Gundam 00 S2 EP 25 “Rebirth” [Final Thoughts]


 The end. Gundam OO Secon Season Last Episode : Final thoughts 

All this time Gundam OO was a combination of different show like FMP, Code Geass, and TTGL (see old posts if you don’t believe me) slapped together. Yet I managed to get past it and enjoy the show until S2 with its pink GN particles, feelings, random shots of naked people, and the Sunrise writing staff once again derailing their own product completely came along. One many factors why S2 didn’t live up to my expectations  was that they weren’t able to create interesting enemies/bad guys. The innovators and the A-laws are were boring and very forgetable bunch to the very end which personality was as unique as rock and interesting as watching the grass grow. I really don’t feel like proof-reading right now so just ignore any gramatical error you may come across. I actually re-writing half of this so I’m not feeling up to the task of correcting every single thing.

The Innovators : There was no much emphasizes on the superiority Innovators and Ribbons’ but in the end they were your typical unoriginal villains with almost no personality but with peculiar names, and guess what? They also had forgettable deaths.  The only reason that I would remember any of them a couple of months from now is because of their funny names.

A-LAWS : lame organization where just about anyone who got on Ribbon’s good side got a free pass to the A-lols and got dips on the latest mobile suits. Suffice to say, none of the A-laws members was ever memorable. It still escapes me how the world accepted the existence of such shady group, maybe they did deserve to be under the control of the innovators seeing them do such dumb decisions.

Mr. Bushido : Graham was just the LULZ. I still escapes me why the creators decided to turn him into such a lame character. He just didn’t make any sense at all. In the end, he finally got rid of that samurai mask and stops being cheap and goes to a proper surgeon to get his face reconstructed.  He also, like Crusader said, finally stops cosplaying.  Thanks god. Yes, cosplaying should be left to the props after all.





What I liked the most was Hallelujah going  “OH YEAH, I’m the JUGGERNAUT bitch on Hilling. He was on a roll, that is, until Ribbons got him.  How’s Seria-tan doing, btw.


Trust me, we don’t know any better than you do..


crowd goes : we’re pretty much screwed, huh



Why are they innovators everywhere?



Marina Ismail : I still cannot believe the unnecessary amount of screen time that Sunrise gave to Marina Ismail. One of the useless female characters in anime history imo. She was so useless that she earned the award “Most useless/annoying female character of 2008.” I definetly nailed it this time, she truly lives up to the title. Somehow, in the end they just decided to put her in charge again so she can screw up her country once more? Are you kidding? I’m pretty sure that the suicide rate in Azadistan went up to 90% in that year. Oh, she does look kinda creppy when she smiles like that (see pic above) Don’t tell me that this was part of her Just as planned from the very beginning?

Liu Mei Wang/Nena : Mei Wang and her typical reason to change the world was another disappointment.  It’s still a mystery why they kept her and Nena around for so long, just to give them unmemorable deaths. They either should’ve change her way of thinking or just met their fate in S1.

Allelujah/Marie : The worst part is that Hallelujah didn’t get much screen time this season, which disappointed me greatly. He did get a bit in the last episode and possibly that was as good as it got. However, it’s nice to see that he never got rid of his evil side of his which means he’ll go crazy again when he gets bored of that normal life he’s planning on leading. I’m sure that him and Maria joined some cult or better yet he created his own and they are on their way to the Promised Land where people that dropped out of CB and characters that we-couldn’t-give-a-proper-ending go.  CAN I GET A HALLELUJAH, BROTHER? Hallelujah, brother! Not bad, huh?

Celestial Being : I still think that Setsuna is one of the most boring main chraracter of 2008 (see KKD anime awards 2008.) He was so plain and not the sharpest knife in the drawer, heck I’d say in the whole show. He was so unfited to be main character that I considered dropping the anime the first time I watched it. I’m not kidding you. At any rate, in the end, Setsuna defeats Riboons Almark and CB saves the world once again of the forces of evil. Whatever happened to CB ever taking responsible for what they did? Instead Setsuna and the gang just ran away to space (Jupiter) before they were prosecuted because they  “still have a lot of things to do.” We will probably see them against next year 2010 until then, goodbye.

You know I could even get into  “Aeolia’s silly plan” which was never explained properly but I won’t. As you can see, because of a bunch of unexplained things that just happened in and others things that just didn’t make any sense at all are what makes me want to rate S1 higher than S2. To finish this, were those innovator cameo appearances  really necessary? They served no real purpose aside from lessening the impact of whatever serious ending this was supposed to be.  Moreover, I liked the first season quite a bit but I was very disappointed with the second season when it seemed to me like nothing was really happening. It was the same thing almost every episode except that this time there are innovators around, emo Saji and Louise, A-Laws, and someone scrub getting a new overpowered unit every 6 eps (usually Mr. Bushido). Although the action, animation as well as music in S2 was pretty good, it did seem like they wasted a lot of time on unnecessary things on other things, time that could’ve been used to work on their long list of underdevolped characters and maybe just maybe work on the story bit more as well so it wouldn’t give me much room to be this critical about it. 

[Final KKD Score : ]

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 1 stats

Music : 9
Story : 8
Art : 8
Character : 8
Enjoyment : 8

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 2 stats

Music : 8
Story : 6
Art : 9
Character : 7
Enjoyment : 7


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