Ignorance in the anime community. Go pro and help fight it


It has come to my attention that great number of anime in MAL gets ridiculously high scores for now reason. Yeah, yeah, I know that everyone has different taste and all but there should be a standard to decide whether something is good or just terrible. After seeing the TOP anime in MAL, I noticed that I didn’t agree with any of the show at top at all. I know that I don’t say this enough but one of the greatest things about anime is its originality and the artistic part, however, not all shows have these qualities. Recently I’ve been displeased that several overrated shows that get a stupid amount of fans. I really don’t understand how such weak anime get some many fans.

Let’s go over this long list of stupid shows that the anime studios want you to watch.

I have to confess that Shugo Chara and Ouran Host Club are friking amazing. I know that I had my doubts but I have to say that it’s one of the best shows ever created in my humble opinion. Ouran host Club is fking GAR. GAR I say. I don’t know why more people aren’t’ fan of this great show. It’s so underrated that it’s really sad to see get so low scores in MAL. I forgot to mention this but I spent the last month catching up with all Naruto eps. I was skeptical at first but now I know why so many peeps like it. It’s one the greatest show ever created. Not many people realize this but the show is very deep and it has a bit of psychological stuff too. But what about the she story? It’s awesome. The story is almost as good as Churuya, Haruhi-chan’s, and Gundam 00 S2. It’s very original and the author is not afraid to think outside the box for once. In addition, I also happened to pick up Pokemon and I also I bought some of the games too. They were a bit expensive but I think they’re worth it. I still think that the US version is not as great as the original version but oh well. What can we do?

Moving on,  Code Geass I’m just about sick of seeing that crappy show everywhere I look. The popularity of this show completely unjustified taking consideration the overly generic characters and story. Selfish and pathetic guy (if you can call that) with a sister complex who likes to use his geass hack to mind control people in order to create a better world for his sis. Tell me if this story couldn’t get any more stupid. His sister? What is this anyway? And don’t get me started on the mother part. What’s the deal with this people and their mothers in anime nowadays anyway?

However, I have to congratulate Sunrise on making Code Geass R2 better than the first one which was crap in my opinion. The fan service part was awesome and it was totally what this show needed. But one thing that I didn’t dig was the drama part of it. Not because there was too little but because it could not be compare to the quality of Clannad After story or Toradora! I have to rewatch those someday. Since we’re talking about drama and all I feel that I must also talk a bit about psychological shows. To be frank, I dislike this genre the most. It’s so common among kids these days that is sickening. It’s all they watch now. It’s sad. Take Higurahi for example, it was repetitive and unoriginal to the very end. Same crap every time and nothing ever gets done. The horror part was weak as hell too. I’ve seen Disney movies scarier than this rubbish. I pray that Studio Deen never pick this crap again. Luckily I’m not planning on watching their mediocre OVAs either.

I know that I was huge fan of The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya but I’ve been so disappointed with it lately that I don’t care anymore if second season ever comes out. It’s a shitty show after all, filled with random and uninteresting crap led by a stupid, annoying and unattractive chick who doesn’t know her left from right. Totally not something that I would be into. Don’t get me started on the rest of the cast. I really wish the Japan peeps would start working on something a tad more original.

Dubs are the best thing ever. I know that I used to have several favorite voice actors but I’m all for dubs now. They really do know their stuff. For example Freeman, Crispin, Lee, Wendee, and Bosch, Johnny Yong they are so great. They are way better than someone like Yukino Satsuki, Fukuyama Jun or Koyasu, Takehito who I really think that their job is mediocre at best. I’m glad that I got that out of my system. It’s really been bothering for a while how uninformed and disgustingly complacent the anime community has become that I wanted to shed some light for once but I guess this is a lost cause after all.

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  1. lol, ya got me. i was thinking someone hacked your account, but then i got to the CG paragraph and realized it was april fools day. bravo! and here i thought too many april fools days spent on the internet had gotten me immune to all the jokes.

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