Gundam 00 S2 Ep 21 – How to become an innovator. Are you undergoing innovation?


Magical shoujo Lyrical Graham Aker hajimari masu!

“I was supposed to be an ordinary pilot but a sudden situation changed everything. What I received was a courageous heart.  What I gained was a samurai Gundam”.

While I was watching Gundam OO I notice something interesting.  After I did a well thought out analysis of Gundam OO and the Innovators I think that I understand the process of Innovation according to Sunrise  a bit better now.  I shall explain it to you what innovation is about and you’ll know whether you’re undergoing it or not.


1) Freaky cat-eyes that glow in the dark

So why didn’t Saiji say anything to the rest of the crew about Setsuna having Geass-like eyes? Did he figure that it must some weird racial trait that only Meisters possess?


Flipping sexism in mah Gundam OO

Lasse is injured?  Sure, make the woman pilot the ship and let her not go out there and kick butt. Let the guys go have fun with their crazy mechas and their Trans-Am. Soma Pieries doesn’t want to be called by Marie anymore so she snaps at Allelujah, who has practically become a doormat now, after she is forced to stayed. You go girl.


 Definetly not your sexuality. That one is lost after you become an innovator

Btw, where are they heading with that soccer ball anyway? Never mind, that’s Saiji’s helmet.  Speaking of rounded things. Who the heck created those mechanical dangos btw? They always freak me out everytime. I swear. Celestial being recives an SOS message from Wang Liu who was attacked by Nena in the last episode as you remember. However, Nena hasn’t given up and she’s still after Wang Liu and her bro and she manages to find them before Setsuna gets there. Wang Liu explains that the reason why she does all this crap is because she had a miserable life because her brother failed as a heir of her fiflty rich family so they chose her instead. Gotta suck being fiflty rich, famous and all. 


2) You don’t care whether you get shot or not. After all there’s a high chance you won’t die from it.  It might be as painful as the anime Winter Session but you will live.

Lock-on2 is still pissed about Setsuna killing Anew and possibly saving his life at the same time.  In the end, he wusses out like those guys in harem anime when it matters the most. I don’t know something it was something about Setsuna being main character and him not being cool like his bro. So much for Lock-on. 


Gundam  hater

Louise is such a junkie.  I’m sure she goes through more vicotin bottles than Dr. House and more medications than Satoko and whole the cast of the sickly bishoujo of KEY. That would explain why she’s always high whever she shows up, however, she’s not not as high as KyoAni when they made ~Nyoron Churuya-san.  Now, that’s high on another level.



I feel like I’m rewatching RAN only set in the future with Gundams and androgynous characters with boring personalities.  Then I realize this two are totally unrelated aside from the three themes they have  in common chaos, nihism, and warfare.  Chaos being the weird script for this season, Nihism being Celestial Beings and the Innovators and Warfare being the A-laws  vs Gundams. At any rate, Mr. Bushido will be more suited to something like The Last Samurai only in space.


too bad that useless characters will not be eliminated

I feel sorry for Allelujah.. being such a doormat now that Soma Piereies isn’t as submissive as Marie was.  You should’ve have taken your chances when you had the chance like Lelouch with slave C.C. after she lost her memories or that month they spent together…  Oh never mind, I know that’s a terrible example. Ougi, on the other hand…

My take is that Marie alrady realized that Allelujah isn’t so cool anymore now that Hallelujah is practically gone from the show (boo!) so she’s looking for someone else. It really sucks to be them considering that he and Tieria a long time ago used to be the coolest of the whole cast imo. Those were the days.


Kono bakayarou

One thing that I’m disappointed was Wang Liu’s reason for doing all of this. It was far too predictable that it was because of some ridiculously selfish crap. I’m sure she did live a good life  regardless of her whining. Hey some people have it worst in other places like Setsuna or Churuya-san.   Nena interrupts Liu and her brother’s heartwarming family moment and shoot at Wang Liu but Long Hong takes the bullet thus saving her.  Wang Liu runs away but her bro doesn’t make it and he dies  by the hand of Nena right after Wang Liu escapes.  Remebmer kids,  it doesn’t matter whether you’re a good martial artist or not what matters is that you can be killed by freakishly tiny handgun at any moment. You know this would not happen if Long Hong were a Soul Brother like Tomitake for example.  I bet he could’ve taken a bullet and more and still manage to survive.  I also dare to bet that Hong Long would be the Soul Brother member who would be into the imoutou types. Well one useless character less. Two more to go.


Liu Mei :  “my cell phone number”


Law of anime #11 ~ The DEATH FLAG.  I cannot go with you means you’re going to die soon.

You wish. Wang Liu gives Setsuna a paper containing Veda’s  location so CB can seize control of  thus mess up Ribbons’ plan. After the gets the informatioin from Wang Liu,  Setsuna heads back to his Gundam however he is stopped on his way back by Mista Bushido who still got the hots for him. When will he learn? No means no.


After Graham is done with his magical transformation, he once again, challenges Setsuna to a duel, possibly for the last time. Probably not. Pew pew pew. Setsuna uses Trans-Am. Mr. Bushido also uses Trans-Am but it’s still not enough to defeat Setsuna who’s undergoing fabulous Innovation. In the end, Mr. Bushido is defeated for the 100th time and as you can image Setsuna let him live again, telling him to “keep on living to fight” or something like that.


 Wang Liu also dies by Nena Trinity’s hand after she confesses that she’ s only been obeying her all this time so she could live, that in reality she’s been working for Ribbons who she also plans to betraying when the time comes.  Bye bye Wang Liu. One annoying character less.  One more to go.


 Fear the evil dangos

Nena does not possesses the most crucial Just as Planned trait.  Everyone knows that true Keikakudoori characters do not think aloud!  Everything must be done  internally to avoid anybody from eavesdropping.  Not following this important rule will get you killed in the anime world even if you’re a Just as Planned master.  See ending of.. oh, never mind. As it turns out, Ribbons has been listening to her conversation and he already knows that Nena is planning on betraying him so he already sent someone to take care of her, that someone being Louise the vicotin junkie.


For being someone unfortunate Nena Trinity sure seemed to enjoy all the crap that she and her brothers did; from nuking civilians to being the gundam group that uphold a funny dress code. Sorry Nena but you’re far too annoying and unamusing to make it my personal favorite yandere/killer lolis list.  Bai-bee, Nena.


The face of death is the face of an angel

I’m so glad that Nena got what she deserved although her death wasn’t as painful as it should have been. Without a doubt, she was the most annoying chick of all the Gundam OO cast, second being Marina Ismail for being too useless and a failed Ranka Lee wannabe. In the end, Lousise avenges her family and goes crazy for a second there “Papa, mama..”  One less annoying character less and that’s it for this episode, folks.  Number of deaths this ep = 3.  See what I just did there.


3) You claim to understand Aeolia’s plan and you get a naked scene with someone of your own gender.  Decisive proof that you’re in fact..


 4) You know you’re undergoing innovation after this.  When this is achieved you learn that you’re undergoing innovation.  More to come next episode because we’re not done yet.


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  1. Nena wasn’t useless and she wasn’t annoying either. She was the whole reason I watched 00. The rest of that show sucked, especially s2

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