Spring Break : my own Leisure Time-hen


Spring Break is just around the corner and for once I don’t have to study or do anything at all. So what better way to spend the spring break than to do stuff that I’ve been dying to do for weeks? I think I’ll finally be able catch up with tons of series that I sort of put on hold and do as I wish for this week. You see, one of the many things that I price myself aside from being a meticulous person who is able to dissect just about everything to death to the point that your head will spin, is being an organized person. So I made a list of things that I will be doing in the Spring Break relating to anime, games and this blog only.

Animu. First things first.  Shows that I’m going to be watching this week (not neccesarily finish) ranked by order of importance.  Strikethrough indicate swhat I’ve already completed.

Maria+Holic comedy and nosebleeds
Minami-ke Okaeri do I need to say more? kono bakayarou
Asu no Yoichi! funny stuff
Aria the Natural – Nice gondolas
Goku Sayonara Setsubou sensei (OVAs) – SETSUBOSHITA!
Sora wa kakeru shoujo – sunrise being sunrise. AI Lelouch is enough reason for me to give this a shot.
Toradora! – I still want to know what’s this deep stuff everyone is talking about? Am I watching the same show?
Soul Eater – Almost there.
Churuya-san and Haruhi-chan ~Nyoron
To Aru Majutsu no Index – /faceplam
Vampire knight Guilty – you know I still don’t know why the heck I’m still watching this. I guess that since I already watch the first season. I might as well finish it.
Cashssern Sins – I’ve been disappointed with CS the last eps that’s why I sort put it on hold. This week I’m going to decide whether I continue watching it or just drop the darn show.
Kaiba – I watched the first ep but the animation was just so f weird that I couldn’t watch another episode.
Tytannia – Code Geass in space indeed minus the epicness.
xxxHolic something- maybe

Manga related

Remember that I’ve said a few times that I would pick up the manga of A or B show because I thought the anime was good enough to give it a try, well I’m going to do it this time.

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni – read and finish all the volumes that have been fully translated to date.
Gai -Rei I want to know what happens next! – will there be pockies?
Minami-ke isn’t it obvious? bakayarou.
Kannagi – moar Zange. Jin can go to hell.
Finish or catch up with the latest releases of whatever other mangas that I’m currently reading.


Finish Higurashi Sound Novel first arc – Onikakushi-hen arc now it has been fully translated by the awesome Sonozaki sisters. Three cheers!
Finish Umineko No Naku Koro Ni – Episode 2

Play and maybe attempt to finish any of games that I have installed in my pc since they’re taking a bit of space.
Finish at least one of the PS2 games that I bought recently.

Internetz and Blog related stuff

Finish that Chaos;head chapter 3 review.
Attempt to write the second part of Umineko Episode 1.
Work on those entries from getting my priorities straight
Write a better F.A.Q. and other pages explaining what this blog is about, characters, terms, memes, the author and basically move stuff around so this blog looks more organized.
Add more info, edit my MAL profile as well as the links of this fabulous blog.
Transfer some of old posts from my first blog here. Of course, I’ll have to edit and double check them before posting them.

Computer related stuff

Reorganize all my stuff: songs, videos, images, folders, documents, homework, etc etc. There are files everywhere that I hardly know where everything is anymore.  This is so not like me.
Burn some cds/dvds to free up space.
Install and uninstall programs that I don’t need or use anymore.

The list goes on and on, you know this seemed so much more fun before I actually wrote it all down lol. Will I get all of this done by the end of the next week? Who knows but I love a challenge.  All of this makes me wonder how is everyone else going to spend their Spring break or whatever equivalent?  Hopefully, all fingers crossed, there won’t be boats in it.