mion is kinda snobbish in this world..

After this revelations she heads back to school where she learns that she is NOT part of the Mion’s club which it’s a “go home together” club btw and worst of all, Maebara Keichi or his seabar don’t exist in this world.


Chance! Never mind, it’s not that kind of show


Mion explains to Rika that even if she joins she won’t be able to participate because Rika’s and her houses are located in opposite directions plus she has to go help her uncle so she really doesn’t have the time. Luckily for Rika, Rena offers to go home with her. You lucky rascal you.


Rena trivia

Why lucky you ask? Because many of the great moments of Higurashi happened while there was someone walking home with Rena. We got the USO DA!, the Oyashiro-sama no tatari speech, and the unforgetable Found you, Keiichi-kun.. I’m feeling like rewatching Higurashi again now. At any rate, I figured that something should happen, no that’s not quite right, something must happen here. While they’re walking home, Rika takes the opportunity to ask her questions about her, Satoko, the dam project. It turns out that in this world Satoko still has her parents and Satoshi hasn’t gone loco or missing. In addition, Rika and Satoko aren’t best friends. Rika comes to the realization that she only became good friends with her because Satoshi went missing to fill the void left by her brother.


Hehe, why am I not surprised, Rena?

Ha, I wonder what kind of person would dare to stand up to Rena or Rena’s mom assuming she can be as scary as her. I’m really drawing a blank here but if I would be forced to come up with someone that would do with then it would be someone like Suzumiya Haruhi, Yagami Light or Alucard. Btw, I do occasionally wonder what Rena’s mother looks like but my brain shuts down before I can form a clear image due to the epicness. 


Another thing that she learns is that everyone calls Rena by her real name “Reina”, meaning that she didn’t change her name which means that her parents are divorced. In conclusion, Rena is perfectly normal now… That’s kind of bummer if you ask me.



Lastly Rika asks Rena about the dam project after Rena tells Rika that Hinamizawa is going to be submerged because of the dam project. Reina explains to Rika that negotiations with the government went smoothly and that they’re getting good monetary compensation. Basically, they bribed the Sonozaki family to keep quite and everyone else and guess what? Everyone is taking it really well.


You know how Kanako gets all those fantasies and nosebleeds when she is around her female classmates or Hosaka thinking about Haruka? Well the equivalent would be me seeing Rena go Oyashiro-sama mode. However, this didn’t go as planned you, as you can see, because Rika only image the part where Rena goes crazy.


who are you..?

Lastly, Rika asks Rena if there was any news about a corpse incident. Oh man, I thought that this was IT. The moment of truth, but it wasn’t. I kind of feel cheated by not being able to see Rena in all her splendor. Sigh.


Reina calmly tells her that she doesn’t know anything that sort of incident which was last nail in the coffin. This is a totally new World where there is no Tokyo org, the dam project and more importantly, there is no Oyashiro-sama curse. What is awaiting for Rika in this new world? Find out next month.

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