Higurashi REI OVA 1 Shame Exposing Chapter. ~Hauu. Omochikaeri. Even if god forgives you, I won’t if you don’t watch it. Soul Brothers united.The craziness continues


Finally the first HIGURASHi REI OVA has been translated! Three cheers for the fansub group that did it. You guys rock. I’ve waited so long for this OAV to come out and be translated and that the wait was killing me. Oh, if you haven’t seen it already I recommend that you do it and do it NOW. The OVA is crazy, oh yes, the OVA is crazy. Ecchi Higurashi crazy. Lots of pics inside. Here are the Youtube links : OVA REI 1/3 | OVA REI 2/3 | OVA REI 3/3 in High Quality (except 1/3 ) which have been removed by youtube now :(


someone is going to get taken home. Also something about a certain seabear.

Higurashi no naku koro ni Rei OP ~ Super scription of data




The gang is having a meeting on a public pool. Keichi who has forgotten his briefs is forced to buy a mysterious pair from Mion’s uncle. He explains that these briefs are “magical” in nature and that if you put them on for 3 hours every woman will find you irresistible or so he claims.


I, Maebara Keichi, this contract. I ACCEPT

He agrees to sell them to Keichi since he’s too chicken to try them himself. K1, who doesn’t want to wear the embarrassing swimsuit that Mion is preparing for him as punishment, accepts the offer.




Keichi arrives at the pool and meets with the rest of the girls. Man, K1 is perverted.. it hasn’t been that long but he is already fantasizing after seeing them on their swimsuits. Of course, you would probably be too if you were in Higurashi.


Mion gets a call from her uncle who explains the real situation to her. He alerts her that he has read the instructions of the magical briefs wrong. You see, Mion’s uncle made the terrible mistake of making Keichi write his OWN name on the briefs instead of the name of the girl he was after. In other words, Keichi will fall in love with himself if he doesn’t take them off before the 3 hours have passed. Mion and the others obviously don’t want this to happen. It would be too cruel for Keichi to become a generic male character of a shoujo series. A very terrifying ending indeed.


Mion tells Keichi exactly what her uncle has told her but Keichi thinks that they’re trying to trick him into taking off his “magical briefs” as he remembers that Mion’s uncle told him that he will face many challenges before the 3 hours passed.


At any rate, Keichi is just not buying it and he tell them that if they want to take it off then they must do it by force and proceeds to run away.


That was an extremely random but very well timed ~Nippah.

The girls understand the dire situation Keichi is in and they want to help him, no matter what, and as you can see they’re serious. Very serious.


what is on going on on that girl’s head..?


 serious Rena

If there is someone that I wouldn’t want to read his/her mind it would be Rena’s. I think that I’d be afraid to see what’s inside Rena’s mind. She is just too much for anyone to handle.


I had no idea that Rena was that perverted but who am I to judge Rena? Rena is supreme after all.


Rika is serious too. She’s Chiaki serious. Rika also gets Hannyu to help by promising her sweets for a month if she cooperates with them. However, the awesome killerlolis are not stopping here.  No, they’re not. They also plan on getting help from the residents of Hinamizawa around the area! Now that’s teamwork and  Code Geass & Utawarerumono solid Real Time Strategy for you.


I knew that if the OVA just had to put hawt Tanako in it. If this was going to be a fanservice oriented episode then some Tanako was definitely in order. Take good note, people.


In my opinion, Chie-sensei and Hosaka-senpai would be best friends. They would spend their time talking about the greatness of curry.


In addition to Chie-sensei, they also managed to recruit Shion and her trusted stun gun to aid them in their crusade. Keichi soon finds himself in trouble now that the girls have recruited just about everyone in the pool to take off K1’s magical briefs. But not all is lost..


To his aid come Irie-sensei, Ooishi, and Tomitake. They called themselves The Four Black Heavenly Kings. The SOUL BROTHERS who their dreams and determination will pierce the heavens.  In addition, I think that this would’ve been a interesting spin off of the OoBK. Alas maybe Sunrise will wise up and work on that R2 ova/special/sequel that we’re hinting at and make it like this instead of a sequel ( which would really suck)


Take note Gundam producers. This is your next big plot for your big Gundam 20th anniversary. You want a world without war and conflict? Well there’s no need for huge mechas when you got MAGICAL BRIEFS. While you’re at it you can also throw in some Macross Frontier insert songs to make it more epic. It will sell. Maybe for the wrong reason but it will sell.


