Gundam 00 S2 22 ~ Feldt route walkthrough by KKD. Death Flag? Innovation continues.


After Graham was defeated once again by Setsuna he recalls the time that he met with his sensei Pad Morita. He also remember undergoing extensive training in the mountains such as trying to marathon Bleach from episode 1 and the other one was not laughing at himself everytime he looks at the mirror when he sees Mr. Bushido. That’s tough.  I’m not entirely sure if this was made to make us laugh or not but I sure find it hilarous to see him under those waterfalls meditating or whatever he’s doing.  Somehow, I feel like I’m watching one of those old Jackie chan or Bruce Lee kung-fu movies that aired on Sundays afternoons.  In my mind, Jet Li operating a mecha doesn’t seem that far off now.


However compared to others Graham has it much easier.  His training is way easier than Kenichi from History’s strongest disciple and it is easier than earning maid guy stars from Kogarashi.

—- Gundam 00 ——
—— Feldt ——-

Choose your destiny. Felt flag has been raised.  I bring you Feldt Route.  Answer these questions to your best abilities and work your way up. Oh yeah, there is also something about episode 22


— Walkthrough —

Serious Legal Disclamer
From KKD:

This FAQ will be currently created only for GameFAQs. You do not edit nor plagarize it. Neither you are allowed to rip off this whole FAQ and make it as your own. No taking this guide for profit making. Legal actions will be taken if you did any of the actions stated above. If you’re interested in taking my work and publish it to others without any editing, you’re welcome to contact me via the message boards, permission will be given if you asked nicely.  Written by:  srsbiz

Did you apply to Celestial Being with the money you earned as a? [ ] part timer
[child soldier in the war-torn Kurdish Republic] [waiter] [buttler] [magical shoujo] [a bouncer]  [one of Ribbons’ clones] [bodyguard] [demon hunter] [a bad rapper] [Sunrise staff member] [ghost buster]

Who is your biggest enemy or rival?
[Iscariot (Vatican Section XIII)] [The Umisho team] [BOWSER] [Ali Saachez] [Diablo] [DUBS] [The Britannia Empire] [shoujo & shounen] [Smoked cheese]

Once you join Join CB, who should you beg to to make you to make you main character of the story.
[GONZO] [Shaft] [KYOANI] [SUNRISE] [OYASHIRO-SAMA] [J.C.  Staff] [Horo the wise] [4KIDZ] [NewType of, course]

What mecha or unit should you pick to truly kick ass? You can only pick one.
[Arbalest] [Lancelot] [Raging Heart] [badass Yoshi][GUREN LAGGAN] [Kemeko DX] [Bonta-kun]

You should spend all the time fighting [ ] to get things done
[Pirates] [Vampires] [Decepticons] [L] [Demons & ghosts] [Other countries & A-LAWS] [climbing the Tower of Druaga] [Sephiroth] [M. Bison]

Pick a phrase that you feel most comfortable with and that it would fit the character you’re playing. You can pick two.
[It’s a conspiracy!] [~Gao] [Ore-wa Gundam!] [Who the hell do you think we are?!] [~Nipah!] [Just as planned] [EEHH?] [Timote. Timote] [Ai hafu kontroru!] [I AM BOSS]

It’s important that no one gets in your way to get the Feldt ending. So who do think must “go”  if you had to pick?
[KAMINA] [Ryuuji Takasu] [Spike Spiegel] [Lock-on] [that no-good son of a gun of Maebara Keichi] [Kyon] [Scooby doo and those meddling kids]

Getting beat up a few times should help you build some character as well as some symphathy from the viewers. Which one of these should help you build more character? You can pick two.
[Love Hina crew] [Higurashi cast] [Just about every Tsundere character that Kugimiya Rie has voiced] [REBY] [Gundam OO cast] [Shinji] [Kaname Chidori] [The spice girls]

Just to be cautions. Making sure that every possible threat is eliminated is very crucial. You should keep an eye out for..
[Ito Makoto] [Alto Saotome] [Nozomu Itoshiki] [Optimus Prime] [just about every male CB member see below] [Minori] [Pudding Earl]

{Fake lock-on = Anew, Allelujah = Marie, Tieria = innovator, Saiji = Louise,The old guy = married. That only leaves Haro or Lasse Aeon. Needless to say, Haro will be your biggest rival for obvious reasons. Everybody just love robotic dangos}

Who should you dump, just in case, so that everything goes according to plan? You can choose up to three.
[Asa Shigure] [Misa Amane] [Marina Ismail for sure] [Marina Ismail but, in reality, keep her as back-up just in case] [Louise Françoise le Blanc] [GN-001 Gundam 00] [Seria-tan] [Churuya-san]

-Undergo innovation?- (optional)
[yes] [hell yeah] [no] [no just no] [what..?]

* Act surprisingly cool in the last episodes.

Do you wish to save?
[Yes, save] [No, don’t save]

There is no memory card in slot 1 (even though there’s one). Do you want to continue? [yes] [no]
{one minute later.. } Your progress has been saved. Thank you.

If done correctly this should lead to you a Feldt Ending unless, of course, you get brutally killed before you reach it and have to do everything all over again. Tough luck.


Meanwhile, Ribbons’ plan is revelead to us. Apparently, the Innovators aren’t enough for him anymore. Plus, he has realized he made a clear mistake with Anew who was clearly a faulty innovator according to him. In order to fix that error, he’s had work even harder to create his own harem. Literally.


Mr. Bushido wishes to end his life by commiting seppuku after he was defeated but he chickens out in the end as well. Will he join Celestial Being in the end? or at least join the power rangers?

Just took you about a whole season this realize this. Okay, now we’re good to go now

In the end, Setsuna does not go for Feldt. Fail. Their conversation went like this :

Feldt : Setsuna..
Setsuna : Feldto
Feldt : This is for you
Setsuna : Flower?
Feldt : It’s something that Linda grew in the lab. I.. want to give it to you.
Setsuna : Thanks, Feldt.
Feldt : I might anger Marina by doing this..
Setsuna : I dont’ have that kind of relationship with her. I’m going to my Gundam now.
Feldt : Setsuna, don’t die!
Setsuna : Roger.


Fedlt :  ” ……. wait,what?”

Feld is deadly. She’s indeed deadly. She’s like Yoko from TTGL only in pink. My take is that either the process of Innovation has already tripped Setsuna of any remaining manhood in him or that he isn’t a complete idiot and he just avoided a certain Death Flag.  The conclusion is up to you.

Yup, this is why you read this blog.


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