Why so serious? New era in KKD, kono bakayarō. Spring 2009 is coming. A serious post ft Chiaki


That serious

I’ve been looking for a character who would resemble my personality and of this blog as well. Although, Lelouch’s  and Light’s epitomise the just as planned essence of this place I found Chiaki’s skeptic, somewhat mischievous, bit patronizing, slightly unamussed and witty attittute a better fit for me since that pretty much covers me. Chiaki’s been winning a lot of points from me since episode 1 to the point that she ‘s had become part of my favorite characters list as of 03/09.  Just like Rena Ryuugu and Geass are the official symbol of KKD, Chiaki joining in the fun as well and becoming the official spokesperson of this fabulous blog be that for rants or discussions, bakayarō. Too bad that MAL doesn’t have a separate list for male and female characters so I can add more characters without removing the old ones. Having only 10 characters to choose is not enough in my opinion. Please, MAL? I’ll give you this nice boat that I carved if you do it. Deal? Otherwise, I’m getting Horo ~the wise~ to make this deal happen one way or another. 

So, I wanted to change the old theme but I wasn’t sure which one to pick and which one would feel right for this blog. One thing that I’m digging is that the words don’t look huge anymore and it gives you the idea that there’s plenty of space.  I also like the new color although is a tad too blue for my taste but it gets the job done. Yeah blue, red, black and most recently fabulous purple are my favorite colors too but yellow is fine too.  Now, cutting to the chase.. there are moments when people just shouldn’t ask people, why so serious? I’ll tell you why so serious, bakayarou. For starters, Hollywood messing with anime is one of the worst thing that can happen. Why you ask? Because not only they are making their own original creations or rather abominations but they’re also getting unwanted attention to anime.  I mean, it’s already bad enough that people think that anime is about selling toys, magical girls, generic shounen, Pokemon and everything that ends in -mon.  I know that is hard enough for Hollywood to make movies that don’t involve action (look at the big explossions!), horror or sex but instead go for a well-thought masterpiece and follow the original story for once.  Honest mistake, I understand.  Word of advice. Read this post and the rest of the RRR category from now on as if Chiaki/Minori Chihara was voicing it.  It’s that serious.

Have you looked at the Spring 2009 anime list? Not looking so great again. Is it going to be worse than Winter one? I’m really not sure what I’m going to watch for this upcoming season so I’ll have to edit this entry later. In any case, there are plenty of series that I haven’t even watched that should keep me entertaining in case the spring session falls short.  Personally, I rely a lot on people’s reviews and comments to watch new shows, of course, it’s hard to find ppl who have great taste in anime and that keep with the latest. Let’s be realistic here. It’s nearly impossible to keep up with everything that is coming out so you gotta keep your priorities straight otherwise is not going to work out and you’ll ended up watching crappy shows followed by crappy sequel by crappy studios.  For anyone reading this entry that isn’t familiar with my strict How to [Watch] in MAL I’ll explain a bit about it.  I don’t usually watch the animated version of the manga that I follow because they producers tend to screw it up somehow and for what I’ve seen, Sunrise had done their share too with Kurokami but I’m not about to blame them for it. You know, what I should do instead? I should go marathon Sora Wo Kakeru Shoujo and see how the show is doing with its Ai haf kontroruThat’s something I could write about.

Sunrise being Sunrise is not something new.  Although, they’ve given it up a rest for now then again maybe is because I haven’t paid much attention to its other two shows yet.  Anyhow, I’m giving them a break for now so I’ll keep it brief.

Kadokawa and their bakayaro boats of death is something I can’t let go so easily. Everytime, I study, read or hear that word–boat I’m going to think that they’re indeed nice boats. Not kidding you. Because boats are meant to be always nice and that’s a fact of life so I’ve been taught. Actually, I’ve never liked the sea, ships or boats and this clearly posed a contradiction for my train of thought.  Maybe that’s the other reason why I dropped One Piece even though I liked it. I’m still debating over this one.  Sigh, we used to be such good friends Kyoto Animation. Remember Air TV? (not the movie) where you taught me it was still possible to make me a sad panda with only 13 eps and a couple of ~Gaos. Remember Kanon 2006? Remember awesome Nayuki and hilarious Kyon2? If anything KyoAni should be working on is on making another Full Metal Panic sequel and if they still cannot give up on KEY then give me a Kanon sequel for anything that’s sacred. So I can’t stop feeling like the Godfather when he tells his brother Fredo you broke my heart.  I know it was you, KyoAni. You broke my heart , Judas. Classic. 

The Winter session is still weak but it’ll be worse if it wasn’t for Maria+Holic, Gundam OO S2, Asu no Yoichi, and Minami-ke Okaeri that are doing their best (taking into consideration..) to save this failing session. I’ve only read the generic description of the rest of the shows and I  haven’t bothered to watch them because they just don’t seem interesting, not to mention that is tough enough to keep with the latest shows as it is and to watch something that doesn’t interest isn’t going to help. I suppose that’s the other reason why I’m not watching Kuro-kami which I was supposed to write an entry about but I’m not feeling up to it. For what I hear the show isn’t looking so good however I’m not going to blame Sunrise for it. Yes, you heard that right. It’s actually the story itself that isn’t interesting. Don’t get me wrong. The manga was fine but don’t expect to find yourself yelling “EPIC!” everything 5 minutes because is just not going to happen, bakayaro.  It seems that a couple more episodes and they’re going to catch up with me (manga) and I still wonder how are they going to fill the rest of eps… some fillers and fan sabusi then some pizza for everyone? Maybe I’ll skip all the eps I already covered in the manga and go ahead and watch the anime exactly where I stopped reading because I’m just not feeling like watching the first eps at all.

That’s all, bakayaro.


2 thoughts on “Why so serious? New era in KKD, kono bakayarō. Spring 2009 is coming. A serious post ft Chiaki

  1. ooh, fresh new design. nice change of pace. i like the flexible width design. is chiaki gonna get geassed? her left eye is just begging for it.

    forget spring, i wish they’d hurry up with those higurashi OVAs! whattya think of full metal alchemist 2 (or 1.5 or whatever)? necessary revamp or opportunistic cash grab? it seems too soon to me. at the least, i hope it doesn’t feel like a rerun.

  2. I hear a lot about this “remake” deal and I’m not so thrilled about it. In my opinion, the anime version was amazing even though the producers had to make their own version (which was great) because the manga didn’t have that many volumes out at the time the anime version aired. So this is supposed to be a different series with the same name BUT it will follow the manga, meaning that the producers will change the story so it fits the original story (manga). Since I don’t follow the manga I have no idea where exactly this new FMA is going to start. So basically, it’s going to be FMA but not FMA but FMA manga version. It’s sort of confusing but I suppose I’ll check it out.

    Actually, I’ve been thinking about it but it’s gonna be hard to catch Chiaki with her guard down. First I have to take care of her bodyguard Yamada who is impossible to cast geass on because the guy just got no eyes then take on her teddy bear Fujioka who is as fearsome as it gests. If you don’t see Chiaki geassed these following weeks then it means that I probably ended up geassing myself as a result and became her servant then again it wouldn’t be such a bad fate after all. *stands and salutes* Yes, hime-sama.

    Apparently, WinD is subbing Rei and they were waiting for the dvd raw version to come out so they could sub it. So hopefully we’ll see more Higurashi very soon! It looks seriously promising.

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