Haruhi-chan fails to air. Plus, we get Nice Boat’ed


Are you kidding? That right there was what went through my mind when I saw the breaking news. We just got friking nice boat’ed.  I laughed so hard through the whole 0:46 secs but it wasn’t because it was funny. I laughed yet I wasn’t sure that this is what I was supposed to do or be crying instead. Probably it was just my self defense mechanism kicking in to lesser the blow. I just knew that there was a high possibility that Kyoto Animation might try to pull something but I thought to myself Let’s give them one last chance to make it right.If you’re going to use a video to apologize for your incompetence then do it properly or better why not just apologize using the media like any normal Japanese company i.e. your NewType buddies? Never mind that, they aren’t a relievable source anymore.

On 02-13-09 they just couldn’t resist to use this chance to yet again pull one of their stunts because apparently, they had something else in store for the loyal fans.  So while we’re all waiting for a second season and they decide that they’re going to make a weak spinoff of the show b-but wait here’s the kick. How about? We give the fans boats instead, huh! Can you even believe these people? Oh I know! I see the logic because behind it now.  Disappointed fans + trolling + KyoAni at its finest = FREAKING BOATS. So that’s how it works!


They have the balls to even put that damm music in the background. However, I gotta hand it to them though, the classic dramatic music seems so fitting that is now burned into my mind for all eternity. I shall not ever hear that melody again without remembering this stunt. Just wow. I figure they already had their sick kicks, reason why they already took the video down-reason why I can’t uploaded it.

So I hear that KyoAni is the new Sunrise. What is with studios being trolls nowadays? Seriously, you lot made Sunrise LOOK GOOD. At least they actually do their work when they must and got their priorities straight. Plus, they didn’t make us wait for years for Code Geass and Gundam 00 sequels that would never come. The quality of the sequels is entirely a different issue that I won’t discuss atm.

Well, I hope Kyoto Animation is satisfied with disappointing over 300,000 fans that day. You guys are real props. Very very professional of you KyoAni to troll us this way. I mean Boats? Really? Very professional.  Having said that, I’m off to watch the first episode that is now online.  Comments on it much later.


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