SoraKake is all about kontororu. This post powered by god-like megalomania


Leopard has kontororu!

Hey you. Yes, I’m talking to you. Are you one those pitiful people who aren’t wacthing Sora wo kakeru shoujo? You are? Then I pity you human. Yes, keikakudoori truly pities you. You clearly are missing out big time on one of the most amazing shows of the Winter. The story of this epic tale is a long one, however, we will not waste time speaking about its obvious greatness. No, in fact, it’s so great that there is no need for a story to make it epic.

Since the begining of the world humans have always wanted to have control. Even though they don’t realize it, people, in fact, do have some kontororu. The bigger question is : Do you have control enough control? I, for one, I think I do, however no one has more control than Leopard-sama. He’s got more kontororu than the all Gundam meisters plus the innovators fused together. This humble post is created by KKD about Leopard for Leopard and to only talk about Leopard’s greatness. In order to accomplish this complex task I’m turning KKD megalomania meter all the way up.


Leopard is king emperor indeed. I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Leopard is BOSS

He’s IN charge. He’s supremacy in this show is so great that he can strip naked anyone he wishes be that the female main character or whoever. He’s more boss than Kana.


Leopard is wise and he’s GREAT

The world is corrupt! Ignorance still plagues the world to this very day.  The heart of men is deceitful and dreadfully wicked. The powerful still bully the weak. The anime world still filled with horrible dub voice actors. Nothing has changed in the past hundreds of years. Leopard will give the ignorant masses the chance to witness his greatness.


Leopard explains hikikomori

Of course, Leopard is able to explain the complex phenomenon that is hikimori. Bah, such task is far too easy for an entity such as Leopard’s. I bet he knew Aelion’s plan even before Aelion knew it himself. He prediced Code Geass R2 ending even before Sunrise came up with. He even knows how One Piece and Bleach will end. He even prediced Death Note ending before the author messed it up. That’s how amazing he is.


Leopard on wiki


He means business

If I were to make a declaration about secret plan to take over the world I would be sure to use this method. I’ll be sure to upload a video on youtube and have a live broadcast worlwide to dictitate my mandate as a absolute ruler of the new world.  My first order would be to eradicate nice boats. Well, I guess it’s not a secret anymore.


Leopard enjoys tea

Like any good gentleman he enjoys a good tea. What’s this? How dare she interrupt Leopard’s tea time! This is utterly unnaccetable I say! However, Leopard does not loose his composture, no he doesn’t.  Probably he makes better tea than Sebastian or that buttler from Tytannia.


Leopard has his own radio show. Someone as awesome as him must have his own radio show or a webpage where he is able to able to talk about his overwhelmening greatness to the world. 9.90 Leopard F.M has a nice ring to it.

Leopard does not find gettin bitten arousing. Do not attempt it.


 The story? It’s better if you don’t think about it


Funny this is I kind of thought the guys at Sunrise people would have big noses, big ears, tusks and live in tribes.  Also I expect them to look a lot of more perverted and have an oedipus complex. Man, was I wrong. They do look human to me after all. Honest mistake. Hey, don’t blame me. If you must blame someone then blame Freud. He’s your guy, not me.  I wasn’t on charge of everything you know. If you recall on the seventh day Keikakuoori rested. Ha. I’m glad we cleared that up.


He does have the best lines


 more of Leopard’s amaziness


And once he gets all the pieces he needs he’ll become even more amazing. Leopard’s superiority cannot be challenged at all. He doesn’t even yield to state powers. Leopard will be even more amazing that he already is. Can you image that? Leopard being even more amazing. He’ll be more amazing than Haruka nee-sama and her amaziness. He’ll be even more amazing than the anime Fall session. More amazing the word amazing.  Leopard-sama I am truly moved that you have given me the opportunity to record  your inmense greatness on this blog from now on.  I will try my best from now on!

~And you guys said that megalomania wasn’t fun.