I would actually find this question foolish if it wasn’t Tanako asking it. Tanako ftw.



glad to see the police be useful for once

After she’s dumped by SOUL BROTHER Tomitake, she gets serious too and calls for back up but her special operation team backs down after Mr. Delicious calls for back up as well!


Shion also gets serious and gets her dad/body-guard to take out Keichi with a stun grenade. Soul brother Tomitake intercepts the grenade with his bare chest before it hits K1. It couln’t get any manlier than this. The killerlolis are tired and just about to accept defeat after they see that their attacks are futile against the overwhelming power of Soul Brothers.


However, you are forgetting one thing… you’re forgetting the fact the killerlolis don’t lose. Iie, true killerlolis do not know the word defeat. You see, the girls come with a solid plan break the Soul Brothers apart by making them believe that, in reality, Keichi has no intention of sharing the power of the magical briefs. This revelation turns the Soul Brother against Keichi who stands no chance against the Ooishi the cop, Irie-sensei the lolicon, and Tomitake the military guy. I mean, come on, maybe if only he’d had the power of the Geass or a Gundam with Trans-AM then he might’ve stood a fair chance.


I’ve never thought that I’d be so happy to the see the sight of a junkyard again. Thank you Higurashi.


Although I think that the OVA should’ve featured more Rena, Mion and Takano being awesome instead of the Soul Brothers I still find the OAV very entertaining. I just was dying to watch more Higurashi for months so these OVAs are very well received even though many people might find this ep to be not very Higurashi-sh. What I can tell you is this. There are still 4 more OVAs to go so don’t be so quick to jump the gun. I’m sure that we will get to see Rena and the others make it more Higurashi in the next ones. Now some screenies of the next OVA2.



There’s something about the animation that I cannot put my finger on… it looks different. Very different.


Wait, what? What’s Satoshi doing there? Does this mean that the OVA 2 is going to take place BEFORE Keichi’s arrival at Hinamizawa? Hmm.


We’re not done yet…


Oh snap and I mean snap. If Rika is not careful she’s going to become Rena’s next victim.

Is it getting hotter in here or is it just me? Because the temperature of the room has gone way up. I just knew that it would not be Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni without psycho Rena and I mean crazy as hell GODLY ~ Queen of Killer lolis~ Rena Ryuugu. Yes, she’s back in the next OVA! Thank you lord.  Thank you Oyashiro-sama. Yeah, I know that Devil Chiaki might be mesmerizing and hime-sama but Rena, Rena is supreme.  She’s QUEEN after all. All hail her majesty Rena Ryuugu. Hail.

Ending theme + trailer of OVA 2



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  1. oh man, i saw that last shot of rena and i’m pretty sure my head exploded. that’s not the WinD version is it? Next episode is out on 3/25? ARGGHHH!!

  2. Pingback: Higurashi REI OVA #1 Shame exposing chapter ~Hauu. Omochikaeri …

  3. I think that I had to cover my mouth with both hands to not scream like a fangirl when I saw epic psycho Rena. Now I have another reason to be totally pumped up for the next OAV. I think that the best way to describe the feeling would be using Mari+Holic OP semerare ijirare yamete yamete aa~ ha~. I’m such a fanboy when it comes to Higurashi.

    Nope, this isn’t the WinD version. -edit- I linked the OAV and OP/ED now. Say, how did you like the new OP & ED? They were pretty good imo. I’m sure that this first OAV was the classic lighthearted ep of Higurashi before the storm comes. Oh, yes it will come :)

  4. It was an awesome episode. The Soul Brothers were simply breathtaking, and also eye-hurting XD But I was also quite surprised by Rena’s perverse behavior. And Rika was the best as usual with her planning XD

  5. Very funny episode but I did burn my eyes a bit watching the Soul Brothers and for a bit I felt like they should’ve just go ahead censored them, especially mr. delicious who was the last person I expected to see shirtless in this show. Well, I hope the fansub group won’t take as much to sub the second OAV once it’s out. It’s looking seriously promising.

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