Sunrise pulling a Gainax. Deus ex Gundam. Who do you think I am!? I AM Gundam


This post will pierce the heavens

Sunrise being Sunrise is nothing new. However, after watching 24 that weird familiar feeling that I got a couple of months finally made sense to me. I said to myself this does feel a lot like Gainax and worse yet Sunrise trying to go for a World reset ending. What did I witness in this episode? Lazy script writers just got lazier. They realized that the only way to fix everything was to make the main character become God so he can solve everyone’s problem at the last moment.  That’s good right? Admit it. Although it was a good episode with a lot of action, the fantasy part of it disappointed greatly. GN particles and pretty sparks, hope, and feelings? They really did not help its case. It was still pure Deus ex machina what happened in this ep. What is this anway? Clannad ending meets Gundam meets Gainax? Let’s go over it very briefly. Problems solved in ep 24 :

Saiji and Louise = they are back together
Lock-on gets his revenge on Ali = Yes! he’s finally dead!
Allelujah and Marie = Soma Pieris is back to being her submissive self again.
Sumeragi and Bill = After he stopped being a retarted jerk, he gets his good ending. I’m glad to see that all his selfishness and studipity finally paid off. It just took, what? A couple thousands of human lives to get it.
Andrei forgives his father (assumed)
Basically, Setsuna goes NGEV and he saves everyone at the last minute.


Row row fight the innovators. You know, I have this whacky and totally unsupported theory that Gundam is in fact Tegen Toppa Gurren Laggann and the best part (or should I say worst)  is that I can prove it to you.

Hightlight of 24 before I start with my usual rambling.  I’m glad that that bastard of Ali finally died. Big thumbs up. We never heard his story though so he was just the crazy guy with no real purposes aside from killing until the end.


When I was watching this episode I was expecting that this song  or this one  would start playing when the battle started any time soon. I really did! Btw, I recommend you listen to them as you read this to help build the mood. Anyhow, I really thought that I was watching the wrong show for a moment but I wasn’t. Just so we are cleared on this. The name of the show is Teggen Toppa Gundam Laggan, isn’t it?


Simon vs Setsuna

If this was really Teggen Toppa Guren Laggan then Setsuna + Saiji would be Simon. Setsuna changes for the better after Lock-on’s death after he realizes that he must change in order to make things right. Although, the part about being a whimp is credited to Saiji Crossroad. Setsuna is just boring, that’s all.


Kamina vs Lock-on

In a sense, Lock-on would be something like Kamina. He dies so the main character stops being such a puss. In Setsuna’s case, Lock-on dies so Setsuna can change. Change being the key word.  None of them score either.  That Yoko I swear.



Viral vs Mr. Bushido

That’s a facepalm for you.  Much like Mr. Bushido, Viral gets his behind kicked every single time through the first half of TTGL. He puts himself under the command of several comanders/villains to get his revenge against Kamina and to regain his honor. In Mr.Bushido’s case, he was first part of the Federation then the A-Laws and Innovators (assumed). The major difference was that Viral was 10 times and maybe a bit more cooler than Mr. Bushido.  No doubt about that.


Yoko vs Feldt

As I said before, Feldt would be Yoko only in pink. Anyone she likes = dies. I wouldn’t mess with her unless I got a deathwish.  Will she end up alone in the end too? That’d be sad. Well I think that Hallelujah and Haro are still avaliable.



Nia vs Anew

I know that comparing Anew and Nia is like comparing Ergo Proxy to something like Akikan! However, they do share a couple of things in common. They were not “real”. They were created by the enemy and they both are sent to the enemy to spy on the good guys, in this particular case CB. Although, not really willing, they end up betraying them when they are awaken. Sadly, they both of them share a similar ending too in the end. 

Say, have you figured out who would Ribbons be? I have to say that you have a poor imagination if you haven’t already.



Rossui vs Bill

Ah, characters I hate. Rossui got off the hook way too easy if you ask me. He deserved a far severe punishment in my opinion. Probably, if it were me I would’ve locked him up for life, make him watch all the anime in my growing Dropped Anime List, SPOIL all the endings, and throw the key away. Putting me on trial for crimes that you say I commited because I was trying to save the world? and no thanks after I saved you all? The nerve with these people. I swear. Who picked him as president anyway? 
Bill is another character that became even more of a bastard as the show went on. I can understand his role in season one but everything that he does in Season two and on is because of Sumeragi. He provides Mr. Bushido with the latest Bandai’s toys, I mean units so he carry out his vengeance cause he was dumped by Sumeragi because she didn’t want to become friendly with him even when she was drunk. There’s one one more episode to go and I get the feeling he’s going to get off the hook just as easy as Rossui did. Where is justice? Oh and that ponytail has got to go.



Lord Genome vs Aeolia

Lord Genomen knew about everything that was going to happen but he didn’t tell anyone about it. He was villain of the first half of the story until it was discovered that he was trying to protect mankind (in a very ugly way). Likewise, Aeolia’s plan was only known by a small amount of selected people (the innovators) I mean, Lord Genome and Aeolia even look familiar. They are both bald and have a beard, the only difference is that Aeolia’s isn’t on steroids.



Leeron vs Ribbons

Ha. I’ve always thought that they look terribly familar. I just didn’t say anything because I thought it was too obvious. Just look at them. The haircut, the fabulousness, the weird clothes, the makeup (the eye color and the eyeshadow), the hair color, the NAME (L’s are pronounced like R’s in japanese aren’t they?) Do you know what Leeron never ages? Why do you think he’s so good at mechanical things? Why do you think he’s SO fabulous? That’s because he’s an INNOVATOR in disguise. That’s why. It was never explained in the anime but it was sure hinted.  How come no one didn’t realize this before? At least, I didn’t see any of the major anime blogs writing about it, mind you. I’m disappointed in you anime community. I really am :<


So Aeolia’s plan was to unite all the humankind so we can prepare to meet with aliens? Since when was this show even about aliens? I thought that it was about war, conflict and mechas.  Btw, do you mean this kind of aliens, Sunrise? (see above) One more episode to go! One more episode to tr.. I mean blog about Gundam OO! But don’t worry I already got something to blog about next.  The name of the anime starts with Sora wo Kake-

Episode 25 and last thoughts about Gundam OO next week!