Tower of DRUAGA ~ Aegis of Uruk~ review. A tower of craziness, ecchiness, and fanservice


Tower of Druaga feels a lot like .Hack/Sign & Ragnarok gone ecchi or crazy, of course, without the main character’s emoism and it doesn’t have a it’s a reverse trap ending. In addition, it features a pushover as main character and a Tower… a tower of Craziness and fanservice. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to make of Tower of Druaga ~The Aegis of Uruk~ (and I still not so sure) and I’ll explain why. In the first episode, the show made fun of the most common clichés in video games, mainly RPGs. For example, one of the party member saying that when he gets back to his hometown he’s going to get married before the party is about to face a tough enemy (obviously this implies that he’s going to very die soon!) Well guess what? turns out that nothing of that ever happened. The following eps the show tries to get all serious by introducing the rest of the characters and explaining what the heck was going on to me who had no idea what the show even was about besides from a certain Tower and someone named Uruk. Well,  let’s talk about the characters and the story for a bit.

Jil is the protagonist of Tower of Druaga. He’s the typical hero type that fights for justice and to protect everyone. It couldn’t get more generic than and that’s why he doesn’t get a cool pic like the others.  After he’s fired by his brother Neeba (lol) after he messed up on his first day and puts the party in danger he is sent back to town where he tries to get a party together to climb the tower of Druaga like all the other climbers to get his wish granted.  Btw, Jil dies in the first episode and doesn’t come back to life until the show is over.  Kaaya, on the other hand, isn’t  so lucky. You see..

Tower of Druaga ~ OP ~


 *Writes down on his notebook*  Kaaya.  Crazy

Kaaya is the Oracle of the party. She is the healer/priest of the group who gives buffs and guess what, she is the class that  no ones likes to play as because no one likes to heal.  Although she is quite capable of defeating enemies she usually only provides back up for the main protagonists.  Somehow, she appears to be connected to the king Uruz.  Unfortunately, she is killed by the plague then resurrected by Sunrise then killed by KyoAni then resurrected again by Sunrise then killed again by MADHOUSE then resurrected again by Sunrise then killed by GONZO then resurrected by Sunrise then she gets killed once again by 7th Expansion… Oh shi- you’re pretty much fucked  now.  Just ask Rika.

someone's a noob

Ahmey (the redhead one next to Kaaya) is the warrior of the group. She is the most experienced of the group and she is the only one who has been to the Tower of Druaga before. She often finds herself giving advise to the rest of the party.  She’s good at gambling. Sadly, she receives a Shigofumi in the last ep then dies becase there wasn’t enough budget.

Magical gender blending. Is that the one that Mako-cakes stepped on?

Melt is the caster/sorcerer of the group and master of Coopa. He is a selfish, a failed womanizer, opportunist and a bit of a coward that’s why although he is powerful he rather pick his own fights. Apparently, he likes to cross-dress as well even though it wasn’t intentional but he still loved it. Btw, he dies in a surgeon’s room while waiting for his sex-gender operation next to Mako-chan. Now let’s talk about Jil’s half brother and his party.


 Looks like Alphonse couldn’t wait till FMA 2

Neeba‘s  party is tad boring then again we don’t get to see them that often. They are the cool kids who are too awesome to hang out with his Jil and his loser party. The big guy named is Utu who likes to tell scary stories,  Fatina, blonde chick, is the shallow type who is only after riches, and the other guy you can’t see here is Kally. They all die in ep 6 because they are supporting characters no one cares about.


 Cheap traps. You should not fall for  


Who is fearsome trap you speak of? Is it Maryia?

Neeba is killed too by fangirls


Be afraid.. be very afraid


that better be some awesome candy

Kelb the general of the King’s army. He represents the typical sturbborn old geezer who is clearly too inept for his job.  Ethana is the cool headed lietunant who is more suited for capitan than her own superior. Near the last eps Kelb redeems himself but dies after that.  Forget I said that, he manages to live but he is killed by cheap candy. Very very cheap candy.


 That depends… what’s our status?  We good in gold and lumber?

His brother ask him (who just saved him a couple of minutes ago from certain death) “Would you bring your friends into a battle like that?” (against a dragon who is almost impossible to kill) then Jil’s answer is what you see above. It’s like “Gee, I know that I’m really useless but I want to fight and put everyone in danger cause I’m too much of thick headed and I can’t mind my own business” Sorry but this idiotic way of thinking is too shounen for my taste. Also this is why even thought I thought Claymore was awesome Raki ruined it for me with his whinning and his hero act. In this episode Jil gets lucky and manages to defeat the odds but if this was real life than he would’ve died at least 30 times already. Silly Jin, this is GONZO we’re talking about. As far as I know, if you die once then you’re probably dead unless someone gets MADHOUSE CREATIVE down there

Let’s continue. As you can see belove, the climbers face plenty of hardships and are in constant danger. Danger of moe, that is.


Otherwise known as the cosplaying trap or the LET’S BE FRIENDLY trap


The DANGO trap. It turns you into a Dango or a Pacman. Either way you’re screwed


Also known as the cross-dressing trap



This show just turns epic for a few minutes after they put Wakamoto in it. Jil’s party faces several fearsome foes on their travels but one of the mightest enemies was AI Wakamoto. Christ, AI wakamoto is inmune to moe. He’s indeed a fearful foe, people.  Does that make him one of the bad guys according to my Laws Of Anime?




EMPEROR Wakamoto is indeed EMPEROR for a reason

Neko attack!  Result? Failed.. say what?  In the end, Wakamoto doesn’t let them past becuase they’re all MADA MADA. Dammit he’s a tough one I’ll give him that. I just wish that I knew that epic Wakamoto was going to be in this anime and I would’ve picked it up sooner.


That must be indeed be a nice boat 

Way to ruin the episode.  I see these damm boats everywhere I look now. Yahoo news, books, tv, and in my anime.  It’s really going be take a lot of time to get over nice boats at this rate. Now I just have to keep reminding myself when I watch Aria ~the Natural~ that they are gondolas not boats.  *repeats* They are gondolas not boats.  Gondolas not boats.


I do feel bad for the little guys. Those poor dragons always get picked on in these type of games for no reason. Quest # Blah blah, go slay the dragon. They haven’t done a single thing to these people yet they hate them and despise them.  One animal that I wouldn’t want to reincarnate as is a Dragon. Btw, evil Dragon is slain  neko Kaaya attack by moe overload.  Nice crit.


 If this is going anywhere I demand a proper cat fight.

They both die in a cat fight.  Also… Coopa.  She dies too in a horrible way

ED is relevant


Tower of Druaga is neither about the heroic adventures, defeating an evil last boss at the top of the tower nor a serious story about deep character development. And it’s definitely not about breathtaking epic battles followed by majestic animation or music. The show itself is pretty lighthearted in nature. In fact,  it’s so lighthearted that you’ll have a hard time taking Tower of Druaga seriously.  As you can see, it features plenty of hilarous moments plus some fan service along the way. So make no mistake, you’ll be watching this anime for laughs, some action and a bit of adventure. Chances are, this show is something that you’ve already seen before but it’s very enjoyable and it gets the job done.  I’m sure that people watching this will probably enjoy it more if they’re bit familiar with RPGs and the such. If what I just described above you matches your interest you should definitely give Tower of Druaga a shot. You might end up liking it as well plus it’s only 12 eps.  AND you get to see who actually dies or lives.  Isn’t that nice?

Final Rating : 7.7/10