Mobile Suit Gundam 00 & S2 OST DL [OP & ED Singles]


[DAYBREAK’S BELL] | [lyrics]

Since the show is almost over I’d thought that I would do something nice. One thing for sure that I liked about Gundam OO was the music. Gundam OO has plenty of goods songs, that’s why I took the liberty of uploading all the OP & ED Singles of both the first AND second season. Of course, this isn’t only aimed at GD fans as anyone who likes good music will love these songs. Btw, I removed the all instrumental songs and one or two songs so that everything could fit in one file. However, I did keep all the best songs such as the op themes so  you won’t even notice it. In my opinion, DayBreak’s Bell by L’Arc~en~Ciel was  the best of all Gundam OO seasons and my second fav OP was Ash like Snow. No surprise here since I don’t think that I’ve found a song that I didn’t like of LAC.  Now some random thoughts about the OP themes. 

@ 0:00-0:05 – this is the scene that captured my attention the first time I watched Gundam.
@ 0:23-0:24 – Introducing Setsuna and his unit Gundam O.
@ 0:25-0:28 – Introducing the ever useless Marina Ismail when she didn’t annoy the heck out of me as much as she does now.
@ 0:29-0:32 – Her county being nuked. It couldn’t be more straightforward than this.
@ 0:33-0:35 – Setsuna looking serious there
@ 0:36-0:36 – A rugged doll lying on the ground representing the ongoing conflicts and wars that take place in the world.
@0:39 – Tieria and flowers….  No comment.
@ 0:40 – Likewise, introducing Soma (Marie) when she used to be a decent character and the old timer Sergei.
@ 0:41 – Also, Graham when he was part of the Union.
@ 0:45 – Gundams launching an attack.
@ 0:50 –  Cool pic
@ 1:02 – More cool pic of the Gundams



[Ash Like Snow] | [lyrics]

This one comes very close to DayBreak’s bell.  I almost like this song as much as Daybreak’s bell.  I like the lyrics as well. The song is done by The brilliant green.

@ 0:00-0:08 – A pic of Setsuna falling from sky? Probably for getting off his unit when he shouldn’t. Again.
@ 0:09-0:20 – Meisters doing what they usually do.
@ 0:21-0:24 – Allelujah’s and his evil side Hallelujah with an evil grin letting us know that this show is just getting better.
@ 0:25-0:27 – Tieria haz teh hax
@ 0:30-0:35 – Also, Louise being a normal teenage girl when she was still fun
@ 0:36-0:37 –  Mei Lang Lui when she had ponytails and wasn’t as much as jerk.
@ 0:38-0:40 – Graham, when he still was a respectable character,piloting his unit.
@ 0:43-0:45 – Pinkcelot spotted.
@0:47 O:48 – Ali Saachez laughing.
@ 0:51-0:59 – pew pew pew.
@ 1:00-1:02 – Sumeragi, Felfdt, and the others.
@ 1:08-1:13 – Quick shot of the three Gundam Trinities.
@ 1:14-1:17 – Tieria blasting away and possibly taking out hundreds of enemies.
@ 1:18-1:30 – Meisters owing invisible units. Yeah, I know it’s figurative.



[Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi] | [lyrics]

The first Opening theme of the Second Season sure wasn’t as powerful as the others two but it still got a good thing or two.  The song is sung by UVERworld.

@ 0:04 –  bang bang
@ 0:19 – Tieria crying.
@ 0:42 – Allelujah calling for help
@ 0:50 – Liu Mei drinking tea
@ 0:58 – Marina and Setsuna trying to reach each other’s hands. I still don’t what’s the deal with it as there are only 3 eps left and nothing is happening so far.
@ 1:25 Fabulous Ribbons and innovators Revival Revival, Regen, Bring, Healing,
@ 1:27 Mr. Bushido fighting against Setsuna maybe for the last time.


[Namida no Mukou] | [lyrics]

This is possibly the OP that I liked the least of the four. While it’s not bad, per say, I couldn’t get into it. For one thing the images they chose did not help the case. Beyond Tears is sung by StereoPony.
@0:00 – Topless chicks going after butterflies wtf?
@ 0:40 –  Sergei is dead.
@ 0:42 – Ribbons messing  with Tieria’s head
@ 1:15 – some innovator and other gundam fighting.
@ 1:24 – Again. Mr. Bushdio fighting Sestuna.
@ 1:28 – Setsuna reaching out for someone
@ 1:32 – All meisters going their own way. That’s the ending.



[Wana] | [Friends] | [Prototype] | Trust you

[Download Gundam OO & S2 OP Singles]

I’m not so fond of Ending Themes but I liked the first ED theme Wana by The Black Horn  and the rest of the singles by TBH as well so if you like The Black Horn too then you’re in for a treat.  Also, the first ED of the S2, Prototype wasn’t so bad either.  Sorry folks but not Insert Song because Marina sucks. Anyway, you can find all the ED  songs of all Gundam OO Seasons in the link below. 

[Download Gundam OO & S2 ED Singles]