Haruchi-chan airs. Churuya-san airs. A boat of mediocrity. Too much cheese not enough sauce


If only this was a real arrow. Nothing to LOL about now, eh Tsuruya?

After getting trolled, rick rolled, and nice boat’ed. They finally decided to air Haruhi-chan the next days after they made a public apology when they noticed the clear outrage of the fans. So was Haruhi-chan as great as they thought it was going to be?

Yeah, uh, turns out that Haruhi-chan series is not so great after all. Who would’ve thunk it? It sounded so solid. Not. The show itself is made poorly, plain and simple. The comedy is just so weak that it hurts. Stones are funnier than Haruhi-chan. I lie. People in comma manage to be funnier than this atrocity. It’s a real disgrace. Would you think that it was actually a good show if it wasn’t made by KyoAni or if it didn’t have anything to do with TMoHS? And don’t give me that generic responce : “but it’s so cute!” because it’s not going to cut it this time.


Kyon is not delivering anymore. 

Was Kyon such a drama queen? I’m not finding his constant overreactions to everything interesting anymore. While Haruhi was the most interesting character, Kyon was clearly the funniest character in ToMHS but Haruhi-chan is really making me like him less and less. He is just not funny anymore and his punch lines are getting weaker and weaker. I suppose that it’s hard to come up with decent material when you have less than 5m per episode and a crappy story. 

Tip to kyon : bring back the sarcasm to the show. Kyon really needs to be more cynical if Haruhi-chan is going to be any good and this show needs more of Kyon’s internal dialogue badly.


Not so friendly

And about Yuki playing H games (ep 2)… I see that you did there, Kyoto Animation. Making the viewers buy more KEY games while they wait patiently for their fav shows to be animated. Genius. Aren’t you a tricky one?


You can say that again

Haruhi and the rest of the gang especially Haruhi are so poorly drawn that makes my stomach turned every time I watch it. I just can’t get used to it yet. It’s just so wrong to drawn them this way. Am I really the only one who feels offeneded by the animation or what? Especially the animation of Churuya-san which it looks like it was done by a mentally challenged 5-year old and that’s me being lenient to the show. Was their budget so low that they had to resort to Paint?



I’ve never been a Tsuruya fan but I suppose that she was an ok supporting character. One thing I’m puzzled about is why do they portray her as a total loser in her own series? Tsuruya being duped = funny? And you have to wonder if ~Nyoron (yeah I know what it is) is the equivalent of KyoAni’s word for OWNED or not? Allow me to illustrate my point.

KyoAni : Dude, guess what? No TMoH this year either!
Dude A : Whaat?
KyoAni : You’ve been ~nyoron’ed
Dude A : Oh man, not again.
Kyoani : ~Nyoron.


 the culprits

Other things I fail to see is what’s the deal with the world and cheese? Would somebody care to explain it to me? Well, I suppose I can see why C.C + cheese-kun = Win but  chibi Tsuruya + cheese. Err, sorry, Kyoto Animation and YouTube community but Zilch-sama is not amused by it. After reading all this you’ve probably realized that I find both of these shows to be terrible. While they have their moments (i.e. Tsuruya and the arrow was indeed funny) but I still think they belong in the trash can rather than on Youtube.. then again most of original youtube content belongs in the trash anyhow. Oops, forget I said that. Having said that I can still manage to find Churuya-san a tad bit better than Haruhi-chan even though the show itself can be depressing at times and pointless.


 It’s so bad that Haruhi bashes her head again the screen out of frustation.  Gotta hand it to you for the very clear message Kyoto Animation

After having watched the first 3 episodes I still have very low expectations for both of them and sadly I feel that things will get worse before they get better. It’s good to see that they’re going from godawful to terribad and moving onto the realm of mediocrity then after that maybe, just maybe, they’ll move onto average and decide to finally call it quits there. No, I’m not being sarcastic. It’ll be really nice to see some real improvement very soon.


“Nani kore!?”

Their promotical pic looks better than their final project

Just to be make sure that anyone reading this entry doesn’t get the wrong idea.  I’m not being particulary mean to these new creations. I love The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya as much as everybody else and a bit more.  However, I’m not about to accept this just because it’s animated by the same company and somewhat related to the franchise. And no, I’m not being tsundere about it.  Truth be bold, I might’ve liked them a bit better if it wasn’t for the distasteful stunt that Kadowada pulled on us (see nice boat) on that day thus getting on my bad side since episode 1. Right now, these shows are below average so I gave both of them a rating of 6 out of 10 instead of 5 for old time sake. I’m that merciful.


 Hello there, Konata.

How many episodes are they going to air? I really don’t know. Am I going to keep watching even though I don’t like it? Yes, this is one of those rare cases when I keep watching something even though I clearly don’t like it. Am I going to blog about it? I doubt it but I guess I’ll post something if I start to see some real improvements which both of these show need and badly.

Signing off